From 12.5 million rupiah per month

Get necessary workforce from our internal professional teams!
Say goodbye to all your worries about hiring, staffing and training.
Perfect for the transition period to in-house production of IT/DX.

Has your company experienced any of the following problems?

Temporally requiring IT & digital marketing specialists, but being unable to find suitable candidates due to short term contracts.

Want to train digital specialists in-house, but don’t know how to.

There are developers who work in-house, but there are no programmers who can use the specific language required for the on-going project.

Need software testers / quality assurance specialists to work onsite during the UAT period.

Want to have an in-house designer, but know a sufficient amount of tasks won’t be given.

Currently using a freelancer, but aware of the risks of a long-term relationship.

Want to start development, but the requirements have not been decided (as the scope cannot be fixed), and realize that it will take a long time.

It is necessary to shift to in-house production & management of IT department, but not sure what kind of personnel to hire and how to train and develop them.

It is necessary to shift the marketing and Ads works from outsourcing to advertising companies to in-house operation, but it cannot be done at once.

LOGIQUE Flat-rate DX / DM specialist service

LOGIQUE offers unlimited use of its varied & specialist human resources, as per your need.

LOGIQUE’s in-house IT/DX/DM specialists (a total of about 80 people) can be assigned as needed with the aim to provide you with their top quality professional services. Below is a list of specialists currently active with LOGIQUE.

Designer (UI / UX design, Web / Graphic design, Video editing), BackEnd developer (PHP based framework, .Net, Node.js), FrontEnd developer (HTML5 / CSS3, JAMStack, Javascript Based Programming (React, Vue, Angular) ), Mobile App Developer (Native with Java, Kotlin or Swift; Hybrid with React Native or Flutter), DevOps, Project Manager (PMI-PMP Certificated), Security Specialist (certificated), Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Specialist (Software Tester) , Digital Marketing (SEO Specialist, Ads Optimizer, SNS Specialist, Content Writer, English Native Content Writer).

Flat rate, no initial cost, no minimum contract term

We provide a various package from total of 5 man-days of work with 12,500,000 IDR per month. You can start at any time and upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan on a monthly basis. Cancellation is not possible during the month.

We provide various types of IT/DX/DM professional services through our specialists based on necessity in a flexible manner. For example, you can get 5 man-days of work from a designer, 5 man-days from a Social media marketing specialist, and 10 man-days of other tasks such as developing new functions by programmers.

The actual work history and work man-hours will be reported at the end of each month. Any unused man-days can be carried over to the next month.

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Raise YOUR business through LOGIQUE's unlimited DX/DM services at a flat-rate!

1. Manage the work volume and content according to the defined man-days

  • Efficiently manage the task list, define priorities, estimate the progress and spent man-days.
  • Communicate well with the client in order to determine the prioritized tasks at hand, assign specialists, schedule and organize the required man-days.

2. Every worker records every task including their work times on a day to day basis.

  • Accurately record the work history (time and content) using our unique daily reporting management tool Nippo.
  • If the actual work man-hours exceed the initially estimated man-hours, we will share and discuss as soon as possible.

3. A Project manager will manage each member’s tasks and work hours

  • Every month, we will submit a reviewed and confirmed time charge report.
  • For work that has taken longer than necessary due to any inadequacy, the project manager will make any necessary adjustments to the working time. (Our company has a project manager with a PMI certification)
  • The project manager is always in communication with the client and manages task schedules, the scope, and the quality of the work.

Examples of how to make good use of our Fix-rate DX/DM specialist services.

Example 1

There is an approved plan for a new business, but they don't know how to move forward, such as in regards to selecting the best developer and defining the scope of the project.

Wholesale company; there is one designer and one IT staff working within the company, but they do not know how to put the general idea into a concrete and detailed plan, and they do not know how to make a RFP (request for proposal) either, so they are unable to proceed to the next step after the general plan has been made. The required budget is unknown. Upon the project being approved by management, it will then be instructed to proceed at a quicker pace.


The Project starts with a 1 Man-Month package: 45 million rupiah (for 1 month).

  • In addition to a PM, assign a business analyst and a lead programmer to develop a prototype.
  • Their in-house designer or LOGIQUE’s designer will create the design.
  • The system architecture is designed by the lead programmer.
  • Assign a front-end developer for prototyping.

Accelerate prototype development with a 2-Man-Months package (for 3 months).

  • Assign back-end and front-end developers for development.
  • Assign a database specialist and a cloud server architect to appropriate roles as needed.
  • Conduct Agile development by repeating the review & development process in a speedy and flexible manner.

Execute PoC (Proof of Concept) with a 2 Man-Months package (for 2 months).

  • Assign QA specialists, a DevOps, to deploy to the test environment for UAT and PoC.
  • Assign appropriate specialists for the support required for PoC.
  • Conduct a security vulnerability assessment by a certificated security specialist.

Start an operation & growth-hack project through a 1 Man-Month package.

  • Have an analyst examine web traffic and system performance.
  • In addition to tackling change requests, manage a list of corrections and improvements and work on the ones according to priority.
  • A SEO specialist, a SNS specialist, and an Ad optimizer will take charge of any digital marketing activities.

Example 2

They are in trouble as they have been told by the contracted outsourcer that the necessary feature in development is currently out of scope.

Financial company; had started a new system development project half a year ago. Selected company A s a outsource developer. Shortly after completing the requirement definition and starting development, it became necessary to change some specifications in order to connect with other systems. Company A did not accept this change, they only can start dealing with the issue after the current development would be completed (six month later). This was problematic, as the system under development could not be used without the implementation of the corresponding function.


Start a project with a 10 Man-days package (for 1 month).

  • In addition to a PM, appropriately assign a business analyst and a lead programmer and consider designing and developing the relevant sub-systems and modules as a microservice by APIs.
  • If necessary, a business analyst and a technology architect will work with development company A on API specifications.
  • Have the lead programmer design the system architecture.

Develop the subsystems and modules with a 1 Man-Month package (2 months ~)

  • Assign the needed BE and FE resources for development
  • Assign QA engineers to perform unit tests.
  • Support integration testing and UAT while observing the overall development status of the system.

Example 3

Too small a number of PICs have the task of operating multiple products in the company.

Fintech company; operates three Fintech-related digital products. Each has a website, an Android app, and an iOS app, each of which come with a lot of challenges but is left unattended due to a lack of resources. Management has imposed an increase in the number of Active users, and it is necessary to operate advertisements to acquire new users, but it is difficult to set priorities. A digital marketing staff was hired, but he was dismissed due to no knowledge of apps or web renovation.


Organize any urgent tasks; tidy them up with a 1 Man-Month package (2 months)

  • Analyze and evaluate all products and create a Corrections & Improvements list.
  • Prioritize tasks, growth hack and improve the operations more efficiently.
  • The required resources, backend, frontend and mobile app developers, SEO specialists, designers, content writers, security specialists, etc., are assigned.
  • Release and agile development plans improve products and operation flows.

Execute and operate a digital marketing strategy while “growth hacking” any owned media with a 1 Man-Month Package

  • SNS specialists and advertising operation specialists operate both Earned media and Paid media.
  • Continue improving / growth hacking any form of owned media through surplus man-days.

Example 4

The costs of the current system maintenance companie are too high

Manufacturing industry; the CRM system was outsourced to development company B. Although paying a large maintenance fee to Company B, they have not received any actual significant work from them, with the addition of having to pay extra costs for adding new features and functions. The expensive maintenance costs can’t be allocated to such work. They want to switch maintenance vendors, but they are worried if Company B can hand over the whole project back to them without issue.


Reverse Engineering, make necessary documents and set up a dev & test environment with 1 Man-Month package (2 months)

  • Rather than migrating from the current maintenance company at once, we will proceed with partial migration while preparing the basic documents required for maintenance.
  • Requires resources such as system architects, lead programmers, DevOps, and business analysts.
  • A security specialist will also diagnose cyber security vulnerabilities as necessary.

Start maintenance works from 3rd month with 10 Man-Days

  • Start of maintenance operation
  • Transparently reports who did what when, so you don't have to pay for no work.
  • If there is little routine maintenance work, the surplus man-hours can be used to develop new functions or improve existing functions.

Price / Conditions

From Rp. 12,500,000 / Month (5 Man-Days Works)

  1. A contract of 1 month or more is required. Cancellation is not possible in the middle of the month.
  2. The contract is basically 1 Man-month package or higher, but we also accept consultations for 0.5 Man-month package like contracts.
  3. Large contracts such as 5 Man-months package and above are also possible. The price will be negotiable.
  4. In the case of 1 Man-Month package, the actual total work amount is 150 man-hours.
  5. 20% of the total work volume is required for project management. For 1 Man-Month Works 30 hours is allocated for project management time.
  1. If there are unused work man-hours, you can carry this over into the next month.
  2. If the work man-hours remain due to reasons such as not being able to conduct an appropriate assignment, we can carry this over indefinitely (given that it is within contract period).
  3. The above prices do not include tax.
  4. If on-site work is required, transportation costs and other allowances may be required on a separate basis.

In addition, various efficient operations can be considered.

First of all, please tell us about any issues that your company has been facing.

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