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LOGIQUE offers top-quality cybersecurity solutions to help minimize security risks for Indonesian companies. With extensive experience in conducting penetration testing and reporting on security vulnerabilities of websites, applications and other IT systems, our team provides comprehensive IT security services and solutions to protect clients from cyberthreats. We are the official distributor partner of BSW Group's Phishing Simulations in Indonesia, offering our clients access to advanced products and technologies to enhance their cybersecurity measures. We also offer ISO certification consultation services to assist companies in obtaining information security management (ISO 27001) certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Diagnose, assess, and find security vulnerabilities in web, applications and IT systems. Vulnerability assessment + penetration test
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Penilaian Risiko Personil
Personnel Risk Assessment
By conducting Phishing Simulations, you can identify HR who are at risk of attack due to low security literacy or security vulnerabilities, and to immediately arm them with the appropriate training.
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Jasa Keamanan Siber Lainnya
Other Cybersecurity Solutions
We provide cybersecurity audit services, ISO-27001 certification consulting, and Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
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Do you think cyber-attacks won't happen to your company?

In most cases, attacks on companies, their websites, apps, and systems are conducted with the goal of making money.
Industries that tend to be targeted are media companies, e-commerce businesses, finance, manufacturing like automotive industries. These industries are targeted because they possess data with high monetary value, such as customers' personal information or proprietary technologies.

Cybercrime is borderless, and there is a risk of attacks from anywhere in the world on Indonesian companies. Some small and medium-sized business owners believe that they won't be attacked and that they are safe. However, this is not true, and there are many cases of such businesses being victimized.

While large and well-known companies are frequently targeted by attacks that are tailored specifically to them, smaller businesses are often hit with random attacks. These attacks involve targeting IP addresses and exploiting vulnerabilities. While large company attacks are often reported in the news, small and medium-sized businesses are not as widely recognized, despite the fact that they are frequent hacked.

Implementing security measures can be costly, but the costs of an attack are exponentially higher. While determining how much security to implement is difficult, the first step is to assess the level of vulnerability of your digital assets.

What kind of cyber attacks occur?

One of the most common types of cyber attacks in recent years are ransomware, which demands a ransom, and Emotet, a type of malware distributed through email attachments. Both types of attacks often result in significant damage. Phishing attacks through email or SMS are also frequent and becoming more sophisticated, making it difficult to keep up with literacy improvements.
In terms of website security, Wordpress sites are often targeted and susceptible to hijacking. SQL injection attacks are also increasing each year.

Securing websites and apps is not as simple as installing antivirus software on a personal computer. It is recommended to regularly consult with experts and check for vulnerabilities to ensure constant security.

Ransomware The attack involves encrypting computer data and demanding payment, usually in Bitcoin, to restore access to the data.
Emotet Malware infiltrates and takes over a system by executing macro files (such as zip files) attached to emails. The emails are cleverly disguised as messages from business partners, service providers, or financial institutions.
Phishing A tactic where cybercriminals impersonate financial institutions or e-commerce businesses to lure victims to a fake website (login page). Victims' ID and password are stolen, and they may suffer financial losses, such as unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts on the genuine website.
SQL Injection An attack that exploits vulnerabilities in a database that is linked to a website, allowing the attacker to steal, manipulate, or delete data illegally. The leakage of personal information can be a significant problem.
Cyber Security Talk
                                    between pak Didi @DTechCorp and Yoshi @LOGIQUE
Cyber Security Talk between pak Didi @DTechCorp and Yoshi @LOGIQUE
June, 2023 in Jakarta
Solusi Keamanan Siber yang Sangat Kami Rekomendasikan untuk Perusahaan di Indonesia.
Baca Selengkapnya
Security Talk with a Senior Security Consultant, Iskandar from LOGIQUE
Security Talk with a Senior Security Consultant, Iskandar from LOGIQUE
June, 2023 in Jakarta
Diskusi Keamanan Siber dengan Senior Security Consultant, Iskandar dari LOGIQUE
Baca Selengkapnya
Penilaian Kerentanan Keamanan IT + Uji Penetrasi
IT Security Vulnerability Assessment + Penetration Test

Investigate and find cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your digital assets with penetration testing (pentesting). We will provide a report that consists of identification of the type of security vulnerability along with its risk levels. By fixing the security vulnerabilities that have been found, you can minimize the risk of threats.

Penilaian Risiko Keamanan Siber pada Manusia (Simulasi Serangan Phishing)
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment on Humans (Simulation of Phishing Attacks)

Assessment and investigation on the company's internal HR to recognize whether they have proper cybersecurity knowledge about phishing attacks. Running this phishing attack simulation is required to identify which employees (what department & position) are vulnerable to the attack. The training to improve cybersecurity knowledge can also be provided at the same time.

Solusi Keamanan Siber Lainnya
Other Cyber ​​Security Services

LOGIQUE also provides other cyber security solutions, namely cyber security audit services, ISO27001 consulting, and provision of Managed Detection and Response solutions. We will support Indonesian companies to deal with cyber security issues through collaboration with LOGIQUE partners.

Optional Web Security Services

LOGIQUE has collaborated with PT Dtechcorp Konsultindo Prima (Dtechcorp Consulting), an experienced consulting agency registered with the BSSN (National Cyber ​​& Crypto Agency) and KOMINFO (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology), so as to meet the needs & standards of the POJK-based information technology (IT) security auditing services. We also provide consultation services for any clients aiming to obtain an ISO certification.

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Frequently asked questions about Cybersecurity Solutions

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Cybersecurity is a term that refers to a set of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, corruption or unauthorized access. Cyber ​​security can also be referred to as information technology security.
Cybersecurity is one of the important things that all companies from various industrial fields must pay attention to. Nowadays, more and more cyberattacks are targeting corporate systems or networks and illegally taking sensitive and valuable data from them. Without a strong security strategy, companies cannot defend themselves, thus they become easy targets for cybercriminals/hackers.
Cyberattacks can affect every company regardless of its size. When companies are unable to protect their business from cyberattacks, they would be at risk of experiencing various losses ranging from financial losses, decreased productivity, reputation damage, legal liability (sanctions/fines), and problems with further business continuity.
Companies need to take a layered approach to cybersecurity for defense, surveillance, and repair. In addition, companies also need to provide training to their employees or human resources on cybersecurity best practices.
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test refers to the process of identifying security risks or vulnerabilities that exist in computer networks, systems, applications, or other parts of the IT ecosystem. This process can give companies insight into what vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. This way, companies can quickly roll out fixes by patching the riskiest vulnerabilities or weaknesses before hackers can exploit them.
Phishing is a type of fraud where cybercriminals will impersonate a trusted person or institution to trick targets into sharing sensitive information, opening malicious links, or sending them money. This type of cyberattack can pose many risks to companies such as:
  • Identity theft.
  • Financial loss.
  • Company internal data leak.
  • Loss of control of a computer or an entire IT system.
  • Loss of customer trust.
  • Loss of company reputation, etc.
Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a cybersecurity service that we provide to monitor, detect, and respond to active threats in your company's IT ecosystem. This service will provide a non-stop protection for your business from various cyber threats.
Basically, the MDR service will remotely monitor, detect, and respond to threats detected within your company. This service will use a combination of automated security tools and human skills to monitor your network.
ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management. This standard helps businesses to properly establish, manage, implement, monitor, and maintain an information security management system. ISO 27001 certification is required by all industries to ensure that companies are able to identify and manage risk in an effective, consistent, and measurable manner.