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Effective and Efficient Strategies with Time-Based Digital Marketing

With over 10 years of experience, LOGIQUE provides comprehensive digital marketing support with a deep understanding of the Indonesian market situation. We offer comprehensive support that includes planning, material/design creation, implementation and operation, as well as result evaluation stages to assist your company in Indonesia. With our expertise and experience, particularly in website and application development, the digital marketing services we provide enhance the effectiveness and results of the implemented digital marketing strategies. Furthermore, to support you efficiently, we adopt a time-based digital marketing cost system that is not dependent on the size of the advertising budget you provide.

Your Digital Marketing Solution

Pain Points
  • Difficulty managing digital marketing activities?
  • Already tried the available campaign features in Google Ads and social media, but the results were unsatisfactory and the targeting was off?
  • Want to run a large campaign but concerned about rising agency costs?
  • Have a tight budget allocation but high sales targets?
  • Leave it to Logique! With professional handling, we can manage your digital marketing activities with the right strategies and implementation according to your business goals!
  • We charge based on the services you receive and the working hours required, not based on the size of your campaign. Learn more in our Digital Marketing Service Prices.
  • We will help plan the right digital marketing strategy so that you can allocate your budget efficiently.

Our Digital Marketing Services

As a leading website development company, LOGIQUE provides services that support your Digital Marketing needs, such as Website Development/Redesign, Content Creation (Banners, Videos, Articles, Infographics, etc.), Media Buying (Paid Ads Media), Social Network Services, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

LOGIQUE has a proven track record in SEO optimization efforts for various types of websites, ranging from finance to automotive. We not only provide ongoing consultation for improving the quality of your website but also directly work on optimizing website pages. So, don't wait any longer, leave it all to us.

Paid Ads / Media Buying:

In executing digital Ads strategies, we will produce marketing materials with precise targeting to generate high conversions. We will also continuously measure the effectiveness and optimize the ads, with our production and operations teams working together to operate ads that yield the highest ROI.

Social Media Service
Social Media Service

We are ready to be part of the growth in fans, followers, engagement, and customers for your business through the utilization and optimization of your social media channels. Our methods range from content/post planning, copywriting, content creation (banners/images/videos), responding to comments, interacting with fans, etc.

Content Writing
Content Writing

We have expert writers who can help improve the quality of your website, blog, and social media platforms!


An attractive campaign is meaningless without competent design. Entrust our designers to create the best promotional tools tailored to your target market and business goals!

Why Logique?

Why Logique

Logique has the necessary experts in comprehensive digital marketing services, including designers, UI/UX developers, back-end/CMS developers, content creators, SEO specialists, digital advertising specialists, security specialists, and infrastructure teams.

Get as many experts as you need, when you need them. No need to decide the project scope upfront because we provide time-based digital marketing services with efficient project management, allowing unnecessary costs to be eliminated.

reach more customers
Reach More Customers

Increasing website visitors will boost online sales, motivate them to contact you, and revisit for the services you provide, etc.

Seize the Best Moments
Seize the Best Moments

Internet users can easily find your business when they have relevant needs.

Prospek Berkualitas
Quality Prospects

Acquire leads through your website using comprehensive strategies and planning.

LOGIQUE’s Strong points

The optimalization process of our digital marketing is supported by all the necessary skills. LOGIQUE is a company that owns and involves many experienced IT specialists and experts in their respective fields.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Web Security
Web Security

From strategic to creative, everyone works under one roof, making every coordination easier, faster, and more precise. This is what enables us to deliver outstanding results in our efforts to improve the quality or traffic generated, ultimately leading to conversions. We have extensive experience in managing various types of websites from different business fields, such as E-Commerce, Automotive, Banking and Insurance, Real Estate, and Food and Beverages (F&B) businesses.

Flexible Cost

The cost or fees charged for digital marketing services by LOGIQUE are based on a highly flexible and beneficial scheme. Your company only pays service fees based on the total working hours we utilize to complete each task.

Effective and Targeted Digital Marketing Strategy

LOGIQUE is the best digital marketing consultant offering a one-stop solution to meet various company needs for effective and targeted digital marketing strategies. We provide services including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Ads, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, and more.

Every team member involved in digital marketing projects is an expert with extensive experience, capable of enhancing online presence and reaching the right target market to drive conversion opportunities.

Analysis and Strategy Abilities

We have a dedicated team that performs accurate analysis and develops appropriate strategies. Each strategy is developed based on the industry and project objectives. We present them in the form of a proposal with detailed analysis and the recommended best strategies. Each strategy also synergizes long-term, medium-term, and short-term plans, utilizing every digital asset you own more optimally.


Digital Marketing Service Pricing

LOGIQUE offers fair and flexible pricing for your business's digital marketing needs. Regardless of the number of digital ad placements used, we charge based on the actual amount of work required (man-hours), allowing for more flexible adjustments in the quantity and timing of digital ad placements.

In executing digital marketing strategies, there are usually more tasks to be done at the start of ad campaigns and fewer tasks during stable periods. With other digital marketing consulting firms, you would typically be charged the same fee during both situations. However, with LOGIQUE's digital marketing service payment scheme, the amount you spend can be significantly reduced because fewer tasks are required during the stable periods.

Furthermore, we can carry out all the work within the agreed-upon cost (total man-hours), enabling a more flexible digital marketing process. You can allocate man-hours for SEO optimization this month and allocate more man-hours for running digital ads next month.

Example of LOGIQUE's Digital Marketing Service Workflow

Contoh cara kerja layanan Digital Marketing Logique

A real estate company in Jakarta wants to acquire quality prospects through their online media.

Due to a limited budget, a targeted digital marketing strategy is needed.

LOGIQUE suggests using SEO and SEM platforms, where the company only needs to allocate ad costs for SEM, and the management fee for LOGIQUE is calculated based on the working hours.


According to the designed strategy, we will carry out the activities based on the required working hours, for example:

SEO Operation Fee
SEO Operation Fee

3 Man-days

SEM Management Fee
SEM Management Fee
3 Man-days

If the company has a higher budget in the following month and wants to increase the advertising budget, there's no need to worry because our management fee is not dependent on the allocated ad budget.

 Alokasi Budget
Budget Allocation

Next Month

LOGIQUE's Digital Marketing Performance Portfolio

LOGIQUE has experience in implementing various Digital Marketing strategies for diverse industries and businesses with outstanding performance.


YKK AP Indonesia

PT. YKK AP INDONESIA is a subsidiary under the YKK Group, one of the Japanese conglomerates specializing in Fastening Product or Zipper development, Machinery Engineering, and Architectural Products. LOGIQUE was entrusted with running Digital Advertisement campaigns across various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, SEO, and website maintenance to strengthen Brand Awareness and achieve a 120% increase in conversions.

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Southgate by Sinarmas Land

Southgate Prime Tower is one of LOGIQUE's clients in the luxury property sector. LOGIQUE executed digital marketing strategies on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, while focusing on generating high-quality leads. Extensive research on relevant keywords and analysis of target audiences were conducted to ensure that ads reached the right audience. LOGIQUE achieved high relevance in their ads, as evidenced by a 24% CTR (Click-Through Rate).

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MPM Rent

PT Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Rent (MPM Rent) is a subsidiary of the MPM Group that provides comprehensive transportation services. LOGIQUE was entrusted with running an SEO campaign to improve website quality and increase visibility on search engines. Through appropriate Onpage, Technical, and Offpage SEO strategies, the MPM Rent optimization campaign was effectively executed, resulting in a 90% increase in website ranking.

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