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Facing the digital era today certainly creates its own challenges, especially for businesses in order to be competitive and successful. LOGIQUE, a Japanese professional digital marketing company based in Jakarta, provides solutions to this challenge by offering digital marketing services.

Our experience of more than 5 years in the digital world certainly makes us understand thoroughly about how business can compete and succeed in the digital world. We are ready to give you a solution to increase the profit of your business by utilizing the digital environment!

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Problems that often occur
Digital Advertising, SEO, and Design agencies cannot work with each other well
In addition to advertising, digital marketing actually includes the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and attractive design. However, it is still difficult to find companies that are able to handle these three elements at once. For this reason, many business people end up using separate agencies. In this case, the problem that is often complained about is the failure of communication and cooperation between the three.

You will not find that kind of problem at LOGIQUE. In addition to running targeted digital advertising campaigns, we also provide SEO maximization services for websites, as well as creating designs for both advertising, product content, and updating your website.
Most website visitor traffic only depends on advertising
After the digital advertising campaign ends, many businesses find that their website traffic has dropped dramatically. LOGIQUE provides services that balance Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO. Thus, the traffic that your website gets not only from advertising, but also organically from your business target through popular search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). We will do this optimization regularly according to your needs.
The applied Digital Marketing strategy is not in accordance with business objectives
Digital marketing has many variants of campaign objectives, and the strategies implemented can vary. Many business people are still wrong in determining the right objective and digital marketing strategies that are appropriate and in accordance with their goals or business targets, so that product marketing funds are wasted.

With LOGIQUE, your business will be thoroughly analyzed in advance, including the possibility of existing competitors. After that, we will offer the best strategies and approaches that fit your business goals and objectives, so you can ensure that your business will be handled appropriately.
Marketing contents are made less attractive to the target
Making content that is too rigid or excessive will certainly not attract an audience that is your business target. LOGIQUE understands, content in SEM has different packaging than SEO. Apart from being creative and attractive to the audience, successful marketing content needs to follow the algorithmic calculation characteristics of each digital advertising platform (Search Ads, FB Ads, etc.). LOGIQUE always ensures that your marketing content is creatively created, if necessary with a design that is also interesting, targeted and certainly gives a conversion for your business.
Jika Anda mengalami hal-hal tersebut, digital marketing dapat menjadi solusi tepat dan Logique siap untuk menjadi mitra pemasaran digital Anda.
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Why Choose Logique Services?
Why should I choose LOGIQUE Digital Marketing service?

Professional in the field of digital technology and websites

For more than 5 years, LOGIQUE has been trusted by local and international clients in handling all their problems regarding digital marketing, from website SEO, UI/UX design updates, to running digital advertising campaigns.

Have everything that it takes

LOGIQUE has a complete team from all fields needed, from social media and digital ads strategists, SEO content writers, web designers, to web developers. Your business will be handled by a team that is creative, competent, experienced, and professional.

Using clear procedures

LOGIQUE uses clear and gradual procedures for implementing the digital marketing strategy. Everything begins with discussion and understanding of your desires, then offers strategies, confirmations, executions, and report the results regularly. Every step is done carefully so to give maximum results.

Transparent and Flexible

In addition to having clear procedures, LOGIQUE also provides freedom for our clients to always contact us if there is a need to make changes or additions to the execution of strategies for your business. We also don’t immediately run digital ads or other optimizations without the approval of our clients. Every new strategy we will implement is always reported in a transparent manner and we discuss it with you, so you always know which stage your business is being handled.

LOGIQUE Digital Marketing Strategy

Paid Media
Google Ads (Search Ads, Display Ads/GDN)
Facebook/Instagram Ads
Creative Design
Analyze & Report

Paid Media is the most effective way to increase traffic and engagement on your business's social media accounts. With this strategy, LOGIQUE can help promote your business precisely and quickly to the target you want. You will get the result in a short time.

Owned Media
SEO Website
Content Creation
Creative Design
Analyze & Report

To increase traffic organically through a search engine, especially Google, LOGIQUE will maximize the use of social media accounts as well as improving SEO on your website, starting from adding the right meta tags and keywords, design and content recreation, listings, to improvements for mobile access page (AMP).

Earned Media
Content Creation
Creative Design
Event Creation
Hashtag Campaign
Analyze & Report

To get long-term results, it is necessary to manage and optimize the website and social media accounts that you have. LOGIQUE will help create and disseminate contents in the form of articles, poster designs, banner, and video, as well as running event campaigns to hashtag campaigns for your business on social media.

Plan, Do, Check, Act
In order for your business to continue to get good results, LOGIQUE uses the PDCA method which is a technique in Total Quality Management. We continue to make improvements, both in the process and methods that we apply and continuously evaluate results obtained.

Here is a description of the PDCA method that we apply.

At this stage, we prepare a strategic plan and improvement to be carried out in the next period. Subsequent improvements are planned in stages according to the targets to be achieved each month.

We will make improvements to both the website and your social media account management. This improvement is not only done at the beginning, but also periodically.

During the advertising and optimization process, we always carry out analysis, monitoring, and tracking of changes. This is so that the results obtained can increase gradually.

Every analysis and improvement made will be reported to you periodically. This report will later be used as a benchmark for further improvement of strategies, for websites, social media, and the results of the advertisements.

What kind of field that LOGIQUE has handled regarding digital marketing issues?
We have handled various fields, ranging from automotive, property, to embassies. To be able to see all of our clients, you can visit our portfolio page or contact us by email at [email protected] or phone at (021) 22708935/36 or you can send us message via WhatsApp at 0811-870- 321.
What digital marketing strategies can LOGIQUE apply to my business?
LOGIQUE is able to run a variety of digital marketing strategies, ranging from running ad campaigns, social media development (SNS), SEO improvement, and many more. These strategies certainly depend on your business goals or targets such as building brand awareness, increasing website traffic, increasing conversion/leads, and so on.
How much does it cost to get digital marketing services from LOGIQUE?
LOGIQUE provides digital marketing services at prices tailored to your needs. To find out in detail about our digital marketing services, you can contact us by email to [email protected] or by phone at (021) 227 089 35/36, or via WhatsApp at 0811-870-321.
When can I see the results of the digital marketing strategy being implemented?
Every strategy applied usually requires a minimum of one month to see the maximum results. However, we usually provide regular reports at the beginning of the month and mid-month (midterm) so you can find out the progress and temporary results.
Does Digital Marketing LOGIQUE service include SEM, SEO, and Social Media Management?
Every service we offer is of course tailored to the needs and targets or goals of your business. However, if you are interested, we can also provide these three services for maximum results.
Can LOGIQUE manage our company's social media?
Certainly. We also provide management and development services for your company's social media accounts, starting from content and post strategy mapping, creating banner/video designs, up to hashtag campaigns.
Can I come to LOGIQUE's office to discuss my business?
LOGIQUE is always ready to welcome your arrival to consult with us. Because we are committed to providing solutions to all your digital problems.
What is the procedure for digital marketing services implemented by LOGIQUE?
LOGIQUE has a gradual and structured procedure in this service, ranging from in-depth discussions about business targets, research on trends, audiences, to competitors, then continues on strategy offering, confirmation, execution, and reporting. To find out more details, you can directly contact us by email to [email protected] or call on (021) 227 089 35/36, or via WhatsApp at 0811-870-321.
What impact does digital marketing have on my business or company?
Without you realizing it, digital marketing will have a considerable impact on your business or company, where your company will be increasingly known by many people even to foreign countries through unlimited internet access.
What services does LOGIQUE offer besides digital marketing?
As a professional digital marketing company in Indonesia and has more than 5 years of experience, LOGIQUE offers you various solutions for each of your digital problems. Please visit our service page to find out more information, or you can contact us by email at [email protected] or by telephone at (021) 227 089 35/36 or WhatsApp 0811-870-321.