360o Digital Marketing Services

At LOGIQUE, we provide services for every digital marketing need. From planning, production, operation, maintenance, to monetization

As a leading website development company, LOGIQUE provides various services such as Website Development, Content Creation (Banners, Videos, Articles, Infographics, etc), Media Buying (Paid Ads Media), Social Network Services, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, etc.

With a variety of objectives such as,

Brand Awareness


Brand Consideration


Brand Engagement

Leads, & etc.

Which can be implemented for various types of business mechanisms ranging from Online to Online, Online to Offline, Business to Business, Business to Customers, etc.

Marketing Trends

Marketing trends have changed dramatically, Digital Marketing has become an important standard for business activities in almost every type of industry.

By utilizing our years of successful experience in the development of many businesses local and globally, and supported by a team of professionals who have technical skills in developing the latest web systems and creative teams with content design and writing skills, we believe, we are able to provide real success for your business.

What can you get from Digital Marketing?

Increase brand

Increase Sales /
Transaction Numbers

Increase user /
customer database

Increase user

We provide a variety of Digital Marketing
services to meet various requests such as:

We will improve the performance of the media you have to be able to monetize and produce conversions. If you don't have your own media, don't hesitate to contact us who will always be ready to become your business partner in developing a Website or Application that suits your needs. Website Creation Services
Increasing organic traffic is very important in your website monetization efforts. We have a lot of experience in tackling SEO projects in Indonesian and English, and LOGIQUE has proven successful in search engine optimization efforts with various types of keyword categories ranging from finance to automotive. We are also ready to provide ongoing consultation in an effort to improve the quality of your website on each search engine, to modify the website pages based on the stages and SEO methods that apply.
The effectiveness of Digital Ads is greatly influenced by market or audience targeting. Our experienced team will conduct in-depth analysis, from the services or products you offer, the Unique Selling Points you have, the available market opportunities or potentials, to your audience / consumer profiling, synergizing any data available offline or online to get audience groups with high targeting accuracy. To guarantee every penny you invest works effectively.
We are ready to be a part of increasing fans, followers, engagement, and customers for your business through the efforts to utilize and optimize your social media. The methods we use start from content planning / posting, copywriting, post / content creation (banner / Image / video), responding to comments, interacting with fans, etc.

LOGIQUE’s Strong points

We have all the skills needed to optimize a digital marketing campaign

LOGIQUE is a company that involves many experts who are experienced in the fields of,




Digital Marketing

From strategic to creative, all work under one roof. Making every coordination easier, faster, and more precise. This is what makes us able to provide extraordinary results in efforts to improve the quality or quality of the traffic we produce to become a transaction, for various types of websites and businesses such as E-commerce to Web Subscriptions.

Making advertising materials that can increase conversions

Every designer involved in a project is an expert with a wealth of experience able to create advertising materials that can increase the chances of conversion.

Analysis and strategy skills

We have a team that is dedicated to analyzing and developing appropriate and accurate strategies, each strategy will be developed based on industry and project objectives carried out. We will present it in the form of a proposal with detailed analysis and the best-suggested strategies. Each strategy will also synergize to make better use of every digital asset you have.




How LOGIQUE's Team Work