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LOGIQUE is a website development company that strives to raise your business. It is important to know how an efficient website, beautifully designed, can improve your site’s prestige, thereby establishing a well-built identity for you, further affecting your brand.

LOGIQUE was founded by a Japanese entrepreneur and is ranked among the top web development companies in Jakarta, with a variety of achievements.

If you seek to develop a high quality website, contact LOGIQUE for our professional web design and development services.

LOGIQUE has developed over 200 websites spanning various fields throughout Indonesia; from government organizations, to financial institutions, many of which require high levels of security. Such are made in regards to a client’s specific and creative demands, methods of programming, etc. We are trusted for the emphasis we put on business growth in regards to the digital world, which ultimately means greater profits for your company.

As a professional web development company, we work to create the maximum quality of output for a reasonable price, through our team, consisting of experienced web developers, designers and content writers; all of whom constitute 40 hardworking and experienced individuals in total. Further, although we are an international company, we have extensive knowledge of the digital world’s applicability on a local level. Therefore, if you are looking for an Indonesian-built high quality website, feel free to consult LOGIQUE anytime.

A one-stop web production operation.

If you require web pages in Indonesian, English and Japanese, LOGIQUE seeks help you through SEO implementation and can further assist you through applying production design, inquiry form, and even with post publication maintenance, in addition to any digital marketing matters you may have.

Maximum Quality, Latest technology, and Reliable security.

We utilize reliable security systems of the highest quality through the latest digital technology available. We are also experienced in implementing PWA, AMP and other complex functions for websites which can be delivered after security checks by experts.

Speed and flexibility.

We value the ability to produce high quality work in a rapid and efficient manner, as we are aware of the time constraints you might possibly have. Therefore, our timeframe is flexible and can be adjusted into your schedule

Analysis and Evaluation

Analysis and Evaluation

If you already have a website, we will be able to analyze and evaluate its progress through services which include examining the rate of traffic and also by interpreting the overall structure of your website, among other things. Our team is experienced in retrieving a highly accurate analysis of your website and examining the issues within it in order to improve its overall user experience.



In order to achieve the set goals desired for your website, we aim to show you what a professionally designed site should look like, as well as offer suggestions for potential improvements required for continual results. Such advice varies depending on your site’s internal system.



A website is unlikely to receive much traffic simply through having an online presence. Our experts are familiar with SEO measures specified for Indonesia. We strive to create websites that are highly visible through organic search methods when relevant queries are entered into the search engine. We are also able to conduct an SEM strategy in order to ensure a quick rise in traffic through the use of effective keywords.

Restructuring and Improvement

Restructuring and Improvement

As performance issues are commonly found through a thorough scan, your website doesn’t necessarily need to be recreated from scratch, as occasionally, the cost and work involved can exceed a specified budget. In this case, we offer practical solutions for organizing, collecting and improving the website according to your specified budget, within the timeframe you require

Multilingual Website Production and& Operation

Multilingual Website Production and Operation

We can facilitate web development in Indonesian, English and Japanese, as we understand that creating unique and multi-paged content is important to reach and engage as large an audience as possible

Social Media Operation

Social Media Operation

Social media can be a powerful tool to increase the level of interaction with your customers. It can also facilitate web traffic by directing frequenters of social media to your website. We operate on several Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in the Indonesian, English and Japanese languages.

Design Production

Design Production

We aim to design a user and conversion friendly UI for your website. Our web design team will suggest different design styles according to your specific requirements.

Markup Coding

Markup Coding

You can also request simple HTML/CSS coding for your website, as our team is always up to date in regards to the latest JavaScript-based front-end coding technology.

Multi-device Support

Multi-device Support

We aim to create an optimized and responsive site for smartphones and tablets. We have ample experience on the subject and have created many AMP and mobile friendly websites.

Special Programming Features

Special Programming Features

You can add various features such as Motion Parallax to your website, which can be developed by using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, etc. We propose developing a website that attracts users according to their specified needs.

System Construction

System Construction

We aim to develop and operate various systems compatible with your website, such as CMS, web and business systems. Our services are effective, practical and are developed through PHP frameworks.

PWA as Mobile Apps

PWA as Mobile Apps

We are able to develop mobile and web applications through PWA. Creating push notifications and offline operations is also possible.

Website Production Flow in LOGIQUE

LOGIQUE’s website design strategy puts an emphasis on the collaboration of speed and quality. Our professionals are involved in each step of the site’s development. We begin by thoroughly planning and proposing a design, before developing it. The aforementioned stages may vary depending on the type of project being implemented, and takes into account the website’s size, CMS necessity, and the level of difficulty regarding the system’s development.


Contact Us

Our team is ready to get your message anytime. You can immediately place an order and explain to us the initial description of the website as you want, from website creation, operation, CMS configuration, web system development, etc. Contact us via email [email protected] or please fill in the available Order Form here. You can also ask us anything regarding the web development, website design, or even the price. Feel free to talk to us in Indonesian, English, or Japanese. We will contact you immediately for further discussion.



You may have a specific vision and target, whether to increase the profit of your business through the website, improve your image and branding, IR activities, recruitments, etc. We would like to hear everything from you. We don’t have to meet up. If you want, we can reach you through Skype or other communication apps so we can talk further about your business. Then, we will give you some suggestions about the website that might suit your interest, also the most effective approach based on your needs.


Planning/Proposal Submission

After understanding everything, we will propose the website creation and utilization to solve the problem. If necessary, we will also conduct research, including about competitors and heuristic task analysis of the current website. Even until the submission of the proposal, we are cherishing the sense of speed and keeping in mind the prompt proposal. In the proposal, we will also provide optional services, such as photography, videography, and content creation as necessary. You can freely consult us if you have something in mind. The proposal will also include the price service as well as how long the time needed in the website creation. It’s all based on our transparency method, the difficulty level, and the number of team members needed to complete it.


Contract Signing

If you’re down to what we offer, the next process is the contract signing and the payment of 50% in advance. Soon after it’s all done, our team can start to operate the website production for you.



First, we will confirm all the details of your website structure and requirements. This is to ensure that there are no missed points and cause obstacles in the future. In addition, we will also show the website framework (wireframe) that we have made for you as an initial description. Then, the concept, design, domain, and web server will be confirmed and decided. If you already have a website, you can share with us the access to Google Analytics.


Website Design Creation

At this stage, the homepage concept will be created and designed according to the references you provide. Our website design team will also provide several alternatives for which you can then approve or revise. After your approval, we will then create the rest of the pages based on the main website design.


Implementation, Coding, & Programming

Here, we will execute a programming function from various features that have been planned, including the CMS. This stage also includes implementing SEO that follows the UI/UX design, and eliminating the security vulnerability of the web. We will ensure that the entire data architecture and features in the website are running and functioning properly. This concept is to ensure that the website is well structured for your targeted audience experience.


Testing and Verification

After we create the website, we will perform appropriate tests according to the contents and website design. We make sure that there is no HTML syntax error, the website is fully mobile friendly, each page is loading quickly, and SEO countermeasure is done effectively. For security needs, we also conduct tests and security checks based on many test scenarios. Then, we will periodically demonstrate the features to you, where you will be able to directly provide us feedbacks for each feature. When the project has entered the finalization stage, you can perform test too as a proof that all functions have been confirmed and are running well.


Website Launching

At this stage, your website will be deployed to the web server and made public. We can help move data from your old website if needed. After publication, we will do index registration on Google and setting up Google Analytics for further maintenance. You can also immediately pay off the remaining payments and your website can be used immediately.


Improvement & Maintenance

After the website is launched, we don't leave you just yet. Every website requires long-term management, including yours. We will continue to maintain your website system in order to keep the results you want. LOGIQUE provides variety of management services, starting from observing the system, carrying out daily operations, even regular content creation, Social Media operation, up to digital advertisement operation. All for the maximum results from your website.

Mobile (smartphone) Apps Development

We can also develop Android apps, iOS apps, and hybrid apps. We have extensive experience with mobile related solutions such as PWA and AMP Production, so we can support a wide range. With API development and infrastructure construction such as AWS, we develop highly maintainable apps with one-stop support.

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HR Related Solution/Recruitment

To help your company find suitable candidates, we provide structured, dynamic, professional, and well-optimized career website pages. For HR solutions, we also provide activity management system, daily report management system, work situation management, and telework management system for productivity improvement.

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Web Security Assessment/Vulnerability Inspection

We conduct inspections to check for vulnerabilities in website security holes. There are various security risks such as hijacking and falsification on the web site. We will search for any gaps and potential infiltration, and then take precautions, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, session jacking etc.

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We are ready to assist you in creating a website, and also:

  • Make and/or operate the website
  • Rebuild and optimize it for mobile/smartphones
  • Develop an Android/iOS application
  • Operate an in-house management system
  • Manage IT infrastructure
  • Audit IT security, even if it’s already structured from Japan
  • Increase awareness of your company/brand through digital marketing
  • Achieve online marketing targets with online advertising
  • Design and print company promotional materials for distribution
  • Manage the operation of SNS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Update the content and operation of your website
  • Create and install chatbots online for your website