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LOGIQUE has developed many Websites, Systems and Apps, and delivered them successfully to our clients. Below are some of our Web creation, mobile app / PWA development, IT system development, and digital marketing consulting portfolio.

Our Clients

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PT JBA Indonesia : Standardization and DX in the automobile auction industry


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Website Creation

We have plenty of experience in creating professional websites, which can be seen in our portfolio page. In addition to an attractive and interactive UI/UX design, the websites that we have developed has also been supported by the latest web development technologies such as MongoDB, ExpressJS or Express, React, Vuejs, Angular and Node.js. As a result, the websites that we have developed come with a very good performance levels, and a high level of user satisfaction/experience.

Mobile App & PWA Development

LOGIQUE is further able to develop mobile applications for a variety of operating systems which range from Android, iOS to Hybrid. In addition to being built with interactive and user friendly designs, the applications we develop are also supported by the incorporation of the latest technologies such as Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, and Xamarin. We have also developed high quality PWAs (Progressive Web App) with excellent performance levels.

JBA Bike Inspection App

  • Mobile application development for a motorcycle inspection system. Responsibilities include developing a vehicle inspection & appraisal system and link the results of the inspection and evaluation with the auction system. Developed with Native apps for Android.

Weeo Gazelle App

  • Developed a front-end Android app that works with a telematics system. Projects include the development of services for large scale vehicle owners, such as for transportation companies. Proceeded with android application development through the use of Kotlin, with the use of the Google Map API.


  • Developed an E-Commerce system as a PWA. Logique has developed an E-Commerce PWA which sells Japanese products on a cross-border basis to countries around the world. Implemented with React + Node.js (Express).


  • Developed a Fintech mobile application. Logique has succeeded in developing an e-wallet function with kotlin, having further developed features including OTP, QRIS, Biometric authentication, and Payment Gateway integration.

JBA Indonesia Auction Bidding App

  • Developed a mobile app with Flutter, allowing users to bid in real time in auctions via your smartphone. Developed with Smooth real-time bidding with Payment Gateway linkage, WebSocket, using Firebase could messaging and Google ML Kit.

Marubeni - UCO Collection Mobile App

  • Supporting our clients in the launching of new businesses related to SDGs from the perspective of mobile application UI / UX development.

Web System Development

Within today's modern and highly digitally centered era, the use of web system / web-based applications has been proven to be a crucial factor of success within every industry & field of business. LOGIQUE, as one of the leading web-based application developers in Indonesia, has the capacity to produce quality web based applications with a high level of technical quality, further adhering to international standards of security.

JBA Indonesia; Online Car Auction System Development

Mobile App Development (Inspection & Quality Scoring System).

System Development

ZuttoRide Indonesia; CRM DevOps

WEB-CRM system development for a motorcycle service company.

Sinar Mas Land; HRS Development

E-Recruitment System and Online Psychological Test Development.

Digital Marketing Consulting & Operation

The management and preparation of digital marketing strategies in order to achieve any targets that have been set must be carried out in a carefully planned and systematic manner. LOGIQUE holds a wide variety of assets and reliable specialists able to provide professional consulting services, having run digital marketing campaigns to a highly effective degree. We also possess a diverse portfolio of successful digital marketing campaigns in regards to SEO, SEM, and SMM from various industries.

Education - Shimajiro

Education - Shimajiro

Social Media Management

Aluminium Window - YKKAP

SEO | Website Maintenance | Google Ads | FB&IG Ads

Recipe Web - The Healthy Belly

SEO | Website Maintenance | FB&IG Ads

LOGIQUE has supported the overall digital transformation process for a variety of distinguished Indonesian companies, from local startups to internationally renowned businesses. We have also achieved a high success rate for every project we have taken on, in regards to Website development and Web Systems & Applications, as well as Mobile Applications.

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