Our services aim to provide efficient solutions that further promote your Mobile App for iOS & Android Smartphone/Tablet, while keeping to the end goal of raising your overall enterprise.

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User-Oriented Mobile Application Development

Pengembangan Aplikasi Mobile Berorientasi Pengguna

The Mobile Applications that we develop are created in line with our philosophy: “the right person in the right position has the potential to grow.” Therefore, our team is dedicated to focusing their abilities in delivering user orientated mobile applications, so as to provide you with the optimum digital experience.

We are also aware that, in today’s digitalized era, technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, we aim to provide concepts and solutions compatible to the most contemporary forms of technology, in the service of our client’s continual success in the digital world.

Our designers and application developers will not only assist you in creating a great product, but also are ready to help ensure that the finalized product is running according to your standard.

Further, if there are any problems during the development process, it is part of our policy to notify you. Our team is comprised of competent and experienced specialists who seek to provide you with the best digital technology applicable to your business.

LOGIQUE is a leading Mobile App Development Company based in Indonesia

  • LOGIQUE aims to customize a client’s requirements with the latest digital technology available in order to create iOS and Android apps of international quality.
  • The iOS and Android apps we have developed have been designed by UI/UX designers so the resulting look is very user friendly.
  • We security, optimization and scalability of the applications we creates are always taken into detailed account by our technical experts, so as to deliver the maximum level of results to our users.
  • With more than five years of experience, the ability of LOGIQUE’s team has been tested through a wide variety of clients; locally and internationally.

How LOGIQUE Can Help You

Innovative Application Ideas

Ide Aplikasi Inovatif
By adhering to our confidentiality agreement, we can make sure millions of dollars’ worth of mobile app data is kept secure; thereby further helping you realize your ideas in potentially creating the highest-quality, multi-million dollar project, in the same vein as Go-Jek, Traveloka or Tokopedia.

Provide Additional Values

Memberikan Nilai Tambahan
If you are currently providing your customers with your services, we can assist through appbased technology so as to further add value to your business, as the wide reaching capabilities of smartphones make it an ideal platform to add additional value to your business.

Improving your Business’s Work Flow

Meningkatkan Proses Bisnis
Consider streamlining your business by utilizing mobile app technology. Applications provide an enormous opportunity to empower your staff and improve overall efficiency. Mobile App based solutions with a company centered strategy have shown to increase the output of those in your employ, hence increasing your company’s general levels of productivity

A Mobile App can provide application-based solutions for a variety of office-based problems, such as:

  • Enhancing office culture through clearer communication between staffs and employers.
  • A tool used to market your products and services.
  • A tool supporting the functionality of currently used products.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of IT services, from App development and creation to the sustainable management of your application. All of our services are aimed at building apps which maximize user experience and produce great business transformation results.

iOS Application development for iPhone/iPad

Pengembangan Aplikasi iOS untuk iPhone / iPad
We are highly experienced in developing apps with a compatibility with different iOS versions using various Swift languages ranging from swift 1 to 4, which are trending today.

Android Application Development

Pengembangan Aplikasi Android
We provide a wide range of native Java-based Android applications ranging from the most basic, with multi lingual features, up to apps which utilize the highest levels of complexity

Hybrid Application Development

Pengembangan Aplikasi Hybrid
If you are seeking apps that can be utilized across both Android and iOS platforms, we also offer the development of hybrid apps through the use of technologies such as Ionic, Adobe PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Xamgrin, AngularJS, and so on.

UI/UX Mobile Application Design

Desain UI/UX Aplikasi Mobile
All of our mobile apps have been designed using the appropriate aesthetics befitting to their function. By upholding high standards of design, we seek to ensure that our customers enjoy ongoing interaction. Additionally, implementing responsive designs further maximizes the experience of our users.

Developing CMS/API

Pengembangan CMS / API
To support the development of Mobile Apps, we also provide CMS and API supported through various platforms, especially PHP.

Client Portfolio

We are highly experienced in working with clients from various industries and have helped develop certain mobile applications in order to solve operation problems, empower sales and maintain customer relationships.

Developed a mobile app for the management of human resources. Developed an Android application that can comprehensively manage personnel from recruitment to the personnel evaluation stage. The app comes with functions that include Video recording, Push notification, Offline data storage, etc..
Android and iOS application development through the use of Flutter. We provide full support for everything needed to start a pawnshop business. In the future, projects will also be supported by ASO (App Store Optimization) and other features.
Mobile application development for the inspection and management of heavy mining equipment. Implementation of Push Notification features, Offline mode, MSAL Authentication, Digital Signature, Worker Background, and others features using Kotlin.
Developed a front-end Android app that works with a telematics system. Projects include the development of services for large scale vehicle owners, such as for transportation companies. Proceeded with android application development through the use of Kotlin, with the use of the Google Map API.
Sinarmas Career
Gadai Valuemax Indonesia
BUMA Digiman Inspection
Weeo App


Whether for a B2C, B2B, startup or an enterprise operation solution, we always make time to thoroughly understand your business, as well as its products and the needs of its users. The way results show through our works is highly transparent, as we are committed to working with the involvement of our clients.


At the beginning of a project, we will seek to ensure that the application focuses on the specific needs of the company, service or user as a top priority. We will provide the concept in the form of a wireframe draft as the final result.


From the initially drafted concept, our designers will begin to create the page’s main design. We can provide several templates for the main page which you can choose from. A specific design requirement will be reflected on while we proceed with the designs for the following pages.


Based on the function of existing concepts, our technical team will begin developing mobile applications which have proved more efficient than the standard levels of security commonly used for applications.


Our QA team will ensure that the features developed by our technical experts are running appropriately so that the overall quality of the applications provided is transparent and trustable.

Peluncuran Aplikasi
Launch Application

Congratulations! The development process has been completed, and your android/iOS app is ready to launch through the App Store/Google Play Store

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