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is a certified AWS partner operating out of IndonesiaEntrust the management of your cloud server with us!

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LOGIQUE provides a complete range of DevOps services for managing Indonesian cloud servers in order to facilitate and increase business agility in bringing products into the market. LOGIQUE is highly experienced in managing cloud servers for a variety of businesses operating out of Indonesia, be it in regards to cloud servers from AWS, GCP, or Alibaba.

We aim to provide DevOps services for your business, seeing to the optimal management of various cloud servers. DevOps (Development and Operations) itself combines aspects of work culture and the appropriate tools that, when combined, serve to improve a company's ability to deliver an application or website at high speeds. Thus, the product development process, be it a website or an application, can be done in a quick and efficient manner.


LOGIQUE Provides Cloud Computing Devops Services

If you are currently building or developing a website, e-commerce platform, or website application that demands reliability, agility, centralized collaboration, stability, business data security, then optimal cloud server services would be highly desired. LOGIQUE aims to assist in providing comprehensive DevOps solutions regarding Indonesian cloud server management for your business.

Cloud servers are those that are virtually based, hosted, and provided by cloud computing platforms throughout the internet. By using cloud servers, your data or other valuable resources can be sent and accessed easily in a fluid manner from various devices within different locations or even remotely.

LOGIQUE aims to help empower your website, e-commerce platform, or website application, providing much needed support in order to make it compatible with our cloud server management services. Through the professionalism and dedication of whole team, LOGIQUE will provide cloud server management through the best cloud computing service providers, namely:

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1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the largest and most leading cloud providers operating within the market. Many of our clients have chosen to use cloud servers from AWS because of their ability to provide flexible, reliable, scalable, easy to use, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions. To date, AWS has been highly trusted by a variety of businesses so as to support their needs in the running of critical applications that require a high level of availability. LOGIQUE itself is currently a certified AWS partner operating out of Indonesia. Some featured products from AWS are as follows:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

The Amazon EC2 is a web service that provides features such as a high level of security and resizable computing within the cloud. The Amazon EC2 is also a very comprehensive computing platform that offers a wide selection of processors, storage, networking, and operating systems. Another advantage of this product is that it uses the fastest cloud processor currently available, also utilizing an ethernet network of 400 Gbps.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

This is a website service that aims to simplify the process of setting up, operating, and scaling relational databases within the AWS cloud. This service is cost-effective and utilizes a resizable compute capacity in order to manage standard relational databases. RDS can also be used to manage general database administration tasks.

Load Balancer

Application Load Balancer (ALB)

Application Load Balancers (ALB) can serve to simplify and increase the security of your applications. ALB can also ensure that the latest SSL/TLS ciphers and protocols will be appropriately used at all times.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The AWS Web Application Firewall is a web application firewall that can serve to protect your web based application or APIs from common web exploits and bots which can potentially affect your application’s availability, compromise security, or consume an excessive amount of resources. This AWS WAF will hand control over to you as to how traffic will be able to reach your application, as well as allow you to be able to create new security rules that regulate bot traffic, as well as block methods of infection such as with a SQL injection or cross-site scripting.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The AWS Virtual Private Network can be used to establish secure connections between on-premises networks, remote offices, client devices, and the AWS global network. If you are interested in using a VPN, AWS provides you with two specific services, namely AWS Site-to-Site VPN and AWS Client VPN. Each of the mentioned services offer a secure cloud VPN solution in order to protect your network traffic.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Amazon S3 is an AWS service that features an object storage function which offers a high level of scalability, data availability, security, and performance. This service can be used by customers from a variety of industries in order to store and protect various important articles of data for a number of reasons, some of which include data lakes, websites, mobile applications, backup and recovery, archiving and enterprise applications, among others.

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2. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service provided by Google. GCP offers cloud solutions that allow your business to modernize and develop faster within any environment.

GCP Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

This storage presents a safe, durable, and scalable object storage area. Cloud storages allow your business to be able to store certain types of data in various sizes.

GCP Compute engine

Compute Engine

This is a secure and customizable GCP computing service that allows you to create and run virtual machines within Google's infrastructure. Some types of virtual machines include E2, N2, N2D, N1, M2, M1, and others.

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Cloud SDK

The Cloud SDK consists of tools and libraries used for interacting with Google Cloud products and services.

GCP cloud sql

Cloud SQL

A service that manages relational databases for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Servers. Cloud SQL can work automatically in order to ensure that your database is reliable, secure, and scalable, thereby allowing your business to continue to run without interruption.

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3. Alibaba Cloud

Services from Alibaba Cloud are also provided by LOGIQUE in order to meet the requirements of Indonesian cloud servers. Alibaba Cloud provides reliable and secure cloud computing methods and data processing services for thousands of companies, developers, and government organizations within more than 200 countries and regions across the world. Apart from having proven track record and capabilities as well as a high level of reliability, Alibaba Cloud also has a strong presence within Asia.


Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Alibaba Elastic Compute Service (ECS) provides a fast working memory as well as the latest Intel CPUs so as to assist you with running your applications. This ECS will also provide results quickly, and with a low level of latency.


Simple Application Server (SAS)

This service allows for an easy rate of development and supports all-in-one services such as domain name resolution, website publishing, security, O&M, and application management.


Server Load Balancer (SLB)

This is a service from Alibaba Cloud made in order to distribute network traffic across backend server groups and made to improve the service capabilities and application availability. This SLB is also capable of providing high performance load balancing capabilities.


Find the Best Solutions and Services from LOGIQUE

In providing DevOps services for the management of Indonesian cloud serves, LOGIQUE is able to offer several solutions for you, namely:

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