LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia is a leading IT consultant and web developer company owned by a Japanese entrepreneur located in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a company with client-oriented services, we’re very open on IT consultation for clients who believe in the power of digital marketing. We contribute to the world of digital and IT development by providing various web-related services such as web & system development, SEO, mobile app development (Android and iOS), and digital marketing to help realizing and growing business in all fields.
With our experiences for more than 7 years in Indonesia, we can solve problems that become characteristics of Indonesia. We produce high quality results with global standard because we have abundant experiences in doing business with international enterprises.
Consult with us, we can be your partner and digital specialist to help improve your business.

Characteristic of LOGIQUE
  • LOGIQUE focuses on speed & agility in respond to the current era where speed is essential in Indonesia.
  • LOGIQUE provides services with maximum result in respond to our clients’ needs.
  • We are trusted by many works with big financial companies and goverment related organizations whose requirements about quality and security always are strictly defined.
  • LOGIQUE always takes challenges in creating new technologies and systems in order to keep progressing without fearing the change.
  • LOGIQUE is a flexible web development company, depending on the situation we can be a trustworthy system development company to protect your web security. In respond to your expectation, we can adjust our style while providing high value as your partner.
LOGIQUE's Mission
  • Support as many companies as possible in Indonesia to grow and improve all types of businesses in IT and Digital Marketing field with excellent and high standard of values.
  • Consistently contribute to the growth of Web Development and Digital Marketing industry in Indonesia by always exploring new strategies and innovative solutions.
  • Give more and better opportunities to Indonesian Web Developers by constantly helping them explore and maximize their full potential for better future.
PT. Logique Digital Indonesia
Company Name
PT. Logique Digital Indonesia

IT Consultation, Website Creation, Design Making, System Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing Consulting

Takashi Yoshitsugu

Number of employees
43 (as of Feb 2019)

Head Office Address
Ad Premier Building 19th Floor, Jalan Tb. Simatupang No. 5, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta 12550, INDONESIA

+62(21) 2270 8935 / 36
WhatsApp +62 811 870 321

Development Center
Yogyakarta ( Umbulharjo, Kota Yogyakarta )
Takashi Yoshitsugu Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1976. In 1999, he graduated from Department of Management Science, Waseda University in Tokyo. He has a plenty of experiences starting at Japan Research Institute, Inc., CRM consulting firm, etc. Until 2005, he had founded his own e-commerce business, import trading company, and consulting firm in Japan. He founded and has been operating this company in Indonesia since 2012.

The name “LOGIQUE” is derived from the Indonesian word logika-ku, which means “our logic”. The idea is that I want to accomplish our goals with our solid faith, believes, and most importantly our logic. We will maximize the mid and long term benefits and satisfactions of both of yours and ours even though we are in Southeast Asia which has being dramatically changing every day.

Since 2012, we have been leading our clients in WEB, SI, and digital marketing fields in Indonesia by utilizing the technologies of IT and web. Gladly our sales have been continuously growing every year. In April 2018, we opened a development center in Yogyakarta and we will start operating another development center as well later in 2018.

To contribute to the social environment in Indonesia, we are constantly striving to incorporate flexible working styles such as remote working, or short working hours, so that everyone can work efficiently and happily.

We are also planning to share and provide the services that we tried & products that we developed for our own company to operate our business with efficiency and happiness as I said earlier. We will continue to grow. I am more than happy if our business can contribute to Indonesia, to our clients’ satisfactions, and to the growth of ourselves.

What LOGIQUE does

We provide services such as web design, web system development, and digital marketing. We also create HR Cloud Tool products to solve business problem in Indonesia. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our services and products!

If you need help for:
  • Developing a website
  • Updating the website system
  • Developing a web system
  • Creating a page design campaign or website landing page
  • Outsourcing for website operations.
  • Increasing the amount of access to your website with SEO.
  • Organizing and running an online promotion strategy.
  • Searching for leasing web servers and companies to manage them.
  • Searching for printing services for company profiles or brochures.
  • etc.
LOGIQUE is ready to help you.