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LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia is a leading IT consultant and system development company owned by a Japanese entrepreneur based in Jakarta.

As a developer with client-orientated goals, we aim to contribute to the cutting edge of the IT and Digital fields in Indonesia by empowering our clients through various Web and Digital solutions, such as the development of mobile apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), web and system development, SEO, and by providing a wide range of other digital services.

Providing one-stop IT services and Digital Marketing

Principles of LOGIQUE

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LOGIQUE is a high quality System / Web Development Company located in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, and was founded by a Japanese entrepreneur. With a proven track record in dealing with large-scale enterprises, LOGIQUE guarantees the delivery of high quality IT solutions that fit our customer's requirements.

In an era where speed is essential, LOGIQUE values efficiency and agility, especially in Indonesia, a country of constant change and rapid growth. We strive to support our customers in meeting project deadlines and helping them achieve their business goals.

LOGIQUE provides one-stop IT / Digital marketing services for website design to developing complex enterprise systems and mobile apps. LOGIQUE frequently takes on new challenges without fearing change.

Our trustworthy development team is versatile, and can adapt their methods in order to develop systems / apps based on our client’s requirements. Therefore, we can adjust our style so as to provide you with a product of the highest value.

Mission Statement


To support as many companies in Indonesia in accomplishing their goals through providing high quality IT / digital solutions.


To contribute to the growth of Indonesia’s Web Development and Digital Marketing industries through bringing forth new ideas and innovations, changing and improving upon old conventions.


To provide better opportunities to Indonesian Developers and Creators by helping them maximize their potential for a better future.

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Company Overview

  • Company Name
  • PT. LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia

  • Service
  • IT Consultation, Website Creation, Design Making, System Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing Consulting

  • Director
  • Takashi Yoshitsugu

  • Number of employees
  • 80 (as of Nov 2020)

  • Head Office Address
  • Ad Premier Building 19th Floor, Jalan Tb. Simatupang No. 5, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta 12550, INDONESIA

  • Phone
  •   +62(21) 2270 8935 / 36
      +62 811 870 321

  • Development Center
  • Yogyakarta ( Kledokan, Kota Yogyakarta )

Director's Profile

Takashi Yoshitsugu


Takashi Yoshitsugu was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1976. In 1999, he graduated from the Department of Management Science at Waseda University in Tokyo and possesses a wide range of experience in entrepreneurship and business, starting from the Japan Research Institute Inc. to consulting firms, among others.

In 2005, he founded his own e-commerce business and went on to establish a trading company and consultancy in Japan. Upon moving to Indonesia, he founded LOGIQUE in 2012.


The name ‘LOGIQUE’ is derived from the Indonesian word ‘logika-ku’, which means ‘Our Logic.’ The idea is rooted in the basic principle of accomplishing our goals through the strength of our faiths, beliefs, and most importantly, our logic. Through this basic principal, we seek to maximize the mid and long term benefits of both parties, taking into account the dramatically evolving IT landscape in Southeast Asia.

Since 2012, we have assisted our clients in the fields of Web, SI and Digital Marketing within Indonesia through utilizing various IT and Web Technologies. Through these means, our sales have continued to grow every year.

In order to contribute more to Indonesia’s IT / Digital market, we are constantly striving to incorporate flexible working styles, such as remote working and shorter hours, thus accounting for overall employee happiness and efficiency.


We provide a wide array of IT centered services, ranging from web design and system / application development, to digital marketing. We have also created a Cloud HR management Tool to solve business problems in Indonesia. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our services and products!

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  • Changing an outsourcer / IT vendor / Digital Marketing
  • Outsourcing a website / system operations.
  • Increasing access to your website through SEO.
  • Organizing and running an online promotional strategy.
  • Searching for web server leasing and companies to manage them.
  • Implementing cloud HR management tools
  • Planning an IT / Digital strategy for your business
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