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A good web-based system development requires the right development company partner to ensure that a designed and developed system is according to the expected target. LOGIQUE is committed to providing the best service with international standards and building long-term relationships with each client.

Web Based Application Development with LOGIQUE

In the process of developing a web-based system, we use flexible and fast agile development methods. Our development team can adapt to changes so that the system being developed remains high quality and in accordance with dynamic needs.

All web-based systems that we produce are developed with high quality and international standard safety that have been tested including our clients from the financial industry. Technically, we will perform a number of security tests before the system is delivered to the client which includes penetration testing to reduce the risk of cyber attacks such as SQL injection, path traversal, and x-site scripting.

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We are experienced in providing web-based system development services for many large-scale international and local clients especially in the automotive, auction, and e-commerce industries. But overall we have also helped various other industries such as insurance, finance, tourism, manufacturing, and digital startups both in making web-based systems or other services such as mobile application development or digital marketing. With this experience, we quickly understand the client's business needs and provide the best solution for you.

We can help you build and design cloud-based server architectures both in Indonesia and abroad. We are an official partner of AWS and have experience in setting up and implementing cloud servers for AWS, GCP, and Alibaba. Especially in recent times, we have also succeeded in helping to perform many system and database migrations from on-premise servers to cloud servers.

Cloud Sever DevOps

We provide a choice of web-based application development services to best suit your needs

1. Project Scheme

The web-based system development process will run according to the agreed contract. This type is suitable for website development projects with clear needs. Usually we will recommend the Agile Development method in the process.

2. Resource Based Scheme

This type can be selected if you want to run the system development process immediately but the work space, concept, or other requirements are still not defined. You can start by hiring a Business Analyst followed by a Designer and Developer during the web-based system development process.

3. Development Schemes with Fixed Rates

Every month we will work on priority tasks in accordance with a predetermined number of workdays. This type of development is suitable for maintenance projects (website / system maintenance) or advanced development projects for existing systems.

4. Outsource Scheme

We can also provide outsourced services for developers, designers or testers who can work directly at your place if your company has special needs.

Why should you choose LOGIQUE ?

To produce the best performance, we form a team with high abilities and skills in each field. As of June 2020, we have more than 60 employees consisting of developers, software testers, security specialists, designers, SEOs, content writers, social media specialists, and digital marketing staff. Our team will work together to provide the best results for you. Most of the projects we handle are done without outsourcing, but if necessary we can work with third-party specialists.
Our consulting team is responsible for staying in touch with your project manager. We will explore what your business needs are so that the solutions we provide can be appropriate and right on target. You don't need to worry about complicated technical terms because we will explain them simply until you really understand them.

The purpose of utilizing and developing web-based systems is to support and improve existing businesses. Sometimes, companies have difficulty understanding problems in their business so they don't find the right solution. With the experience we have, we can help solve it.

We'll find the source of the problem and share the best suggestions for how to solve it. We will think from the client's point of view when giving suggestions for optimal use and utilization of the web system.

Services that we don't support at this time

Implementation of Software Packages

We prioritize the development of web-based systems from the optimal start in accordance with your business goals and needs. By using our services which are based on the open source framework, you will get a web-based system in no time without having to use expensive software packages such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and SalesForce.

Only develop a specific part of a large-scale project

We have capabilities in project management, system maintenance and repair. Therefore, it is difficult for us to focus only on developing certain parts of a project. In large-scale projects, usually the location for system development has also been determined so that it is contrary to our way of working which prioritizes time and place efficiency.
If you entrust overall project management to LOGIQUE, LOGIQUE can help you be more successful in the project in a fast and flexible way.

Case study

JBA Indonesia
Auction Management System

JBA is the largest car and motorcycle auction company in Indonesia.
Programming languages used :
PHP, NodeJS, SocketIO, Android Native
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Sinarmas Land

Online Recruitment system
Main technologies :
HTML5/CSS3, .Net Framework, SQL Server, Integrasi LDAP dan SAP


Real time vehicle monitoring mobile apps
Key Technologies:
Android Kotlin, IoT, Integrasi API
JBA is the largest car and motorcycle auction company in Indonesia. For JBA, we have been trusted in developing almost all systems used which include the main systems related to vehicle inventory, company websites, online auction applications, inspection applications, financial systems, and many more. Because the JBA system has a very important function, the development of the system must be error free and have a very high level of security. According to the expectations given, we are able to complete projects in good quality and on time through a rigorous and professional project management process and the support of an experienced technical team.
Within 7 months, we succeeded in developing a web-based system for Sinar Mas Land. This system functions as an online recruitment and psychological test system to simplify the employee selection process. The system is also developed with a high level of security to protect the applicant's personal data.
We developed a mobile application for monitoring vehicles in real time. Equipped with digital maps, vehicle owners, dealers, or clients can monitor vehicle conditions and speed directly from their mobile device.

Our Other System Development Achievements

Points Management &
E-Commerce System Development.

6 months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework

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E-Commerce Development for MLM Companies.

6 months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework

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Vehicle Auction Management Development System.

6 months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework, Node.js

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Mobile Application Development (Bid Auction / Bidding on Android).

2 months, Android, node.js, JAVA, AWS

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Mobile Application (Vehicle Inspection / Assessment System).

4 months, Android, node.js, JAVA, AWS

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CRM System for Motorized Vehicle Road Services.

3 months, PHP Framework, Payment Gateway, AWS

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CRM System for Auction Buyers.

2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL, AWS


Development and Operation of Used Car Market Sites.

2.5 months, JQuery, HTML5, PHP Framework, MySQL

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Digital Map System Development.

3 months, PHP Framework, MySQL, Google map API, Java Script

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Development of C2C Auction Systems.

2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL, JQuery/Ajax, HTML5/CSS3

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Development of CMS Web Systems for Public Organizations.

2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL

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CMS web development for e-book commerce.

2 months, PHP Framework, HTML5/CSS3,MySQL

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Job Vacancy Portal System.

2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL

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Web With Recruitment System.

3 months, PHP Framework, HTML5/CSS3,MySQL

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Vehicle Management System for car rental companies.

6 Months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, SAP Connection, PHP Framework

Our Clients Testimony

As head of the IT department, I have been involved in various systems development projects. But so far I have never found a flexible and dynamic development company like LOGIQUE that is able to adapt to the changing needs of users without neglecting the quality provided. I have also asked LOGIQUE for maintenance services, and I am very grateful for the information updates that are carried out regularly and on time.
Due to the many problems that occurred, I decided to cancel the contract with the previous development company and chose LOGIQUE to do further development and manage our system. I am very happy that LOGIQUE has succeeded in continuing the development of the web-based system flexibly and effectively even without adequate documentation and information. We only show some problems that we don't really understand, but LOGIQUE can actually understand the problems that occur and provide the best solutions for the development of our system.
We develop a web-based system with a fixed monthly rate which allows the process to be carried out only on certain days. I am very happy with this type of development because the system works well but is still cost effective. For the next project, maybe we will ask for development with dynamic resource-based schema.

Important points for successful web system development!


LOGIQUE has a lot of experience in web-based system development. We will utilize this experience for every development process, from analyzing client needs, formulating solutions, designing systems and infrastructure, developing system functionality, deploying, to training for users.

Speed ​​/ Flexibility

Business competition is moving faster every day. If web-based system development takes more than 6 months, it will be difficult for you to keep up with ongoing business developments. At LOGIQUE, speed is the most important thing. With the agile development method, we can respond quickly and flexibly to any changes.

Quality / Safety

Quality must still come first. By developing according to international standards both in terms of quality and proven safety, we will always minimize errors and optimize system maintenance.
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The programming language we use

Web development using the PHP framework. We are very good at developing systems using PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, CakePHP
  • Laravel
  • Symphony
  • CakePHP

We have a lot of experienced PHP programmers so we have a lot of achievements that are very good.

  • According to the
  • >
  • 83.5%
    of websites in the world
are built using the PHP programming language
Although some people think that PHP is old, this programming language is still the main choice for developing web-based systems because of its compatibility with many websites and operational availability.

In addition, currently many CMS such as WordPress also run using the PHP programming language.

Web development using JavaScript framework.

Web development using JavaScript framework. JavaScript is a programming language that is also used in websites.

This programming language is needed to increase the usability of a website. Besides being proficient in web development using PHP and JavaScript, LOGIQUE is also very good at developing PWAs using JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js.

  • React

  • Angular

  • Vue.js

LOGIQUE also has the ability to build large-scale systems by combining Node.js and Express.js.

LOGIQUE can also conduct web development through the utilization of JAMstack architecture

Web apps and websites developed using JAMstack technology perform efficiently and are secure. Doing so also leads to a reduction of Web operation costs.

Benefits of JAMstack

High performance

Low operating costs

High level security

High scalability

JAMstack technology

Static site generator




Headless CMS



Netlify cms




AWS Amplify

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In addition to providing website system development services, as well as a variety of other offerings mentioned above, LOGIQUE also provides a range of digital marketing improvements pertaining to services such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as Social Media optimizations. Essentially, not only can we assist in the development of professional websites and web systems, but we are also engaged in the professional development of websites designed to effectively reach more potential customers, a technique of which is conducted through our SEO services.

Please contact LOGIQUE and assess your business needs within this digital era. Our team of experts will design the most successful strategy in helping your business receive an optimal online presence.