Do you require professional expertise in System Design & App Development?

Look no further: Logique is at your service! We develop IT systems to an international standard with Japanese quality and Indonesian speed and cost efficiency.

LOGIQUE is a reputable Indonesian IT/Web Development company that aims to assist its clients in directly reaching their targeted business goals through the latest advancements in web based technology. We can build faster, more efficient web systems at a reasonable cost.

LOGIQUE’s System & Web Application Development Service

We have extensive experience in developing systems for an Indonesian market, from enterprise system development for automotive, financial & government organizations, to Agile development for startup companies.

Speedy & Flexible System Development

Speed is a key factor in this current digital era. Using Agile, we develop IT systems in a fast and flexible manner, without diminishing its overall quality. We organize our development team based on your required preferences. Lab-type development is also available.

High quality & Secure System

We develop high quality systems. It is recommended to conduct security vulnerability testing prior to delivery. We can perform penetration tests, such as SQL injection,path traversal, x-site scripting (among other services) in order to minimize cyber security risk.

See more details about Security Test

Extensive Indonesian Based Experience

We develop systems for a wide range of Indonesian clientele within the Automobile, Financial & Government sectors. With our experience in E-commerce, we understand Indonesia’s digital business. As such, we can easily grasp specific requirements you may have, and provide consulting with such matters.

Digital Infrastructure Design

We design and build cloud servers both locally and internationally. Our professional profile includes AWS, GCP and Alibaba Cloud in Indonesia. Importantly, it should be noted that there have been many successful migrations to cloud servers currently, in this digital era.

Supporting Your Company through System and App Development upon Request.

Contract Based Development

This method is effective for projects with clearly defined requirements.
We usually recommend working with Agile (Scrum) Development methods.

Lab Type Outsourcing Development (Charge Based on Man-Days Worked)

Effective in cases where the requirements / work scope has not yet been determined, but should start early on. Also effective in cases where the time-frame needs to be changed flexibly while in development.

Monthly Flat-Rate Development

In this case, the monthly fee is fixed. Every month we work according to the specifically set priorities within a predefined number of man-days. Suitable for maintenance and expansion projects, as conventionally, disagreements may arise about whether additional costs are necessary or not. This arrangement is often suitable, as the developer works based on a predefined monthly fee.

On-Site Development (Developer Dispatching)

Through LOGIQUE’s affiliate company, we are able to dispatch developers, designers and testers (Among other specialists) to your location, so they can work on-site with your team.

Case Study

JBA Indonesia | Auction Management System

JBA is the largest car and motorcycle auction house in Indonesia, supporting various system construction projects relating to web development and application, auction conduction, bidding application, online auctioning, mobile app inspection, and so on. As a complex system, it requires a systematic process of development, but nonetheless can always be efficiently and speedily produced

Main Technology: PHP, NodeJS, SocketIO, Android Native
Caroline Logo

Rapid Development

Built a core business system from scratch in just three months. We built a market place to buy and sell used cars online. See More
Caroline-id.com, Marketplace Construction, Used Car For Sale, PHP, Laravel, HTML5
Zutto Logo

Long-term PDCA Improvement System

For about 5 years, ZuttoRide's CRM system has been developed from scratch with PDCA cycle. The system building is now entering the 14th phase of improvement. See More
ZuttoRide Indonesia, CRM System, Motorcycle Road Services, Motorcycle Insurance, PHP, CakePHP, HTML5
VIP Plaza Logo

Rebuild e-Commerce with PWA

We’ve also rebuilt E-Commerce with PWA system. Succeeded in leading users visit directly into buying with dynamic UI. Supported using resource-based agile development. See More
https://m.vipplaza.co.id/ e-Commerce website construction, e-Commerce Indonesia, PWA, NodeJS, ReactJS

Our Other System Development Achievements

  • Beneficial Point Management & E-Commerce System Development.
    6months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework | See More
  • E-Commerce Development for MLM company.
    6months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework | See More
  • Automobil Auction Mission Critical System Development.
    6months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework, Node.js | See More
  • Mobile Application Development (Auction Bidding Android).
    2months, Android, node.js, JAVA, AWS | See More
  • Mobile Application (Vehicle Inspection / Scoring System).
    4months, Android, node.js, JAVA, AWS | See More
  • CRM System for Motor-Bike Road Servicer.
    3months, PHP Framework, Payment Gateway, AWS | See More
  • CRM System for Auction Buyers.
    2months, PHP Framework, MySQL, AWS | See More
  • Component / Layout management Cloud System for Magazine Publisher.
    2.5 months, JQuery, HTML5, PHP Framework, MySQL | See More
  • Used car market place development and operation.
    2.5 months, JQuery, HTML5, PHP Framework, MySQL | See More
  • Development system of a digital map.
    3 months, PHP Framework, MySQL, Google map API, Java Script | See More
  • Vehicle C2C Auction System.
    2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL, JQuery/Ajax, HTML5/CSS3 | See More
  • Secure CMS Development for public organization.
    2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL | See More
  • E-commerce (e-book) CMS development.
    2months, PHP Framework, HTML5/CSS3,MySQL | See More
  • Job Portal System Development.
    2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL | See More
  • Hiring (recruitment) Management System.
    3months, PHP Framework, HTML5/CSS3,MySQL | See More
  • A Fleet Management System for a Rent-a-car company.
    6 Months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, SAP Connection, PHP Framework


  1. As head of an IT department, I have supervised many system development projects. So far, there hasn’t been a company as flexible and capable as LOGIQUE. Although requests for alterations from the user department were frequent and inevitable, I was very satisfied with LOGIQUE’s ability to respond quickly in delivering high quality digital products. I’ve also asked LOGIQUE for system design and maintenance services, and am grateful for their punctual and error free response.

  2. Since the termination of our contract with a previous system development company, LOGIQUE had taken over the growth and maintenance of our existing IT infrastructures. I like the flexibility and effective work they have done for us, as they have taken the initiative to improve our digital systems; including bringing to light various problems we were previously unaware of.

  3. Through the current monthly flat-rate agreement we have with LOGIQUE, the work they have done so far has been speedy and efficient. Suffice to say, we are extremely happy with the high quality and cost effective results gained from their efforts. During our upcoming large-scale development project, I am seeking to implement the Lab Type development method on offer.

Key Points for Successfully Developing a Website

LOGIQUE aims to provide optimal services through delivering the best quality service for all of our clients. This is because LOGIQUE follows 3 key procedures which lead to the success of a project:


LOGIQUE has handled over 200 projects from various industries across Indonesia. Such experience is applied to each of the processes we take; which includes scheduling, requirement definition, infrastructure, design, deployment, and user training.

Speed and Flexibility

The pace at which businesses develop keeps getting faster. If it took a year, or even half a year to develop a system, the business still would struggle keeping up with environmental changes. LOGIQUE places a certain importance on speed.

Quality and Security

Through conducting our work with speed, quality should not be sacrificed. Any potential risks will be minimized and programming with have a high level of maintainability. We make sure that systems we develop will be delivered only after any risk to of security vulnerabilities have been taken care of.