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LOGIQUE has been known as the reputable IT/Web System Developer in Indonesia, helping clients reach their business target and goals through the latest and advanced web technology. We can build your web system faster, more efficient, and at reasonable cost. Feel free to contact us.

LOGIQUE’s System & Web Application Development Service

[The Use of Latest & Cutting-Edge Technology]

We can deal with wide range of system development fields from work systems such as Financial Management & HR Management, to CMS, E-Commerce Site Creation, Survey System Development, Servers, Infrastructure, etc. We build a system that is fast, flexible, and high on long term performance by incorporating new and fully developed technologies into every step of the process.

[Infrastructure Design & Construction]

We design and build cloud servers in Indonesia and abroad. We have abundant results such as AWS in Singapore Region and Ali Cloud in Indonesia. We also provide server maintenance application, and performance & tuning services. There are also many successful migrations from on-premises servers to cloud servers.

[Secure System Construction]

It is recommended to conduct security vulnerability testing in addition to regular testing prior to delivery. We perform penetration tests such as SQL injection, path traversal, cross site scripting, etc., to minimize risk.

[Quick, Precise, & Flexible Development]

Our progress is based on agile development. We always strive to provide optimal service as efficient as possible without reducing quality. We build trust with our clients and lead our company to develop with speed & flexibility to any request or change that you want. You will obtain results just as you desire in a short time.

Case Study

JBA Indonesia | Auction Management System

JBA is the largest car & motorcycle auction house in Indonesia. We have supported a number of system construction projects such as web development & application, auction conductor system, bidding application, online auction, mobile application inspection, financial system, and so on. As a critical system, it requires error-free development, but at the same time we have experienced many challenging projects that require speed. We have regular meetings and constantly improving the existing system.

Main Technology: PHP, NodeJS, SocketIO, Android Native
Caroline Logo

Rapid Development

Built a core business system from scratch in just three months. We built a market place to buy and sell used cars online. See More, Marketplace Construction, Used Car For Sale, PHP, Laravel, HTML5
Zutto Logo

Long-term PDCA Improvement System

For about 5 years, ZuttoRide's CRM system has been developed from scratch with PDCA cycle. The system building is now entering the 14th phase of improvement. See More
ZuttoRide Indonesia, CRM System, Motorcycle Road Services, Motorcycle Insurance, PHP, CakePHP, HTML5
VIP Plaza Logo

Rebuild e-Commerce with PWA

We’ve also rebuilt E-Commerce with PWA system. Succeeded in leading users visit directly into buying with dynamic UI. Supported using resource-based agile development. See More e-Commerce website construction, e-Commerce Indonesia, PWA, NodeJS, ReactJS

Our Other System Development Achievements

  • Beneficial Point Management & E-Commerce System Development.
    6months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework | See More
  • E-Commerce Development for MLM company.
    6months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework | See More
  • Automobil Auction Mission Critical System Development.
    6months, AWS, Linux, MySQL, PHP Framework, Node.js | See More
  • Mobile Application Development (Auction Bidding Android).
    2months, Android, node.js, JAVA, AWS | See More
  • Mobile Application (Vehicle Inspection / Scoring System).
    4months, Android, node.js, JAVA, AWS | See More
  • CRM System for Motor-Bike Road Servicer.
    3months, PHP Framework, Payment Gateway, AWS | See More
  • CRM System for Auction Buyers.
    2months, PHP Framework, MySQL, AWS | See More
  • Component / Layout management Cloud System for Magazine Publisher.
    2.5 months, JQuery, HTML5, PHP Framework, MySQL | See More
  • Used car market place development and operation.
    2.5 months, JQuery, HTML5, PHP Framework, MySQL | See More
  • Development system of a digital map.
    3 months, PHP Framework, MySQL, Google map API, Java Script | See More
  • Vehicle C2C Auction System.
    2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL, JQuery/Ajax, HTML5/CSS3 | See More
  • Secure CMS Development for public organization.
    2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL | See More
  • E-commerce (e-book) CMS development.
    2months, PHP Framework, HTML5/CSS3,MySQL | See More
  • Job Portal System Development.
    2 months, PHP Framework, MySQL | See More
  • Hiring (recruitment) Management System.
    3months, PHP Framework, HTML5/CSS3,MySQL | See More


Q: How did the creation of this system begin?

Client: We used to do a lot of things manually. With many vehicles that we have to auction at various branches in Indonesia and the high interest from customers, it’s certainly becoming more difficult for us to handle. It crossed our mind that there was a need for an IT system that helped our business as a whole so as to increase company profits.

Q: What is the impact that is directly felt after using the system made by LOGIQUE?

Client: The impact is enormous, when everything is well-automated, we feel that the work we do is far more effective and efficient. In terms of risk, recording on books that may be damaged or lost can be avoided by the current system. In addition, we also make a positive contribution to the surrounding environment by reducing the use of paper that we have been doing so far.

Q: What is your collaboration experience with LOGIQUE in making this system?

Client: We think the LOGIQUE team is really filled with people who are experts and experienced in their fields. I cannot imagine how our complex business processes can be made into a comprehensive system including small processes that cannot be missed so that everything can be fulfilled. We are very satisfied with LOGIQUE's performance with the team and recommend their services to all parties in need.

Key Points for Successful Web Systems Developments

LOGIQUE always provides optimal service by prioritizing the best quality for all of our clients. That is because LOGIQUE has 3 key points which are the main essences in the success of a project:


LOGIQUE has handled more than 200 projects from various industries in Indonesia. This experience applies to each process, such as scheduling, requirement definition, infrastructure design, deploy, and user training.

Speed & Flexibility

The speed of business keeps getting faster and faster. If it takes 6 months or 1 year to develop a system, the business can’t keep up with the environmental changes. LOGIQUE places importance on speed. Consensus requirements often take time but will lead you to move forward.

Quality & Security

With high speed, quality shouldn’t be sacrificed. There will be few problems and programming will have high maintainability with standardized development. We make sure the system developed will be delivered after we minimize the risk of security vulnerabilities.