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Speed is a key factor in determining the success or failure of a business nowadays. The changing pace at which IT & Web trends are evolving has been at an accelerated rate. Therefore, in order to keep up, agility and flexibility are two vital assets which must be utilized and, indeed maximized.

That’s why, in order to successfully promote your business, we provide flexible and speedy web & app development services: producing results of the highest quality while flexibly adapting to your specific requirements.

LOGIQUE Provides Comprehensive IT Solutions Via its Products & Services That Range From DX Consulting, System Development Services to Digital Marketing.



A Tailor-Made Professional Solution to Your Problems.

Unique Project Management Method

Projects Are Run via High Quality Team Organization Systems, With Our Own Project Management Framework.

Our Specialization

E-Commerce & E-Learning (With Various Payment Gateways)

PWA Development

The Development of IT Systems for the Automotive Industry

Digital Marketing Services for Financial & Real Estate Companies

Creating Safe Websites


We provide a wide range of services, from Website / System development to Digital Marketing and maintaining IT Systems.

Our Workflow

We are agile and flexible in our development of web, system, and mobile app.

Test & Revision
Project Launching

Speed is a key factor in determining the success or failure of a business nowadays. Meanwhile, the changing pace of IT and WEB trends is accelerating year by year. In order to keep up, agility and flexibility are two vital assets which a company must utilize and, indeed maximize.

That’s why in order to promote your business successfully, we develop web and mobile systems for you in a flexible and agile manner; speedily producing good results and flexibly adapting to your specific requirements.

Website Creation

Website Creation / Revamping

We can help you to create an effective and professional website to properly convey your company’s values. We also are able to provide domain purchase services, web servers, SSL, photography and video creation services, as well as formatting website content based on your specific requirements. Throughout the course of our work, we are always striving to provide creative as well as functional solutions according to cutting edge technological trends present in the digital era.

Multilingual Website Creation

High-quality multilingual websites can serve to provide you with prospective international customers. LOGIQUE aims to create cost effective multilingual websites, enabling you to connect with potential client within both local and global markets. We have a wide range of experience in regards to developing sites in a trilingual format; in English, Indonesian and Japanese.

Web Media Development

We can assist you through the various stages of developing your own Web Service, or Web-based Media; from drafting a plan, designing a template, to the maintenance of your website in any format / programming language, be it E-commerce, car auctioning system, human resource matching, point management system, closed community or a member management CRM website.

Recruitment Website Creation

We realize that many companies experience difficulties recruiting potential employees who can meet company standards. LOGIQUE provides a solution which orients career websites around successful recruitment strategies, so that your company will be suited to provide the necessary information pertaining to the latest available job vacancies, work atmosphere, and the benefits offered to prospective candidates.


We also provide WordPress installation and customization services. We can design, implement and improve the security of your blog according to your specific requirements. Currently, there are many blogs / websites which suffer from security vulnerability issues. Therefore, please contact us immediately so that we can ensure the integrity of your blog’s security system.

Web System Development / Maintenance

E-Commerce Development

We help clients build and run scalable well-designed e-commerce enterprises, which can be customized and developed based on state of the art UI / UX trends. Having extensive experience in MLM E-commerce development, as well as Flash-sale & Market Places, we can further develop your E-commerce endeavors through a novel aproach, such as using PWA. Please consult with us in regards to anything related to your E-Commerce needs.

System Development for Automotive Industry

Having developed many systems, delivering them successfully to various entities in the Automotive Industry (such as car manufacturers, vehicle inspectors, car insurance agencies & auction houses), our team is confident in their abilities in understanding and working alongside automotive businesses, also being able to effectively offer consulting services to them. Some of our many works include working in the Second-hand car market place, and with Online Auction systems and Car Inspection Applications.

Custom CMS Development / Maintenance

Our CMS development team has years of experience in developing solutions for a broad range of companies and organizations. Our CMS development services can be tailored specifically to your needs. All of our custom CMS platforms can enable you to edit and create content on your website, as well as add images and media to it. Not only are our CMS platforms quick and easy to use, they’re also SEO friendly and benefit from integrated analytics, thereby allowing you to monitor and continuously improve your website’s performance.

Member Management / Contract Management system

LOGIQUE serves the creation of a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) or a large scale membership management system, which, in its development process, we apply the highest security measures possible, as we have done previously for the membership managements systems we have previously created for banks.

Mobile Solution

PWA (Progressive Web App) Development

LOGIQUE provides Progressive Web App (PWA) development services to add value to your website, so that it can be accessed just like a mobile application. PWA gives numerous benefits which can be utilized to filfill customer's expectation, increase interaction and conversion.

Mobile Application Development

We provide comprehensive Android/iOS application development services adjusted for the Indonesian market, and can further facilitate the development of mobile applications as well. Further, we are not just a planning and IT consultancy; we can also optimize UI and UX designs, develop applications and even help you register your applications onto the App Store/Google Play. Get in touch with our team to discuss mobile app development (iOS/Android/Hybrid/PWA)

Mobile Website Creation

Responsive coding nowadays is trending, and is an important approach to navigating online traffic, since most of it stems from Mobile phones. Designed to fit your website directly into the format of a smartphone or tablet screen, we can develop a responsive website and optimize its UI depending on the required device screen size. We can also flexibly help you in implementing the use of new technologies, such as PWA or AMP.

Digital Marketing

Google Badge


We can carry out an in-depth analysis of your website’s on-page optimization. Through our services, we go beyond the basic methods of data tracking and user behavior analysis; attesting to these results through the overall improvement of our client’s websites. We have extensive SEO experience in the Japanese, Indonesian and English languages, and have succeeded in keeping one of our clients (An Indonesian finance company) on 1st place within Google’s search results. Further, a solid SEO strategy combines technical and content optimization. Additionally, we possess expertise in SEM as well.

Digital Ad Operation

We offer a results driven approach to pay-per-click management, providing transparent and measurable campaigns, allowing you to evaluate your success against your own targets. We are thoroughly experienced across a wide range of vertical markets and offer highly strategic and communicative services. We know that a successful campaign comes down to continual optimization and refinement. Only through a highly targeted and tightly managed structure can you achieve a higher conversion rate for a better price. Feel free to contact us to increase your prospects and conversions through online advertisements, an internet PR strategy, or SNS marketing.

Internet Business Consulting

As expert internet advisors, we can assist you in launching a wholly new enterprise, or to expand your existing business through harnessing the power of the internet. Our technical experts can perform a thorough evaluation of your project’s needs and available technology stacks to help you pick the most appropriate option.

Web Content Creation

We aim to provide you with content creation services of the highest quality, producing content according to your business goals, and allowing you to secure a larger audience in the process. We can further help you translate your content into Indonesian, Japanese or English, whilst implementing SEO in order to improve your website’s overall performance.

Landing Page Optimization

LOGIQUE seeks to create & optimize your Landing Page for SEO, with the end goal of getting your business as many visitors and conversions as possible. We can work flexibly according to your specific requirements and needs, which may include installing AMP, conducting A/B testing, or creating HTML5 banners. We are always ready to help, should you have any other concerns.

IT Security Service

Security Assesment (Vulnerability Scanning / Pen-Test)

Through conducting penetration tests and by assessing the vulnerability of your website/application, you can prevent attacks from SQL injections, cross site scripting, session jacking, etc. At the very least, we can help you maximize the security potential of your digital assets. Additionally, our experts can conduct security assessment for a reasonable price so that you need not hesitate to pen-test your online assets.


Graphic Design

Through creating flyer/brochure designs and marketing collateral, we will be able to effectively amplify your key message in a memorable way. From creating single information leaflets to running direct marketing campaigns, our creative team is well versed in producing powerful business tools aimed at strengthening your brand credibility. Through these means, LOGIQUE builds targeted and authentic connections using innovative materials and the latest print design techniques, thereby maximizing the efficacy of your collateral and ensuring the cost effectiveness of your flyer design.

Could Server Operation (AWS / Alibaba Cloud)

We are a certified AWS Partner, being able to set up optimized AWS infrastructure has allowed us to provide you with an agent service so as to obtain an Indonesian Corporate Domain (“co.id”). We can also set up a DNS and Global SSL for you, further providing rent web servers such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud and GIO Cloud.

IT Business Consulting

We are able to provide various consulting services through the “Indonesia x IT” field, which include IT Tool selection advisory, business consultancy operations through utilizing IT, internet business launching support, IT security assessment and much more.


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