In this modern day and age, where everything relies heavily on the internet and technology, LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia is striving to assist our clients in areas regarding digital and IT matters. We conduct our services to a high quality and international standard, proudly meeting our clients’ expectations and fulfilling their business needs. We provide various web-related services, such as web design and development.

Further, if you are worried about important data being stolen or your website being attacked, we can assist you through advanced penetration testing and conducting a vulnerability assessment of your website. LOGIQUE will help minimize any risks through constant security monitoring. As a reputable web development company based in Indonesia, LOGIQUE seeks to help you create necessary web systems for your company, including CRM, CMS, ECommerce, online auctioning and recruitment systems. With 7 years of experience, we are supported by our professional team of developers, who strive in delivering to you the best service possible to help your company grow. LOGIQUE provides services of high quality which conform to an international standard. Because of our consistency, we are trusted by a range of large companies based in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and especially Japan. Optimize your business with us Now!

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Web Dev
System Dev

  1. Corporate Website Creation / Revamping
    We can help you to create an effective and professional website to properly convey your company’s values. We also are able to provide domain purchase services, web servers, SSL, photography and video creation services, as well as formatting website content based on your specific requirements. Throughout the course of our work, we are always striving to provide creative as well as functional solutions according to cutting edge technological trends present in the digital era.

  2. Multilingual Website Creation
    High-quality multilingual websites can help provide you with prospective international customers. LOGIQUE delivers a cost effective multilingual website that enables you to connect with potential customers within both local and global markets. We have a wide range of experience in regards to developing sites in a trilingual format; specifically in the English, Indonesian and Japanese languages.
  3. Service Website Development
    We can assist you through the various stages of developing your Website; from drafting a plan, to creating a design template, up to the phase of maintaining your website system in whatever its current format, be it in regards to E-commerce, a car auctioning system, human resource matching, point management system, closed community or a member management CRM website.
  4. Recruitment Website Creation
    We realize that many companies experience difficulties in the recruitment of potential employees who can meet the standards of your company. LOGIQUE provides a solution for making career websites orientated around successful recruitment strategies. Through such career websites, the company can provide a varied range of necessary information pertaining to the latest available job vacancies, work atmosphere, and the benefits offered to prospective candidates.
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  5. Mobile / Responsive Website Creation
    Having a functional and responsive website is nowadays mandatory, as web visits mostly stem from various types of mobile devices. Responsive design technology will be able to assist you in making the website display automatically adjust to the screen used from either a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Additionally, LOGIQUE can help you optimize your web design formatting; making it more conducive to responsive design technology.
  6. Landing Page / Campaign Page
    LOGIQUE can create the best SEO optimized Landing Page for you; thereby getting you as many visitors and conversions as possible. We can work flexibly according to your specific requirements and needs, which may include installing AMP, conducting an A/B test, or creating HTML5 banners. We are always ready to help in any case, even if that means designing a single page.
  7. Blog
    We also provide WordPress installation and customization services. We can design, implement and improve the security of your blog according to your specific requirements. Currently, there are many blogs which suffer from security vulnerability issues. Therefore, please contact us immediately so that we can ensure the integrity of your blog’s security system.

LOGIQUE provides high quality systems development services through utilizing the latest technologies to facilitate your specific business needs. We already have much experience and are experts in developing web systems using a variety of PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, and others. In addition, we can also support the development your web system through other technologies, such as AngularJS, NodelJS and RecatJS. We develop our systems using the Agile Method.

  1. Custom CMS development / Maintenance
    Our CMS development team has years of experience in developing solutions for a broad range of companies and organizations. Our CMS development services can be tailored specifically to your needs. All of our custom CMS platforms can enable you to edit and create content on your website, as well as add images and media to it. Not only are our CMS platforms quick and easy to use, they’re also SEO friendly and benefit from integrated analytics, thereby allowing you to monitor and continuously improve your website’s performance.
  2. Member Management / Contract Management system
    LOGIQUE serves the creation of a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) or a large scale membership management system, which, in its development process, we apply the highest security measures possible, as we have done previously for the membership managements systems we have previously created for banks.
  3. E-Commerce / Online Shop System
    We can help you develop your online store/E-commerce while carefully regarding the unique rules and customs of Indonesian law and society. Further, we can help develop not only the standard E-Commerce (Through Shopify/Woocommerce/Magneto), but also a complex market place, or B2B2C E- commerce. Additionally, we can also help you integrate online stores by way of various payment gateways.
  4. Campaign Management / Contest Application Management System
    We often develop back-end management systems other than the campaign web page itself. We have developed a campaign/contest application system which integrates various functions, such as applicant managing, which informs the results to the winners.
  5. Recruit Management System
    We know that many companies in Indonesia have difficulties in hiring new employees. Like when a company has to spend a lot of time selecting unqualified CVs. If you experience this, 'Sugoi-Saiyo' is the best solution that you can use. As a website-based recruitment system, 'Sugoi-Saiyo' has complete features ranging from systems for CV receipts, application management, online psychotest and technical test, setting up interview schedules, input and calculation of test results and interviews, to the process of incoming candidates being accepted at your company. We believe that by using 'Sugoi-Saiyo', the recruitment will be much easier and more efficient.He are aware of the difficulties of hiring new employees for your company. Such as the wasted time which comes with sifting through bundles of unqualified CVs. If this is the case for you, ‘Sugoi-Saiyo’ is your best solution. As a website-based recruitment system, ‘Sugoi-Saiyo’ has a complete set of features which facilitate staffing, which include CV recepts, interview schedule and application management, online technical and psychotests, as well as the process of integrating newly accepted candidates into your company. Indeed, we believe that by using ‘Sugoi-Saiyo’, recruitment will prove a much easier and more efficient endeavor.
  1. Mobile Website Creation
    Responsive coding nowadays is trending, and is an important approach to navigating online traffic, since most of it stems from Mobile phones. Designed to fit your website directly into the format of a smartphone or tablet screen, we can develop a responsive website and optimize its UI depending on the required device screen size. We can also flexibly help you in implementing the use of new technologies, such as PWA or AMP.
  2. Mobile Application Development
    We provide comprehensive Android/iOS application development services adjusted for the Indonesian market, and can further facilitate the development of mobile applications as well. Further, we are not just a planning and IT consultancy; we can also optimize UI and UX designs, develop applications and even help you register your applications onto the App Store/Google Play. Get in touch with our team to discuss mobile app development (iOS/Android/Hybrid/PWA)
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  1. SEO
    We can carry out an in-depth analysis of the on-page optimization of your website, identifying all areas needing improvement. Through our services, we are able to go beyond simple methods of data tracking and user behavior analysis. In fact, our highly trained professionals are specialized in a wide range of technical disciplines, such as tracking, analyzing and improving keyword rankings, and utilizing tools to best suit your specific requirements; in resources and budget. We attest to our results not only by implementing SEO, but also through the general improvement to our client’s websites, as we have thorough experience in SEO optimizing in the Japanese, Indonesian and English languages. We have succeeded in keeping one of our clients (An Indonesian finance company) on 1 st place within Google’s search results for a considerable period of time. Further, a solid SEO strategy combines technical, content and authority optimization. At LOGIQUE, we have specialists in all three fields, ensuring your page ranks well within the search results list, thereby driving your traffic up. See Further info about SEO Service
  2. Internet Business Consulting
    As expert internet advisors, we can assist you in launching a wholly new enterprise, or to expand your existing business through harnessing the power of the internet. Our technical experts can perform a thorough evaluation of your project’s needs and available technology stacks to help you pick the most appropriate option.
  3. Web Content Creation
    We seek to provide you with high quality content creation services, creating content according to your business goals so that you can reap the best results and attract a larger audience. We can further help you translate your content into Indonesian, Japanese or English. We can also create content for you by implementing SEO so that it can improve your web performance.
  4. Online / Digital Marketing Operation
    We offer a results driven approach to pay-per-click management, providing transparent and measurable campaigns, allowing you to evaluate your success against your own targets. We are thoroughly experienced across a wide range of industry verticals and offer proactive, strategic and highly communicative services. We know that a successful campaign comes down to continual optimization and refinement. Only through a highly targeted and tightly managed structure can you achieve a higher conversion rate for a better price. Feel free to contact us to increase your prospects and conversions through online advertisements, an internet PR strategy, or SNS marketing.
  1. Company Profile / Catalog / Leaflet Design Creation & Printing
    Through creating flyer/brochure designs and marketing collateral, we will be able to amplify your key message in a memorable and effective way. From a single information leaflet to an ongoing direct marketing campaign, our creative team seeks to design and produce powerful business tools aimed at strengthening your brand credibility and assist you in building targeted and authentic connections through the use of innovative materials and the latest print design techniques; maximizing the effectiveness of your collateral and ensuring that your flyer design is cost effective. Additionally, our experienced production team can manage your project from start to finish, ensuring your direct marketing materials are of the highest quality to capture the attention of your desired audience. We are further able to print, not only paper based collateral for your business, but also bags, T- shirts and even more. Feel free to contact us.
  2. Web Server & Domain Agent Service
    We are able to provide you with an agent service to obtain an Indonesian Corporate Domain (“co.id”). We can also set up a DNS and Global SSL for you, further providing a rent web server space such as AWS, Ali Cloud and GioCloud.
  3. IT Business Consulting
    We can provide various consulting services through the “Indonesia x IT” field such as business consultancy operations by utilizing IT, IT Tool selection advisory, IT security assessment, internet business launching support and much more.
  4. WEB Security Assesment (Vulnerability Scanning / Test)
    Through conducting penetration tests and by reporting the vulnerability of your website/application, you can prevent attacks by SQL injections, cross site scripting, session jacking, etc. At the very least, we can help you maximize your web security potential. Further, our experts conduct security assessment for a reasonable price so that you need not hesitate to pen-test your online assets.
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We are agile and flexible in our development of web, system, and mobile app.

Speed is a key factor in determining the success or failure of a business nowadays. Meanwhile, the changing pace of IT and WEB trends is accelerating year by year. In order to keep up, agility and flexibility are two vital assets which a company must utilize and, indeed maximize.

That’s why in order to promote your business successfully, we develop web and mobile systems for you in a flexible and agile manner; speedily producing good results and flexibly adapting to your specific requirements.

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If you need help with:
  • Creating and operating a homepage
  • Rebuilding and optimizing your homepage for mobile/smartphone use
  • Developing an Android/iOS application
  • Operating an in-house management system
  • Auditing an IT security system which was built in Japan
  • Raising awareness of your company brand through digital marketing
  • Achieving targets through online advertisements
  • Designing and printing promotional material to be distributed at an exhibition
  • Outsourcing an SNS (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) operation
  • Renewing and updating the contents of your website
  • Providing inquires through an online chat bot
LOGIQUE is ready to help you.