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Our aim is to improve the overall quality of our clients’ websites, resulting in higher sales through more customers. Logique has succeeded in launching new businesses, utilizing the latest technologies in internet based tech & AI. Internal management systems are a key factor, and thus we always seek to build in-house systems that meet our specific requirements, instead of relying on outsourced services/packages. Digital marketing operations need to be implemented efficiently to improve the Indonesian marketplace’s overall state of business. We aim to hand over the operation & maintenance of any existing networks & systems to suppliers in Indonesia.


LOGIQUE has succeeded in leading many clients in Indonesia and ASEAN countries. We provide one-stop IT/DX solutions such as website development, system development, mobile application / PWA development, SEO optimization, Security Assessment and digital advertising operations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us & get to know more about our services. KAZOKKU, our affiliated company, provides IT specialist & engineer outsourcing services.

If you feel that improving your website is the key to your business’s success, we are ready to help

With 7 years of experience, LOGIQUE is trusted by various companies at both the national and international levels. In addition, through our professional team, we will be able to offer you with the highest quality of service for all of your projects


Feel free to contact LOGIQUE about creating a website, or inquire about any SEO, social media, web or design related questions you may have or via whatsapp

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Frequently asked questions:

It is possible. We have project managers who can speak Indonesian and English. We can use Japanese as well if necessary.

Please feel free to contact us. Usually, we ask to have an online meeting first by using conferencing tools such as “Zoom”. However, we will consider offline meetings depending on the case.

Many customers tend to hesitate in changing outsourcers simply due to a lack of documentation. However, even if hand-over information is lacking, if a system is developed through the use of standard technology, we can take over and operate in most cases. Please feel free to contact us.

We have a plenty of experience in developing wide variety of systems / softwares in Indonesia. Please refer to our system development service page about our software development service.

Let us talk about it with you in further detail. Please feel free to visit our office if you are planning any trips to Jakarta.

We are capable of developing both Android and iOS applications for you. We also can develop a hybrid app and PWA. Please check our mobile app development service page and PWA development service

Yes, and we have a proven track record of excellence in that area; helping many industries in the finance, travel and education fields promote their website so that it’s found in the upper ranks of the search results. Our team, consisting of many Indonesian content writers and marketers, will help provide you with the best SEO results. We are also able to implement SEO in the English and Japanese languages, as well.

Thus, we aim to provide services that inspect any IT security vulnerabilities through the use of CEH qualified specialists (security inspection specialists) and then report on any security risks found. For any further information, please feel free to contact us.

We believe that smooth in-house based production and operations can be achieved through utilizing the services provided by well trained DX / DM specialists working via a flat rate system.Please feel free to contact us for any details. We also provide an IT specialist/engineer staffing service through our affiliated company KAZOKKU.

Office Address

Ad Premier Building 19th Floor.

Jalan TB. Simatupang No. 5Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan Jakarta, Indonesia 12550

Phone Number

+62 21 22708935 / 36

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