Mobile App

JBA Bike Inspection App

  • Mobile application development for a motorcycle inspection system. Responsibilities include developing a vehicle inspection & appraisal system and link the results of the inspection and evaluation with the auction system. Developed with Native apps for Android.

Weeo Gazelle App

  • Developed a front-end Android app that works with a telematics system. Projects include the development of services for large scale vehicle owners, such as for transportation companies. Proceeded with android application development through the use of Kotlin, with the use of the Google Map API.

  • Developed an E-Commerce system as a PWA. Logique has developed an E-Commerce PWA which sells Japanese products on a cross-border basis to countries around the world. Implemented with React + Node.js (Express).


  • Developed a Fintech mobile application. Logique has succeeded in developing an e-wallet function with kotlin, having further developed features including OTP, QRIS, Biometric authentication, and Payment Gateway integration.

JBA Indonesia Auction Bidding App

  • Developed a mobile app with Flutter, allowing users to bid in real time in auctions via your smartphone. Developed with Smooth real-time bidding with Payment Gateway linkage, WebSocket, using Firebase could messaging and Google ML Kit.

Marubeni - UCO Collection Mobile App

  • Supporting our clients in the launching of new businesses related to SDGs from the perspective of mobile application UI / UX development.

Frangipani Esthetics Guest Comment App

  • Developed Salon guest review & comment reception management Android application. A review reception app which includes a therapist automatic evaluation algorithm.


  • Redeveloped Indonesian Fashion Flash Sale E-Commerce app as a PWA. Implemented with React + Node.js (Express).

Caroline Inspection App

  • Development of Kotlin based Android app that inspects vehicles, scoring automobile conditions before opening a used car marketplace.
WEEO Testing App

WEEO Testing App

  • Developed a dedicated Android application able to link data via a telematics system (back end).
JBA Indonesia - Car Inspection App

JBA Indonesia - Car Inspection App

  • Developed a vehicle inspection mobile application with an integrated appraisal system. Developed so that anyone can accurately inspect the many items on offer.

Sinarmas Career

  • Developed a mobile app for the management of human resources. Developed an Android application that can comprehensively manage personnel from recruitment to the personnel evaluation stage. The app comes with functions that include Video recording, Push notification, Offline data storage, etc..
NLEC Nihongo E-Learning PWA

NLEC Nihongo E-Learning PWA

  • Development of a PWA application with an integrated language learning system and face tests/exams. Users can utilize this application in order to take various interactive tests. Implemented with ReactJS, CakePHP, MySQL.

Otomart - Used Car on Sale Finder App

  • Development of an Android mobile app that manages automobiles which are posted onto the online vehicle marketplace. The application comes with features that can be used by field officers to take pictures directly, input vehicle information, and upload it to the system.

Gadai ValueMax Indonesia

  • Android and iOS application development through the use of Flutter. We provide full support for everything needed to start a pawnshop business. In the future, projects will also be supported by ASO (App Store Optimization) and other features.


  • Application development for smooth communication between tenant companies in MM2100 industrial area. The development of a digital billing management system. React Native Android & iOS.


  • Mobile application development for the inspection and management of heavy mining equipment. Implementation of Push Notification features, Offline mode, MSAL Authentication, Digital Signature, Worker Background, and others features using Kotlin.
Binagriya Mobile

Binagriya Mobile

  • Android & iOS application development designed to make it easy for Partners to offer and purchase general insurance policies, report claims, share promo/discount information quickly and easily directly from Smartphones to customers and recruit other down liner partners.