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In order to help companies grow and adapt within the digital era, LOGIQUE develops and provides digital products, such as HR management systems, to improve HR operations, productivity, and potential for profit within an organization.

dokodemo sugoi saiyo nippo

Our products range from solutions that aim to increase worker output through flexible working hours and improved cost management through daily reports, to recruitment systems which greatly assist in finding the most qualified employees in the most efficient manner possible.


"We create efficient digital products, especially HR management systems to improve company productivity."


A solution to flexible working while maximizing productivity.

Do you experience trouble keeping track of your employee’s levels of productivity? Our software can monitor and potentially increase overall employee output through keeping track of how they spend their working hours in real-time through an auto screen capturing feature.


Track time based projects


Track activity through screenshots


Track work hour and break time

Dokodemo-Kerja assists you in implementing more effective and flexible HR rules, adaptable to the occasion. The program helps Managers regulate employee working hours, keeps track of their work, and captures a screenshot randomly every 10 minutes. With this, staff will be free to work anywhere at any time with an accurate working record, improving productivity significantly.


A management system which makes recruitment easy

Sugoi Saiyo provides useful solutions for problems faced by Indonesian recruitment teams. Are you tired of checking and screening numerous unqualified job applications, arranging interviews and handling interviewees who don’t show up? You can minimize such headaches with Sugoi Saiyo. Job seekers can apply, confirm their status, arrange an interview date and get an offering letter, all through Sugoi Saiyo.

sugoi saiyo 1

Create account feature for each candidates

sugoi saiyo 2

Apply for multiple jobs at once

sugoi saiyo 3

Upload CV, certificate, and all necessary documents

The system includes all of the basic recruitment processes. From CV receptions, screening, testing and interview scheduling, to sending the offering letter; all these activities can be done through Sugoi Saiyo.


A Daily Reporting and Man-Hour Cost Management System

Nippo is a daily report cloud management tool. Through Nippo, HR managers and supervisors within each department can examine how employees spend their working hours. Allowing for co-workers to tag and evaluate each other’s work makes internal communication more active.

nippo 1

Daily Reporting of all employees

nippo 2

Statistic for each projects

nippo 3

Task overview

nippo 4

Individual report

This is a useful tool for HR to calculate the man-hour cost of each tasks conducted by every employee. Through Nippo, evaluation and self-assessment can be done methodically every day.

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