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PWA (Progressive Web Application) Development Service

LOGIQUE is a pioneer in PWA development in Indonesia with the most experience in developing E-Commerce and E-Learning PWAs. Every project we have been engaged in has been completed in accordance with sufficient knowledge, experience and professional skill regarding PWA.

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We have years of experience in developing and maintaining our customers’ websites, web systems and mobile applications within Indonesia. In recent years, we have been particularly focused on our services in PWA development. PWA is a type of technology that can greatly benefit both users and operators, making up for the shortcomings of mobile apps through the application of new web technologies. PWA is a type of web application that allows you to perform push notifications and install a home button on your smartphone.

What is a PWA (Progressive Web App)?

A PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a web application that works like a Mobile (smartphone) native application but can be used by a web browser. It can run on multiple OS platforms, and the same code can be utilized as an app that runs on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. With the expansion of the Web browser function, APIs for accessing the terminal camera and GPS have also become available. The result is the development of a high-speed performance app that can be used offline as well as utilizing the ability to send push notifications without having to worry about any app store’s review approval.

Since Google can crawl the contents in the web application, a PWA can be listed on a better position on the search result and get more visitors from search engines than a native mobile app.

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Why Choose LOGIQUE For Your PWA Development?

LOGIQUE has been focusing on PWA development from early on, becoming one of the only two Google-certified PWA developers in Indonesia in 2019. Specifically, the Company has experience with PWA development for E-Commerce and E-Learning. We have experienced many projects of re-developing from native apps to PWA. Employing many PWA specialists with abundant experience, So, you can confidently be assured and leave it all to us when it comes to PWA development; from the planning stage to operations. We carry out the development process first through utilizing a minimum viable product (MVP) as well as the application of Lean and Agile development methods.

LOGIQUE's PWA Development

We have chosen the agile development method in order to develop our products in a speedy and lean manner, and so as to be able to quickly listen to users, and to update products effectively, wherever appropriate. We don't want it to take months just to simply define requirements. We also have experience in development contracts where we charge according to the man-month resources put in, without the prior defining of the scope of development.

Agile Development Process

LOGIQUE's PWA development method

  • Agile method from design to development
  • Speed is the most important
  • Manage the schedule and scope by running sprints properly
  • Create a prototype speedy from an idea and perform PoC
  • Create an MVP and run PDCA
  • Lean Improvement & growth hack

Technical Approach

PWA front-end development using JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS, Angular, and Vue.js. The number of projects developed by Vue.js is getting more and more. Server-side development with Node.js and Express.js.

PWA Case Studies

vip plaza


VIP Plaza is one of the leading players in Indonesian fashion e-commerce. The company sought to implement PWA technology so as to make searching for products such as clothing, shoes, watches and accessories easier, thereby improving the convenience of customers making purchases. They chose LOGIQUE to take on the project. So, through the introduction of the Progressive Web App, VIP Plaza’s customers can now easily shop from their desktops, mobile devices, tablets, Android and iOS. Indeed, the new PWA has been shown to function much faster than the old E-Commerce system, allowing customers to enjoy a comfortable shopping experience, with the PWA system seeing significant improvements through an increased number of visitor and numerous other overall benefits.


Klikhoreca is an E-Commerce platform that handles daily necessities (especially fresh foods such as seafood, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread and meat). Previously operating offline, it recognized the potential to be had in developing one’s digital assets and thereby adapted to market trends through the use of PWAs regarding their online shopping services.

The Klikhoreca PWA system is not only used to facilitate convenient shopping, but is also used in reaching a wider target market. By being easily accessed through one’s mobile device or desktop, anyone can buy fresh food from Klikhoreca at any time. With the development of a PWA, Klikhoreca have essentially started a new business (online sales) through sufficient access, gaining a high conversion rate in the process.


Do You Want Your Website to be Found by Many Potential Customers on Google?

Optimise the performance of your Progressive Web Apps through LOGIQUE’s SEO Services!

It is very important to make sure that any PWA you develop will be easy to find via Google’s search pages; this is so that your website will be able to generate more potential customers and hence inevitably generate more profits. Therefore, we offer comprehensive SEO services for your company’s website.

Through the hard work of our experienced team, we will be able help ensure that your website is indexed by Google’s search engines. Our SEO team can further carry out various technical SEO strategies and will also implement both on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

Apart from being experienced in PWA development, LOGIQUE also has a lot of experience in running digital marketing campaigns, which includes SEO. Please evaluate your business goals and let us design the best optimization process for your website.