System Development

JBA: Developing an Online Auction System

LOGIQUE has directed the development of JBA's online auction system, which can be used by a variety of customers, both members and non-members, allowing the easy and efficient participation in online based auctions, providing live bidding services for a wide variety of vehicles being offered by JBA. Through this system, customers/users will be privy to information useful when participating in these auctions, which include info regarding the initial price of the opening, the car brand to the year the car was released, as well as others. The development of this system has not only made it easier for users to participate within the overall auctioning process, but has also succeeded in providing crucial assistance to JBA in regards to the management of hundreds of its available vehicles. JBA’s online auctions also involve the management of large quantities of user data which the auctioning system has been also developed to efficiently organize.

Technology: NextJS, NodeJS, Socket.IO, PHP

ASSA Rent: Developing a Fleet Management System

ASSA Rent's Fleet Management System or FMS is a system developed to facilitate the efficient management and monitoring of its vehicles for rent. This Fleet Management System was designed to conduct a variety of key functions, and includes the tracking of vehicle locations, the improvement of overall driver safety & security conditions, providing updated information regarding vehicle stocks, and assisting in ensuring the prime condition of all vehicles on offer. Through this FMS system, ASSA Rent has been able to more effectively & smoothly manage thousands of its vehicles which are spread across its various branches.

Technology: Laravel, Lumen, Bootstrap, MySQL

Sinarmas Land: Developing an HR System (HRS)

LOGIQUE has assisted in the development of an HR system made to simplify the hiring process through combining two key functions, namely talent acquisition tracking and a recruitment management system. The HR system developed for Sinarmas Land is fully capable of efficiently organizing the employee selection process, starting from the posting of job vacancies, accepting candidate applications, making candidate lists, application screening, to being able to arrange interview schedules, as well as coordinating salary submissions & offers. Through the implementation of this HR system, an otherwise complex recruitment process has been made simpler and much easier to manage.

Technology: C# .NET

BUMA: Developing an Inspection System

LOGIQUE supports a strategy that aims to extend the duration of heavy equipment, further optimizing the company’s overall levels of productivity through developing an effective digital inspection system called BUMA DigiMan. The system allows contractor companies to record and view, in detail, the conditions of their heavy equipment/construction equipment. Broadly speaking, the system was developed with 3 main modules, namely D-Order, D-Inspect, and D-Execute. These three modules function to simplify the process of maintaining company assets whenever required. Through the development of this system, the company can find out a variety of useful factors accurately and quickly, such as the monitoring status, inspection results, and overall budget usage.

Technology: Android Kotlin - Push Notification, Offline Mode, MSAL Authentication, Digital Signature, Background Worker E-Commerce Development

Logique has engaged in the development of an e-commerce B2B website specifically for the aim of selling spare car parts from various brands. With so many products on offer, we aim to incorporate several key features that make it easier to find spare parts through simply entering the part number, frame number, and car details in order to locate the required item. In addition, to streamline the process of online buying and selling, the Tokoparts e-commerce website has also been integrated with a payment gateway system, as well as a delivery system.

Technology: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB

Panin Dai-ichi Life: Insurance E-Commerce Development

Logique has developed an e-commerce website for the digital purchase of insurance products. In this project we assisted in the development of Panin Dai-ichi Life's e-commerce website starting from the planning stage, to the design, coding, and implementation stages through the provided server. In addition, we have also integrated this e-commerce website with a payment gateway system. When the customer finishes selecting the desired insurance product and has completed the transaction, the system will send an E-policy message via email.

Technology: HTML (Bootstrap Framework) & PHP (Laravel Framework)

Zurich: Developing an Insurance E-Commerce Website and a Referral System

Logique has succeeded in developing an E-commerce website for purchasing Zurich insurance products digitally. In order to facilitate the purchase of transactions, we have also integrated an e-commerce website with an efficient payment gateway system. Furthermore, when the insurance is purchased and the transaction successfully carried out, the E-policy message will be sent to the customer's email. This e-commerce website is also equipped with a referral system that supports the sales of insurance products offered by Zurich. Through this system, customers can share referral links, further assisting the increase of sales.

Technology: ReactJS, NodeJS, SQL Server

Sarana Banindo: ERP Development

Logique has developed an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system able to streamline and automate various key processes in the tire and oil trading business. This system will better provide reports related to existing purchases, transactions, returns, stock information, and accounting journals. Thus, allowing reporting conducted within Sarana Banindo to be run more accurately.

Technology: ReactJS (NextJS framework) & PHP (Lumen Laravel framework)