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Every morning on weekdays, most workers in Indonesia face a painful trip to office; traffic jam, delayed public transportations, and crowded commuting. It’s all very stressful. Not to mention if it’s rainy season, being late becomes a thing that has to be understood by companies. The result? Productivity decreases and target companies have to be postponed. If only employees could work without the need to be bound of time and place, then productivity could be more increasing and all things above wouldn’t be problems, right?

Dokodemo-Kerja is an IT solution that can solve it.

What is Dokodemo-Kerja?

Dokodemo-Kerja is a professional work system created to help increasing productivity for independent and flexible workers. Your company can now implement remote work system for employees anywhere and anytime. Employees are freed from the saturation and tight working atmosphere in the office. In addition to facilitate remote-work system, Dokodemo-Kerja can also be used to monitor productivity of employees in the office. Always track time your employees spent. Find out if they get their tasks done efficiently. See the performance of all employees in detail. With this, managers and HR can determine and evaluate the performance of each employee.

  • Dokodemo Kerja
  • Dokodemo Kerja
  • Dokodemo Kerja
  • Dokodemo Kerja
  • Dokodemo Kerja

Fitur Track time and monitor tasks.
Takes a screen capture of the employee's work activity on their computer screen in random times and directly sends it to the management team.
With these features, Dokodemo-Kerja can be a new work system revolution for your company and employees.
Fitur Melacak dan memantau tugas karyawan hanya dalam satu klik.
Dokodemo-Kerja mengambil cuplikan layar (screen capture) aktivitas kerja karyawan pada layar perangkat komputernya dalam waktu yang acak (random) dan mengirimnya pada tim manajemen (administrator).
Fitur Get the accurate time reports
Accurately calculates the total working hours of employees, including break times, based on employee’s real work activities. All with just one easy click.
Fitur Manage employees man-hours
Manages the total man-hours spent by employees to do a particular project, so companies are able to predict a proper deadline or target time that can be generally done by employees.
Fitur All on one screen
Displays the total working hours of all employees in a single screen display, making it more efficient for the company to determine the performance of all employees transparently.
Increase Productivity Now
Dokodemo-Kerja is a profitable work system solution for both employees and companies. With an efficient work system, Dokodemo-Kerja can help companies concentrate on increasing productivity while at the same time, providing flexibility to their employees.

Why Dokodemo-Kerja?
  • Help monitoring the productivity of remote workers (freelance, remote systems, etc.).
  • Help employees work flexibly and more productive without having to leave home.
  • Prevent employees from filling out work reports that do not fit the reality.
  • Help recording and managing employee’s proper work activities and hours.
  • Help encouraging employees to be more passionate of working with the flexibility of their time.
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Dokodemo-Kerja is the right solution.

  • For companies that are considering remote work systems (freelancers, remote workers, etc.)
  • For companies that want to increase productivity as well as employee’s happiness.
  • For companies that want to limit the use of inefficient working hours, such as smoking breaks
  • And rest after prayers, watch excessive entertainment videos, up to checking out social media.
Manual Guide
Install Guide
Dokodemo-Kerja Price

Dokodemo-Kerja is created for companies to monitor and track the working time of their employees, freelancers, or remote workers so that the company's productivity increases. Here are the plans offered by Dokodemo-Kerja.

Light Plan
Rp 1 Million
/ Month
  • Time tracking
  • Screenshot monitoring
  • 1 screenshot per 10 minutes
  • Screenshot saved for 2 months
  • For 10 users *
    > 10 users, then each user is extra charged for Rp 50.000 / month
Enterprise Plan
Please contact us for detail information.
* There are no additional charges
  • Time Tracking
  • Screenshot M onitoring
  • 1 Screenhot per (#) minutes
  • Screenshot saved for (#) months
  • For (#) users
  • + Custom features
    (#): Set upon request
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Testimonial Dokodemo-Kerja

The traffic jam to my office is quite stressful. My house is so far from the office and I have to take a very crowded bus. Every day I spend about 4 hours on the road, constantly like that. I’m so grateful when my company finally use Dokodemo-Kerja and implemented a remote work system in the office. With Dokodemo-Kerja, I can work anywhere I want now. I also can use the 4 hours road to do something more productive.

Rafid - Front End Developer

It used to be so difficult for me to ask employees to stop spending too much time on social media, orYoutube, or playing games on working hours. Dokodemo-Kerja helps me so much with it. Its feature of capturing each employee’s computer screen at certain times makes them able to manage their working time. Now, everyone stops Dokodemo-Kerja if they want to check their social media or playing games, because those activities aren’t counted as their working hours.

Kevin - HR Staff

Sometimes I noticed my staffs were having a break too long on prayer time. I just want everyone to have fair working hours, no matter what religion they believe in, but it’s difficult for me to discuss about it. Since we use Dokodemo-Kerja, all employees have fair working hours. If it’s time to have a praying break, they always stop the record and start again when they get back to work. Dokodemo-Kerja helps our company so much to stay productive.

Mizuho Yamada - Manager of Back Office

I’ve always wanted to go back to university to finish my degree. With Dokodemo-Kerja, I can prove my manager that I’m still able to work 8 hours every day. Some days, I work in the morning, and the other days, I work at night. Now, I can continue my study and still be able to work. Dokodemo-Kerja has helped me increasing the quality of my life. Thank you.

Angga - Designer

I used to think that working full time remotely was absurd. I mean, if everyone is working remotely, how do we know if they are working fairly on working hours? But since we use Dokodemo-Kerja, we never worry about it anymore. This smart system makes it possible for us to monitor the working hours spent by all employees and how they spent it. Dokodemo-Kerja is indeed helping our company.

Arie - HR Staff

Dokodemo-Kerja has changed the way I work in the most productive way possible. I’m a new mom and I don’t think I can trust my newborn son with some kind of a babysitter while I work at the office. I’m really happy because with Dokodemo-Kerja, the company lets me work at home. Now I can still work and be with my baby 24 hours every day.

Sisca - Programmer

I often reprimand employees who go out too long to smoke. The reason is that they don’t work according to working hours that should apply. I just want fair working hours to apply to all employees. After using the Dokodemo-Kerja, there are no more employees using the time to smoke too long. I can easily calculate employee work hours too.

Tiara - HR Staff

My mother is ill, and I thought I had to give up my job because I needed to stay home to take care of her. But, I’m very grateful now, Dokodemo-Kerja has made it possible for me to work remotely from home. I can still be there for my mother while also working professionally at the same time.

Bobby Susanto - Programmer


Q. On what OS Dokodemo-Kerja can operate? What should be prepared to run it?

A. Dokodemo-Kerja can operate on any popular OS, such as Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. You don’t have to prepare a server. All you have to do is simply install Dokodemo-Kerja, and you can start using it right away. The administrator can access the management screen through browser.

Q. Can Dokodemo-Kerja operate on mobile devices?

A. Dokodemo-Kerja doesn’t yet cover staffs who work on mobile device. It is still out of our service.

Q. How does Dokodemo-Kerja manage staffs who work outside of office?

A. Work hours can be edited later when staffs use computers again. Dokodemo-Kerja is fundamentally targeted for employees who mainly do desk work.

Q. Can Dokodemo-Kerja be used outside Indonesia?

A. You can use it with no problem. If you use Dokodemo-Kerja while moving to a place with different time zone during the same day, there will be no problem but the monitoring process will be a little bit complicated.

Q. Can I change the frequency of capturing and sending screenshots in Dokodemo-Kerja?

A. In Light version, the screenshot will be captured randomly every 10 minutes. In Standard version, one screenshot per 1 minute. Those screenshots will be captured at random time, therefore users can’t know when it will be captured and sent.

Q. What about the resolution of screenshot image used by Dokodemo-Kerja?

A. Dokodemo-Kerja uses image resolution that considers privacy. You can see what the image is, but you can’t see the small detail within it. For instance, you can see a user has opened a client’s email, but you can’t see the content clearly. Also, if a user opens a chat tool, you can’t see what kind of message they have.

Q. Is there a minimum contract period needed to use Dokodemo-Kerja? And how do I purchase it?

A. There is no minimum contract period. Dokodemo-Kerja is available from the first month of contract. At the end of the month, we will count the number of users and issue an invoice. You can pay it via bank transfer until the end of next month.

For more information about Dokodemo-Kerja, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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