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Organic website traffic through search engines like Google is one of the biggest potentials for every business to increase their sales conversions. Every company competes fiercely to obtain the best position on the first page of search results related to the services or products they offer through SEO optimization processes.

Optimasi Website Anda. Tingkatkan Kunjungan Organik dan Konversi Penjualan

Is your website competitive enough and appearing on the first page of Google for search results related to the services or products you offer? If not, let LOGIQUE handle SEO work for you.

Optimize your web now!

Why is SEO Optimization Essential for Your Website?

SEO optimization improves the quality and visibility of your website, organic traffic, brand awareness, sales conversions, and business competitiveness in the digital era.

SEO is the most effective digital marketing strategy to enhance the visibility and ranking of a website on search engines like Google. By improving a company's website ranking in search results, the chances of attracting more organic visitors also increase. This, in turn, helps improve conversion opportunities, strengthen brand awareness, increase competitiveness, and expand your business reach to a wider target market.

Implementing SEO with proper techniques can also enhance content quality, website speed, user-friendly navigation, and improve user experience on your website. Thus, in addition to boosting organic traffic and sales conversions, the optimization process can increase user engagement and prolong their visit duration. This ultimately assists companies in effectively achieving their business goals.

What can you gain from LOGIQUE's SEO Service?

The SEO process, when implemented with the right techniques, can also enhance content quality, website speed, user-friendly navigation, and improve user experience on your website. Consequently, in addition to increasing organic traffic and sales conversion rates, the optimization process can also enhance user engagement and prolong their visit duration. This can effectively assist companies in achieving their business goals.
A website that possesses good quality and ranks at the top of search results for relevant keywords related to the business or services offered is more likely to be discovered by users. As a result, the number of clicks or organic visits to the website is bound to increase. This is because websites appearing at the top of search results are considered more relevant and trustworthy, thereby having a higher potential for clicks (CTR).
The right SEO strategies can improve the quality of customers who visit and navigate to your website. One way to achieve this is by targeting relevant keywords related to your business or services. By doing so, your website can attract visitors who are genuinely interested in your business offerings. This will result in higher-quality organic traffic and increase the potential for greater sales conversions.
High-quality and steadily increasing organic traffic over the long term can help build better customer trust. Sustained online presence ultimately strengthens brand awareness and enhances the reputation of the business.
SEO can assist a business in enhancing its competitiveness against competitors. By optimizing a website to appear at the top positions in search results, the reputation and authority of the business in the online market will undoubtedly increase. Thus, through the implementation of effective SEO techniques, the business will have a stronger competitive edge to thrive in the digital era.
Applying proper SEO optimization techniques can help increase and expand your business reach in the online market. The evolving internet technology has led many businesses to shift towards the online market as a means to reach consumers more widely and effectively. Obtaining a good position in search engines is key to expanding business reach amidst the ever-growing competition in the online market.

Boost Your Website Performance on Google with Professional SEO Services

Optimizing your website using our professional SEO service can provide numerous benefits.

Professional SEO services generally have a well-equipped team of specialists to provide comprehensive optimization. Our SEO specialists can design strategies, conduct technical audits, perform target audience and keyword research, as well as monitor and report on the results. Additionally, our content writers can create and develop high-quality content that caters to both users and search engines. We also have IT specialists who can handle the technical implementation of the SEO strategies devised, and a consulting team ready to discuss and assist with any business needs at any time.

Why Choose LOGIQUE?

Mengapa Memilih LOGIQUE?

Professional SEO Services for the Best Results

LOGIQUE possesses a team of skilled and experienced professionals who can fulfill every aspect required in optimizing your website. From SEO specialists and content writers to a consulting team, we understand your needs and provide the most suitable solutions. Additionally, our top-notch IT team can effectively implement every SEO concept and strategy on your website.

Jasa Seo
LOGIQUE's SEO services are comprehensive and well-planned, covering:
  • Audit website
  • Analisis target audience
  • Analisis kata kunci
  • Analisis kompetitor
  • Optimasi 10 kata kunci utama + kata kunci tambahan
  • Laporan bulanan lengkap dengan Google Data Studio (Looker)
  • Konsultasi SEO
  • Penyesuaian meta tag
  • Penyesuaian struktur dan jumlah konten
  • Penyesuaian kualitas konten
  • Pembuatan artikel SEO friendly
  • Peningkatan page loading speed
  • Perbaikan sitemap dan indexing
  • Perbaikan halaman bermasalah
  • Penyesuaian duplikasi halaman
  • Analisis backlink & kompetitor
  • Link building



LOGIQUE has been trusted by numerous large companies to carry out the SEO optimization process for their websites. Here is a list of companies that have successfully increased organic traffic significantly through our SEO service.

Pricing Details for LOGIQUE SEO Service

We offer highly competitive prices for the SEO optimization process of your website. The service fee will be tailored to the specific requirements of the job. Would you like to know more detailed information about our SEO service pricing?

The methods and strategies we employ in SEO optimization


As a professional SEO consultant, LOGIQUE always utilizes methods and optimization techniques recommended by industry experts and adheres to guidelines and recommendations provided by search engines themselves, commonly known as White Hat SEO.

  • We never stop staying updated with the latest trends and updates in search engine algorithms.
  • Every optimization process we undertake follows a carefully planned SEO plan and is closely monitored and regularly tested.
  • We ensure that every traffic generated comes from genuine users within the target audience.
  • We implement long-term strategies for sustainable results.
  • Our professional team is capable of handling SEO projects in three languages: Indonesian, English, and Japanese, enabling your business to go international.
  • We have experience in optimizing websites for both local and international companies across various industries.
  • Our expert team continuously enhances their skills to keep up with evolving SEO techniques on a global scale.

The SEO optimization strategies we implement are as follows:

Goals & Objectives

The first step we take before initiating the SEO optimization process is to determine the goals and objectives you want to achieve through your website. This ensures that our optimization efforts have clear and targeted guidelines.

Target Audience Analysis

The next step is to analyze your target audience or potential users that you want to reach. This is crucial as it influences the selection of keywords and other strategies that will be implemented in the subsequent stages.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is based on the target audience and their characteristics. Additionally, keyword selection is aligned with the goals and objectives to determine the most suitable and relevant keywords.


We will analyze every potential and gap in your digital assets and summarize them into a detailed report, along with the best advice and strategies to optimize your website's maximum potential.

We gather every issue, starting from the smallest ones that can impact your website's performance, and compile them into a report, translating every detail into a format and language that is easy to understand. Furthermore, we will engage stakeholders in brainstorming sessions to provide the most effective and efficient solutions.

The on-page SEO optimization we perform includes:

  • Improving the quality and quantity of content, particularly focusing on the E-A-T factors (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).
  • Development or creation of meta tags (title, meta description, open graph, and others).
  • Proper heading tags (H1-H6) arrangement.
  • Optimizing images (size, format, alt text), and more.

We enhance the potential of your digital assets by addressing any issues, updating content, and optimizing interactions with your website visitors. The technical factors we prioritize include: Sitemap and indexing, URL structure, Internal links and navigation, embedding schema markup, and more.

We will prioritize and categorize each identified issue on a scale of priority and divide the work into structured and systematic stages. Every task will be closely monitored and periodically tested to minimize potential errors. We will also provide regular progress reports and share the results of each improvement made.


Offpage SEO or Link Building aims to enhance the Website Authority by building a strong community that willingly shares the benefits of your website organically through social media, articles/blogs, video descriptions, and more.

Our content creators will receive a brief and objectives for a website optimization project. They will then create various types of content such as articles, banners, infographics, videos, etc.

By utilizing viral content strategies, we will increase engagement with each piece of content displayed on your website. We will share these contents on potential media platforms to drive traffic. Audience interactions can include likes, shares, and comments.


Our reports are created periodically, either on a weekly or monthly basis, according to the agreement and client's needs. The metrics we report on range from the progress of issue resolution and strategy implementation to analytical reports on organic traffic growth, pageviews, bounce rate, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate.

Fields of Business We Handle (SEO)

The quality of our work has been proven through dozens of experiences and results from various project fields in various business industries, such as the Banking Industry, Automotive Industry, Tourism Industry, and Property Industry.

Our Contribution

Some of our clients in the property industry also see the digital online world as the largest potential market for selling their units. They want their property websites to be easily found by users when they are in need of property products such as houses, residential complexes, or apartments through search engines. With the implementation of the right SEO strategies, LOGIQUE has successfully helped clients achieve their targets in finding potential buyers and increasing engagement with them. We continuously optimize various aspects including keyword improvement, meta tags, schema implementation, and website optimization for mobile-friendliness. As a result, we have achieved high organic traffic, and our clients are satisfied with the conversion rates generated.

Planning a trip nowadays can be easily done with just a few online steps. Our clients have recognized this, and we have helped them acquire as many customers as possible through a website optimized with SEO techniques. We analyze popular keywords by considering their competitiveness and average monthly search volume, which can be used on the website to increase traffic. We also conduct a technical SEO analysis of the website and provide recommendations for improvement. With regular analysis, implementation, and evaluation, our strategy has proven to increase the number of direct bookings/reservations through the website with a low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Currently, many consumers purchase vehicles or spare parts through search engines like Google. Therefore, it is important for manufacturers, dealers, and other automotive businesses to have a strong presence on Google's search engine results page. LOGIQUE has successfully helped numerous clients in the automotive industry achieve higher visitor numbers through the implementation of effective digital marketing strategies. We continuously analyze ongoing trends in the automotive industry, convert these trends into keywords, and incorporate relevant keywords into articles and websites. We also analyze the SEO strategies employed by competitors and engage in healthy competition.

We have successfully helped achieve targets with the strategies and tactics of SEO that we implemented for one of the largest financial institutions in Indonesia specializing in lending services. We were able to generate website traffic from targeted keywords, improve keyword rankings, enhance website rankings through on-page SEO optimization, increase keyword visibility, and analyze indicators of SEO-related issues. We conducted in-depth analysis and optimization based on identified issues and provided solutions. As a result, our client's website experienced a twofold increase in visitor traffic compared to before.

Are you ready for Website Optimization?

Our team is always enthusiastic about helping optimize your website to rank at the top of Google and other search engines.

Would you like to receive more detailed information or have a direct consultation via Google Meet or Zoom Meeting? We can schedule a meeting at your convenience, based on your availability.



SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that involves improving the performance of a website to enhance its quality and visibility on search engine result pages such as Google, Bing, and others.


SEO can help improve a company's website ranking for relevant searches on Google's search engine results page. In this way, companies can gain various benefits, such as:

  • Improving the quality and quantity of content, especially focusing on E-A-T factors (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).
  • Developing or creating meta tags (title, meta description, open graph, and others) to optimize the visibility and click-through rates on search engine result pages.
  • Implementing proper heading tags (H1-H6) for better organization and structure of the content.
  • Optimizing images in terms of size, format, alt text, and others to enhance user experience and improve search engine visibility.

The price of SEO service at LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia is relative and depends on the client's needs. To find out the cost involved, you can contact the LOGIQUE team and provide them with your requirements. Subsequently, the LOGIQUE analysts will conduct a thorough check and evaluate the health of your company's website.


We use white-hat SEO techniques in accordance with Google's guidelines. The LOGIQUE SEO team continuously follows and adjusts optimization techniques according to Google's algorithm updates to enhance the performance of your website. Broadly speaking, we employ On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO techniques..


After the optimization process, some websites can achieve top rankings within a few weeks, while others may take months. This variation occurs because SEO depends on various factors. One of these factors is the selection of highly competitive keywords, which may require more time for a website to surpass its competitors. Additionally, the improvement in rankings also depends on the current condition of your website.


To measure the success of an SEO campaign, it is important to understand the goals of the optimization process for your business and then select the most relevant metrics for those goals. For example, if your goal is to increase sales within a specific period, the measurement can focus on conversion rates and average transaction value. However, if the main objective is to increase website traffic and brand awareness, metrics such as organic visits and keyword rankings on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) can be used to measure the

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