Optimize Your Website on Every Search Engine

Many obstacles are often faced by business people who decide to bring their business Go Digital with a website, but after having a website they feel confused.


"Where Can I Get Visitors???"


Search Engine is one solution

Search engines become a platform where users look for an answer or solution, in this situation your website must be able to be present as a solution for every User who has the potential to become your customer.

Supported by more than 50 professionals in the field of Digital Marketing, Website Developer, Website Designer, Creative Designer, Content Writer, Copywriter, and Cloud Server Engineer make LOGIQUE as the only company that is able to synergize every aspect of optimizing a website in one roof and mechanism of action.

team effort

Our team will always be ready to dedicate its efforts in improving the performance of your website that is supported by the experience of experts who have been experts in their respective fields for years.

Many website development companies are able to create and design websites that look very professional and modern, but unfortunately, most of these companies fail to optimize website functions to make them more friendly with the Search Engine Robot.

team effort
team effort

And many SEO service providers know and understand how to optimize a website, however, it is often constrained because of the limitations of experts who understand website development.

In the end, making the process of optimizing the performance of a website takes a long time, whereas you want the company's growth to continue to increase over time.

team effort

This is what LOGIQUE is trying to avoid. Every division involved in optimizing a website will work based on corridors and SEO methods while still paying attention to the aesthetics and functions of a website.

This effort will certainly lead to a high level of customer satisfaction and excellence that is prioritized by search engines when a user searches for a keyword on a search engine, then makes your website a foundation for significant business growth from brand development to increasing sales.

One Stop Solution of SEO Services.

We will analyze every potential and gap that exists in your digital assets, and we will summarize it into a detailed report, giving the best advice & strategy to optimize the greatest potential of your digital assets.

such as SEMRush, Screaming Frog, SEO power suite tools, Ubersuggest, etc. We do an in-depth analysis of the smallest gaps in your website
that can have an impact on the performance of your website
every detail into a form and language that is easy to understand
to brainstorm and find the best solutions that are most effective and efficient

We will analyze your brand position against the market, competitors, channels or media that have been controlled by competitors, and find the best strategy to beat every competitor who has mastered potential keywords.

such as SimilarWeb, Ahrefs, MOZ, etc.
yang berpotensi mendatangkan traffic
complete with steps for approach and strategy for different types of markets and objectives

Increase the potential of your Digital Asset by improving every loophole, updating every content, and maintaining interaction with every visitor who interacts with your Website.

and divide the stages of the work in a structured and systematic manner
to minimize errors that may occur

Improve Website Authority by building a strong and voluntary community who want to share the benefits of your Website organically, through social media, blogs, or videos.

and an objective from a website optimization project
that can be articles, banners, infographics, videos, etc.
we will increase engagement on every content displayed on your Website.

Is a method that we apply in every process, to guarantee the quality and quality of engagement that occurs entirely Organic and in accordance with the provisions of the search engine algorithm.

of every search engine algorithm
will be closely monitored and periodically tested
not robots like most SEO service providers
ranging from Japanese, English, and Indonesian. Making LOGIQUE a provider of SEO services that can drive your business to Go International
following the development of SEO techniques that occur globally
that can drive your business to Go International

LOGIQUE is a home for website developers and digital marketing professionals. This is what strengthens the synergy between developing Digital Assets and optimizing engagement for each of your Digital Assets.

Our Great Contribution to a Business.

The quality of our work has been proven by dozens of experiences and work results from various fields of projects from various business industries, such as the Banking Industry, Automotive Industry, Tourism Industry, Property Industry.

Our Contribution

Some of our clients who have businesses in property also see the digital online world as the biggest market potential from their unit sales. From search engines, they want their property sites to be found immediately when users need them. By implementing the right SEO strategy, LOGIQUE has succeeded in helping clients reach their targets to find potential buyers and increase engagement with them. We continue to optimize from keyword improvisation, meta tags, schema installation, to website display optimization to be mobile-friendly. We managed to get high organic traffic and our clients were quite satisfied with the number of conversions generated.

Travelling now can be anywhere with just a few steps online. That is what our clients realize, and we have helped them get as many customers as possible through SEO, by analyzing popular keywords that can be used on their website to increase traffic based on each competition value and average monthly search. We also analyze the technical SEO of the website and provide recommendations for improving it. With regular analysis, implementation and evaluation, our strategy has been proven to increase the number of bookings/reservations directly through the website with low Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

With the application of the right digital marketing strategy, we have succeeded in helping a number of clients in the automotive sector to get more visitors than before. We continue to analyze the automotive industry trends that are happening, convert these trends to a keyword, and include related keywords in articles and websites. We also conduct an analysis of the SEO strategies carried out by competitors and compete fairly.

We have succeeded in helping to achieve our targets with SEO strategies and tactics that we have implemented for one of the largest financial institutions in Indonesia that serves credit. We are able to get traffic on websites from targeted keywords, improve keyword rankings, improve website ranking by doing SEO On-Page optimization, increase keyword visibility, and analyze indications of problems related to SEO and optimize based on problems and in-depth analysis. By doing so, our client site has managed to get twice as many visitors as before.