A Daily Reporting Tool that manages man-hour cost effectiveness
and conducts employee evaluations through daily reports.

What Is Nippo?
Why Nippo?
Nippo Logo
Why Nippo?
Accessible and User Friendly with both Desktop and Mobile Platforms
Why Nippo?
Simple and Responsive UI

Why Nippo?
Man-Hour cost management can be summarized for each project conducted by every employee.
Why Nippo?
Evaluation and Self-Assessment can be conducted on a daily basis.
Problems That Companies Often Face
Features of Nippo
Features of Nippo

Employee Management

Create and organize employee information and data, associations with supervisors and many more.

Features of Nippo

Project/Task Management

Register and manage project information, task types and the specific details of each task.

Features of Nippo

Tag People

Through tagging the colleagues each employee has collaborated with on every individual task, managers are able to check if there is a mismatch, and take the appropriate steps to confirm the duties of the individual in question.

Features of Nippo

Man-hour Cost Management

The total number of working hours can be summarized for each task, and is supported with a calculation of the number of hours spent on each task.

Features of Nippo

Personnel Assessment

Manage your employee’s self-assessment evaluation score. It is also possible to compile and analyze monthly and annual evaluations.

Features of Nippo

Engage Each Other

Leave a like and comment on people’s work. You can also give a thumbs-up in regards to each task/project performance, so as to motivate one another.

Benefits of
Using Nippo
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Through this format, managers can easily keep tabs on and track the work content done by each employee.
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Through Nippo, assessment is done in a fair and practical manner, and can be conducted in this way on a daily basis by mangers.
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Since both self assessment and supervisor evaluations are managed through the interface, HRD is able to bring up any problems in a clear way to staff.
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Internal communication is revitalized through a more interactive interface scheme. The ability to leave likes and comments will create a sense of comradery and recognition between team members.
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Remote workers get a chance to assess their skills based on the same criteria as regular workers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does NIPPO work?

    Nippo provides a daily reporting mechanism which calculates the man-hour cost of each employee so that managers and HRD can have a better grasp of the daily performances of each staff member.

  2. How can Nippo help managers and HRD

    With Nippo’s features, managers and HRD can accurately monitor the productivity of each employee on a day-by-day basis, therefore allowing them to immediately evaluate their work and bring to light any wasteful or unnecessary tasks within each of their routines.

  3. I might require clearer guidelines in regards to the application. Will this be possible?

    Don’t worry, we provide user guidelines along with the application. If you are still uncertain about some features, then you can contact us directly.

  4. Our company is interested in using the Nippo System. How do we proceed?

    Thank you for using our services. You can inform us directly through one of the contacts we have provided.

  5. What’s the difference in interface options available to staff and managers?

    Managers are able to evaluate each employee based on their overall working performance in the form of a score. Staff, on the other hand, can only input their daily report.

  6. Is Nippo compatible with any browser?

    Yes, Nippo can be accessed through any browser, including mobile device based browsers. If you have a problem and require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  7. Is Nippo only compatible with certain types of companies?

    No. Nippo is designed to meet the needs of any type of company.

  8. Is Nippo accessible on mobile phones?

    Yes, Nippo can function on mobile platforms.


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Nippo is a web-based system that can manage, monitor and evaluate each employee’s productivity through the use of daily reports. Nippo provides a systemized daily reporting system that can be customized to fit individual employee’s tasks and work assessment.

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