AUKSI Interview: Developing a Sophisticated, Easy-to-Use & Safe Online Auctioning System

Balai Lelang Asta Nara was first established in 2012, and conducted its first auction in 2013. At the time, this auction company was still using MPM Auction as its brand, but since September 2019 the company has officially changed its branding to AUKSI. These activities can be followed by individuals or companies who are seeking to purchase auctioned vehicles.

In Indonesia, the used car auctioning industry has considerably increased in demand recently. This is a solution for consumers who are looking for a decent used car at an affordable price. In addition, now the public has also been given the convenience of participating in auction based activities through the e-auction system (online auction). The presence of e-auction also makes auctioning a more accessible endeavor for participants from a variety of different regions due to the fact that the system allows participants to simply bid for vehicles online, not needing to attend an auctioning venue.

As one of the most trusted car auction houses operating within Indonesia, AUKSI continues to take adaptive steps in addressing this growing digital trend. This is done by providing an online auction feature that allows customers to bid for vehicle units more easily.

The AUKSI website continues to be developed and managed in an efficient manner so that customers can receive a variety of information related to a specific car auction of their choice. Some examples of the information that can be found via this system are in reagrds to auction schedules, lists of car units to be auctioned along with their photos, specifications and condition of a particular car, lot number, price, grade, and information on the comprehensiveness of the vehicle’s available documentation.

LOGIQUE has been currently trusted to take part in the process of developing and maintaining AUKSI’s website, as well as optimizing its SEO operations, as well as manage one of its digital marketing campaigns. If you are looking for further information about the cooperation between AUKSI and LOGIQUE, we present in the following, the results of an interview conducted between the two.

LOGIQUE’s Interview with PT Balai Auction Asta Nara (AUKSI)

Q: First of all, what is AUKSI’s view on the development of Indonesia’s auction industry, alongside the rapid development of digital technology?

A: The development of the auction industry within Indonesia has been currently quite efficient. However, having said that, the market is not currently ready to participate in digital auctioning activities.

Q: What is AUKSI’s opinion about the importance of using technology, especially digital technology for today’s auctioning strategies?

A: Quite important, this is due to the large number of SKUs from auction units and the need for a clear and easy to use system for recording bids as well as auction payment systems.

Q: In addition to offline auctions, currently AUKSI has also adopted an online auctioning system, which one is more in demand by consumers, offline or online auctioning strategies?

A: Up until now, offline auctioning is still relatively in demand. Indeed, offline auctioning strategies are still required by buyers because usually, buyers want to see the unit in person. Even so, the online auction system also has its fans because in this way consumers or buyers do not have to bother coming to the pool in person.

The LOGIQUE team aims to bridge users’ demands

Q: What is the goal that AUKSI is aiming to achieve through the optimization process with LOGIQUE and how long is this period?

A: This auction system is more sophisticated in the features it offers, and is easier to use regarding its UI, does not easily incur errors, and is safe for users to use.

Q: What are the KPIs set by AUKSI?

A: Deliverables.

Q: How are LOGIQUE’s achievements of the goals and KPIs determined after the first optimization period (for 6 months) is completed?

A: LOGIQUE’s achievement of the set KPIs is quite good.

Q: How has the optimization process been carried out? Is it in accordance with the plan made by AUKSI and LOGIQUE?

A: The optimization process carried has been sufficient and runs in accordance with the plans made and agreed upon by AUKSI and LOGIQUE.

Q: What are some of the obstacles that have arisen during the optimization process and what are some of the solutions that have been provided by LOGIQUE been in regards to dealing with all these obstacles?

A: LOGIQUE has been a very results-based partner. The LOGIQUE team has always been able to bridge the user’s desires for the work given.

Q: How has the communication process been between AUKSI and LOGIQUE during the optimization process? Have there been any obstacles?

A: We have not experienced any problems when communicating with the LOGIQUE team.

Q: Is the information provided by LOGIQUE regarding the optimization process, both technical and non-technical, sufficiently open?

A: Quite open

Q: Has LOGIQUE become the appropriate partner to engage in the optimization process when supporting AUKSI’s business endeavors? Is there anything we need to improve on?

A: LOGIQUE is certainly the right partner.

Q: Are there any special notes from AUKSI (criticisms or suggestions) regarding the collaboration process that has been taking place with LOGIQUE?

A: Perhaps the UI team could see some improvements, because as a user I have felt that the UI created by LOGIQUE was not optimal. However, the overall system built by the LOGIQUE team was indeed quite good.


AUKSI is Indonesia’s official vehicle auctioning service. Besides being highly trusted by many consumers across the country, the auction system provided is also easy and safe to use. Every week, AUKSI will hold a car auction by providing units of used vehicles from various brands. If you are interested in participating in an auction, you can visit to find out the schedule for the auction being held.

On this occasion, LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia would like to thank AUKSI for the opportunity and trust given to us, allowing LOGIQUE to take part in optimizing the website of one of the largest auction houses operating out of Indonesia. We will continue our commitments in providing the best solutions possible so that AUKSI’s web systems can further develop highly sophisticated auctioning features that are safe, easy to use and present a top-quality UI appearance.

If you want to find out more information about the services provided by LOGIQUE related to its web system development or digital marketing services, please contact us. We would be happy to get in contact.

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