GBT Interview: Digital Marketing Strategies have been Reaching Clients via Efficient Costs

Green Bamboo Terrace is a luxury housing estate located within the Tajur area, Bogor City, established by a Japanese developer namely PT. Jakarta Bamboo Garden. The housing, which is currently on the market, is being offered in a modern style and further incorporates premium materials via Japanese standards of quality. The location is also strategic due to its close vicinity to various shopping centers, health facilities, public transportation outlets, and is easy to access being nearby to the Ciawi Tol Gate and the Bogor Tol Gate.

With Green Bamboo Terrace, it is hoped that consumers within the property sector will find it easier to purchase high-quality luxury housing at affordable prices. GBT can also function as a property investment option due to the fact that in Bogor City infrastructure development is growing rapidly. Through various advantages and the application of an efficient marketing strategy, housing in the Green Bamboo Terrace has succeeded in attracting the interest of many consumers, despite still being in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Green Bamboo Terrace is indeed a company that continues to innovate and reach a wide variety of suitable target markets. In addition to prioritizing the quality of housing it provides, Green Bamboo Terrace can also adapt to the times, such as through applying digital marketing strategies when offering its products.

If you are interested in getting to know a client of LOGIQUE’s within the property sector in a more depth manner, we will now present a short interview conducted with GBT some time ago.

Green Bamboo Terrace’s (GBT) LOGIQUE Interview

Q: First of all, can you tell us why you have chosen to build Green Bamboo Terrace’s housing? And why choose Bogor City as the location?

Bogor City is one located within very close proximity with Jakarta, thereby making access easy; the air is cool and is functions suitably as a residential area. On that basis, we intend to construct Japanese-concept housing.

Q: There have been many housing development projects within Bogor City, but it seems that Green Bamboo Terrace is no less competitive. What are some of the advantages that Green Bamboo Terrace holds compared to other housing developers?

Green Bamboo Terrace has held various advantages in comparison. Some advantages that we offer to our customers are as follows:

  • Good access/location, only 100 meters away from Jalan Raya Tajur, and flanked by 2 toll access roads, namely the Baranangsiang toll exit and the Ciawi toll exit.
  • One Gate System.
  • Sturdy buildings that use standard Japanese materials.
  • Security and CCTV available for 24 hours non-stop.
  • Located in the middle of Bogor City.
  • Availability of electricity and underground water network.
  • Internal facilities such as prayer rooms and clubhouses available.
  • External facilities such as hospitals, schools, etc. available.

Q: Currently there are only 5 housing units in the Green Bamboo Terrace, are there plans to build new housing?

Regarding the 1st Phase, it is true that there are 5 units left. However, there is still Phase 2 to look forward to, where 67 units will eventually be built.

Q: In a few months phase 2 will be launched; what do you think has been prepared for this “soft launch?” Is there an online event or campaign plan related to this launch?

In preparation, we are building a sample house for Phase 2 due to the fact that there has been changes regarding the layout and design seen in Phase 1. The launch of Phase 2 will be held in September and we are currently preparing several marketing strategies to welcome the launch of the 2nd phase.

GBT Chooses a Digital Marketing Strategy for its Various Products

Q: Most other housing developers will set up booths or place advertisements on billboards, but Green Bamboo Terrace chooses to utilize Digital Marketing strategies. Is there any particular reason for this?

For exhibitions, we continue to conduct these strategies in ring 1 (around Bogor) and also in the Jakarta area. As a result, there were indeed many guests who came onto the site, though they had not yet reached the closing stage. As for the billboard itself, at this time we have not tried to apply this strategy because the cost was quite expensive. Additionally, in our opinion, the use of billboards incurred high costs for little results.

Q: What is your view on the development of the property market within Indonesia in the midst of very fast technological advancements?

Quite good. Technology has allowed the property industry to reach consumers more easily at a more efficient cost.

Q: What do you think about the importance of GBT leveraging digital media?

Through this digital media, we can conduct efficient branding, receive leads, communicate as well as brig us closer to our customers. We also feel that digital media has better facilitated our sales and marketing operations, both in terms of promotion and internal management.

GBT’s Experience During Collaboration with LOGIQUE

Q: Why did you choose LOGIQUE as the digital agency to assist you with your Digital Marketing pursuits?

The first time coming across LOGIQUE was via the search results on the internet. However, after meeting and engaging in further communication, it has turned out that KBJ had collaborated on a previous project with one of LOGIQUE’s founders. Maybe that’s why we finally chose to cooperate.

Q: LOGIQUE has been partnering with Green Bamboo Terrace for about four years, is there anything in your opinion that we should focus on developing? Can you tell us about your experience working with us?

We hope that LOGIQUE can further increase its initiatives and position itself as Green Bamboo Terrace’s marketing specialist, such as in regards to analyzing the right profile of various consumers or competitors and better creating targeted advertisements. LOGIQUE has been able to implement our requests so far and we have found it helpful in terms of applying an effective digital marketing strategy.


Green Bamboo Terrace provides safe and comfortable residences in the midst of Bogor’s cool atmosphere. Please visit the Green Bamboo Terrace website at to see the many offers available.

On this occasion, LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia would also like to express its deepest gratitude for the opportunity provided by Green Bamboo Terrace as we have been trusted to take part in leveraging its digital marketing strategy so far. Since 2019 LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia has supported Green Bamboo Terrace in running its varied digital advertising pursuits, SEO strategies, as well as developing and maintaining its website. We will continue to support GBT’s digital marketing strategy and continue reaching the right target markets.

If you want to find out more about GBT’s collaboration with LOGIQUE in optimizing digital marketing strategies amidst the competition within the property industry, please visit the GBT Case Study page that we have provided. You can also click Digital Marketing Services to find out a more complete explanation of the digital marketing services available at LOGIQUE.

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