JCB Indonesia is a leading global payment company originating from Japan, and remains the only credit card issuer and acquirer hailing from that country. JCB had launched its card business within its home country of Japan starting in 1961 and has since experienced a worldwide expansion from 1981 onwards. JCB cards are now issued primarily within Asia, with over 140 million card members. One of JCB's international growth strategies entails forming alliances with hundreds of the world's leading banks and financial institutions in order to increase its merchant coverage and its card member base. In Indonesia, JCB has issued credit cards through the six largest bank partners, namely BCA, BNI, CIMB Niaga, Bank Mandiri, and Maybank Indonesia, which offer various benefits and cross-border services, especially within Japan.

The global pandemic and its effect on Indonesia has since prompted JCB Indonesia to distribute educational funds worth IDR 50 million through a program entitled “JCB Peduli Anak - Semua Bisa Belajar", or the JCB Childcare - All Can Learn Program. This program’s mission is to properly facilitate equitable access to quality education. In order to realize this, JCB has collaborated with LOGIQUE so as to assist in drafting and digital marketing campaign planning, as well as functioning as an intermediary between the BenihBaik donation platform.