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RDD Zurich Topas Life (ZTL) Microsite Development Process

case study logique
case study logique

Zurich Topas Life (ZTL) has trusted Logique Digital Indonesia to develop the digital marketing channel they need in the form of Microsite Referral Digital Direct (RDD) with PWA / Progressive Web App features. In addition to being more competitive in today's digital era, the marketing process for ZTL's insurance products has also become more effective and targeted. As a result, it is able to provide the right solutions for each of its customers.

Zurich Topas Life

Zurich Topas Life (ZTL) is part of the Zurich Group which has been expanding its business in the Indonesian life insurance industry since November 2010. Most of the shares of this insurance company are owned by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd., with partial ownership by PT Mayapada Prasetya Prakarsa as a local partner.

The company has strong relationships with quality bank partners and is supported by professional consultants who understand the unique needs of each customer. Through its consultant staff, they are dedicated to providing the right solutions that suit the evolving needs of every individual through comprehensive protection and financial planning products.

Under the auspices of the Zurich Group, which has solid financial strength and global experts in the insurance world, they are committed to being the best life insurance company in Indonesia for its customers, employees, shareholders, and business partners.

Our client itself is a life insurance company that has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

case study logique
case study logique


Zurich Topas Life (ZTL) is committed to further strengthening its existence in the Indonesian life insurance market and improving its services to provide the best for each of its customers. This is realized by carrying out a multi-distribution strategy to provide a wide selection of insurance products according to the needs of each customer segment in need.

To support this commitment, this insurance company has also started a digital transformation process to expand the marketing reach of its products more effectively and on target. This is implemented through the development of a digital channel in the form of a user-friendly, informative and comprehensive RDD Microsite. Through this digitization process, they are confident that it will enable them to compete more effectively against competitors who have already maximized digital channels as their marketing media.

LOGIQUE is the primary choice and is trusted as the insurance company's partner in the ongoing digital transformation process. Apart from having experts who are competent, professional and disciplined in their respective fields, LOGIQUE also has experience and has developed a similar project successfully for Panin Dai Ichi. The latter is known as the development of a Microsite as a digital channel with the marketing concept of direct referrals or Referral Digital Direct (RDD).

case study logique
case study logique

Pain Point

Previously, the marketing process for ZTL Insurance products was only carried out conventionally, thus it was considered not optimal. It was evidenced to be not efficient enough when seen from both the company's point of view, namely in the process of achieving predetermined targets, as well as from the perspective of prospective customers, of the process of registering and purchasing the offered insurance products.

Therefore, to get optimal results with a much more effective and efficient process, ZTL decided to develop a digital channel as a support. As a result, the process of registering and buying insurance has become much simpler and easier, where customers can buy the insurance products they need even without the help of an agent.

case study logique
case study logique

Development and Technology

After understanding every need and desire conveyed by the client, LOGIQUE began the process of developing the intended RDD microsite. The process starts from the planning and budgeting stages, needs analysis and target audience, design, development, to testing.

Technology Used

In order to meet the expected result, the development of the ZTL RDD Microsite is supported by the latest and updated website development features and technology. The list of features and technologies used in this development process include PWA / Progressive Web Apps features, SQL Server Database, Node JS, React JS and other updated technologies.

Development Time Duration

The RDD Microsite development process carried out by LOGIQUE starting from the planning, testing to maintenance stages, requires a relatively fast time, which is around 5 months.

The entire microsite development process can be carried out according to a predetermined schedule thanks to the agile development method implemented by LOGIQUE. Besides that, the professionalism and qualified ability of each team member involved in this project also greatly determines the success that has been achieved.

Zurich RDD Microsite results

The developed RDD microsite helps our client reach the desired target audience. In other words, the marketing process can be carried out more effectively and efficiently as expected. The information for each insurance product can also be conveyed openly and comprehensively and let prospective customers easily understand and choose the type of insurance product they need.

Through this developed microsite, they are also able to provide convenience for third parties who are interested in collaborating and rebranding their products with their identity. For example, currently there is a collaboration with Bank BTN, where staff from Bank BTN can become sales channels or marketing agents for life insurance from Zurich.

case study logique

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