JBA Indonesia is a client of LOGIQUE's that works within the automotive auction industry. Entering the Indonesian auction market in 2011, JBA Indonesia to date has more than 18 branches, hubs and pools situated within various major cities across Indonesia. As a pioneer vehicle auctioning company, JBA is committed to the expansion of its auction business through a uniquely innovative business strategy.

JBA Indonesia is also an active force within the area of information development and digital user experience (UX). This company can adapt to a variety of the latest technologies and communication systems, thereby providing the best services for its vehicle entrants, buyers and the wider community. JBA believes that maximizing the use of technology is a key factor in the effort to provide such services more effectively to its customers.

JBA will continue to innovate further so as to maintain its top-tier auctioning services, demonstrated from its current status as leading the forefront of the industry within Indonesia. Although currently, JBA has maintained its role as a large-scale Indonesian car auction company, the company still continues to seek new and innovative ways to expand and develop its business into new territories.

JBA Indonesia had decided to incorporate LOGIQUE’s digital marketing expertise in order to expand their brand awareness and increase conversions through the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Advertisements. Through this digital marketing strategy, JBA Indonesia can further develop their brand awareness, eventually further increasing their status as the best car auction company within Indonesia.