The Healthy Belly is one of LOGIQUE's clients operating within the healthy food industry. Using the company motto "Healthy Eating Habits, Healthy Body and Soul!", the company believes that through the daily consumption of nutritious food, one can improve both the health of their body and soul.

However, The Healthy Belly understands that nowadays people have internalized a variety of misconceptions about healthy eating, usually believing that nutritious food looks unappealing, along with being synonymous with tasting bad.

In addition, The Healthy Belly also recognizes that some dishes aren’t suitable for everyone. Therefore, The Healthy Belly aims to change any wrong conceptions about healthy food. They want more people to realize that there are many delicious recipes that are also healthy dishes.

In order to achieve this, The Healthy Belly provides a website to share, interact, and to find suitably healthy recipes. Through this platform, people can inspire each other in adopting a healthier lifestyle through delicious, appetizing and healthy food.

In order for the company's website to run optimally, The Healthy Belly decided to use the web maintenance service provided by LOGIQUE. In addition, The Healthy Belly also utilizes LOGIQUE’s digital marketing services, namely in regards to Social Media Management and FB & IG Ads so as to increase the company's brand awareness.