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LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA is a professional Web Application / Mobile App Developer that specializes in creating and designing WebApps, with an emphasis on Digital Marketing operations with the end goal of improving your business and maximizing profits.
Having worked with many high-end clients ranging from the local to international levels, our company has catered to various requests, such as creating online auction systems, E-Commerce, employee recruitment systems and digital ads operations.

Our Portfolio

We are committed to producing a variety of high quality digital products for our clients which conform to an international standard of excellence.

We are trustworthy experts and can work flexibly according to your specific requests. Working with us and utilizing the best solutions provided by our team is an opportunity to grow and improve your business’s overall profits in a digitalized age.

We Provide HR-Tech Solutions In Indonesia

LOGIQUE is committed to contributing to Indonesia's rapidly growing IT industry (SI, Web system development, digital marketing, etc.), having developed three internal systems to assist with increasing employee productivity & efficiency, and to simplify the recruitment process in regards to potential candidate evaluation. Upon integrating these products within our own company, we have found a very apparent & significant improvement, resulting in our decision to put these products up for sale

Dokodemo Kerja

LOGIQUE offers a flexible solution to the limitations of remote working for employees; our software, Dokodemo-Kerja. This system can accurately monitor and calculate employee working hours.


LOGIQUE offers a helpful way to assist management in easily monitoring and evaluating the progression of employee performance through a daily reporting system called Nippo.

Sugoi Saiyo

Sugoi Saiyo is a system designed to carry out the recruitment process so that the most suitable candidates can be filtered through to HR quickly and more efficiently, automatically structuring the time and place of the interview.

Case Study

For more than 7 years, LOGIQUE has helped many high-end clients, ranging from the local startups to international enterprise, by developing various Websites, System, Web Apps and Mobile Apps.

LOGIQUE commits to providing the best solutions to our clients; having worked successfully on many projects such as e-commerce, car/motorcycle auction management system, CRM development, e-learning App, PWA, Recruitment system and more.

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