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Pan Pacific

Pan Pacific Insurance

PT. Pan Pacific Insurance is a local insurance company offering a comprehensive range of general insurance products, enabling them to compete with other insurance companies, the numbers of which are increasing annually. PT. Pan Pacific Insurance has successfully established itself as one of the fastest growing and trusted general insurance companies within the past ten years.


Regarding its main activities, PT. Pan Pacific invests in various instruments including deposits, bonds, stocks and mutual funds. Investments carried out by PT. Pan Pacific have been running for a considerable period of time, despite their records and reports still being documented manually.

These conditions have caused problems when conducting investments, some of which include their data being out of sync, a time-consuming verification process with regard to various parties, and the loss or damage of existing documents. As a solution, through utilizing LOGIQUE’s services, PT. Pan Pacific has created a system that can systematically monitor their investment activities.

Applied Technology

In order to create the required investment system for Pan Pacific, LOGIQUE has used the Laravel framework which itself uses the PHP programming language. Laravel is a good match when developing an investment system because of several advantages, such as its scalability, MVC structure support, lighter performance, good security, among other things. The system was implemented on Azure-based cloud infrastructure managed directly by Pan Pacific.

Results of the Pan Pacific Insurance Investment System

Prior to implementing the system, Pan Pacific had difficulty monitoring the investments which were being made. Employees easily lost focus as they had to laboriously verify data with various parties through certain media sources, while storing the information separately. This resulted in the potential for data to become lost or the occurrence of errors when recording the data, which happened quite frequently. However, after LOGIQUE had developed the system, procedures regarding investment activities became automated and thoroughly managed. Indeed, we feel that our work has become much more effective and efficient, as worrying about losing or damaging investment data has now been greatly reduced.

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