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(Progressive Web App)


Klikhoreca is an Indonesian based online store that provides food products and further aims to continuously improve itself. Klikhoreca offers a wide variety of grocery products and also provides a Business Account upgrade feature, which itself offers various advantages, including the ability to make payments easier through a Business Account payment system that utilizes a Ceiling Limit. Apart from that, Klikhoreca also provides a variety of interesting features that will certainly facilitate an easier and more comfortable shopping experience.


PT. Sinar Horeca Sukses currently functions on an offline basis. However, they aim to continuously develop and adapt their business in order to continue thriving within the current digital era. In this regard, they have aimed to create a web system as well as a Progressive Web App (PWA) called Klikhoreca that assists people with their grocery related needs, so that Klikhoreca’s customers will not simply be limited to hotel, restaurant or cafe owners, but also individuals who are living and working from their homes. Klikhoreca can be accessed from both desktop and mobile, and because it uses PWA technology, customers don't need to install applications that could potentially cause a decrease in their smartphone’s overall functionality.

In order to make the Progressive Web App that they require, PT. Sinar Horeca Sukses has felt it necessary to work with LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA in assisting them with developing the system. The PWA system has also created a new standard for installable applications and is further supported by all major platforms, thus creating a different user experience when shopping through each respective platform.

Applied Technology

framework, which is based on React.JS. Next.JS is a universal JavaScript framework capable of operating on browsers and servers. It originates from a start-up called Zeit, and has made Next.js the universal and most popular framework of choice in 2018. It allows for an easy way to create and develop when using React.js as a template.

The Next.JS framework was implemented in the development of this system, specifically for its advantages which include automatic server-rendering for all components in the “pages” folder, its compatibility with SEO and various other benefits that support the development of a PWA system.

Klikhoreca PWA (Progressive Web App) Results

The cooperation between PT. Sinar Horeca Sukses and LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA has resulted in the successful development of the Klikhoreca PWA (Progressive Web App) system within a period of approximately 6 months. The system was able to progress notable improvements to PT. Sinar Horeca Sukses’s business through increasing the number of visitors to their website and by providing a new experience for mobile users through allowing the process of buying and selling to be conducted without installing complex and data consuming applications.

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