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(Progressive Web App)


Klikhoreca is an online store that provides food ingredients in Indonesia and will continue to develop. This online store offers more than hundreds of grocery products. Not only that, Klikhoreca also provides an account upgrade feature to a Business Account, where there are several advantages to becoming a business account, one of which is facilitating payments because the Business Account payment system uses a Ceiling Limit. In addition, Klikhoreca also provides a variety of interesting features that will certainly make it easier and provide your convenience when shopping.


PT. Sinar Horeca Sukses is actually already running Offline at this time, but they want to continue to develop their business in this digital era so that they can continue to compete. Therefore, they have the desire to create a web system as well as a Progressive Web App (PWA) called Klikhoreca and aims to attract all people to shop for food ingredients, so it is hoped that customers from Klikhoreca are not only hotel, restaurant or cafe owners, but also individuals living at home. Klikhoreca can be accessed from desktop and mobile, and because it uses PWA technology, customers do not need to install or install applications that cause smartphone performance to decrease.

To make the Progressive Web App they want, PT. Sinar Horeca Sukses felt the need to work with LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA to assist them in developing the system. The PWA system has also created a new standard for applications that can be installed and has been supported by each platform so as to create a different user experience in shopping.

Applied Technology

In making the Klikhoreca PWA (Progressive Web App) system, the technology used is Next.JS which is based on React.JS. This framework is a universal JavaScript framework capable of operating in browsers and servers. This framework comes from a start-up called zeit, and makes Next.js the universal and most popular framework of choice in 2018. It offers an easy way of development when you use React.js as its template.

The Next.JS framework was chosen in the development of this system, because it has advantages such as, all your components in the "pages" folder get server-rendered automatically, SEO Friendly, and various other advantages that support the development of the PWA system that will be carried out.

Klikhoreca PWA (Progressive Web App) Results

The collaboration between PT. Sinar Horeca Sukses with LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA has succeeded in developing the Klikhoreca PWA (Progressive Web App) system in approximately 6 months, where this system is able to provide changes to the business carried out by PT. Sinar Horeca Success in increasing the number of visitors to their website and providing a new experience for mobile users in conducting buying and selling transactions without installing applications that are quite complex and consume a lot of data.

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