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Application Development

Logique Digital Indonesia has succeeded in developing an efficient Auction Vehicle Handover application for JBA Bidwin Auction. The eBASTK application comes with a range of useful features, such as effectively handling and recording data during the handover process between sellers, brokers and dealers. In this regard, its functionality is highly useful, as important data which is sent to the JBA auctioning site will be highly accurate.


A universal problem experienced within the auction industry is the issue of valid data recording during the process of sending the vehicles to the auction location. This is because when goods are delivered, the items must be transferred through certain phases, each of which can be difficult to monitor, especially in regards to noting down the changes incurred by each of the vehicles as they pass through. Parts ending up lost are a common occurrence in this line of work, and making note of such events is difficult when it is done manually by pen and paper.

The solution was fairly straightforward, through far from simple. JBA Indonesia, in collaboration with LOGIQUE, sought to digitize the process by developing an efficient recording and tracking application also capable of visualizing the circumstance taking place within each phase of the delivery process. This way, data about a vehicle’s overall condition is able to be taken into account systematically and in real time by each party involved.

eBASTK JBA application

In partnering with LOGIQUE, JBA Indonesia was able to develop an application that systematically tracks and records vehicle conditions during the handover process. The eBASTK application does this in a thorough and user friendly manner, taking only 5 – 10 minutes to access the data in real time with a high degree of accuracy.

Also, the application take into account that most of these transactions are conducted in multiple locations, in areas such as vehicle pool locations, parking lots, reception areas, etc. Therefore, the eBASTK application functions to a high degree particularly as a mobile app.

Development & Technology Process

Development started with the planning and budgeting phases. After which, the business process was then analyzed. Then, various other processes, such as design, testing and maintenance were conducted.

Agile Development Methods

In developing the eBASTK application, the Agile development methods was used. Through this approach, iterative project management and software development methods (known as Sprint) are used through small and incremental stages whereby results are constantly evaluated and improved upon, allowing the developer to respond to changes quickly and efficiently.


Regarding the technology used to make the eBASTK system, the PHP platform was the top choice for the open source lineup, although MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL databases are also compatible. Flutter was utilized in offering multi-platform options (Particularly iOS and Android).

The advantages of eBASTK

The main advantage of this app is its checklist feature, which records the specific vehicle conditions during each phase of the mobilization process. Additionally, the notification feature lets the user know whenever there actually is an alteration in the status or condition of the vehicle throughout the transition process.

Speed is also a prominent plus point of the app, as it can check the condition of a vehicle within 5 – 10 minutes. The speed at which the app conducts its assessment depends on the vehicles condition. Furthermore, the ‘real time’ functionality by which the app functions can serve as a huge advantage to users when data checking is required. This facilitates coordination greatly when there are revisions within the data that need to be made. Lastly, the data can be managed easily by both those who are involved with delivery and receiving the vehicles.

Duration of Development Time

Developing the eBASTK application, from the planning stage to the testing and maintenance phase was relitevly fast; specifically, between 4-5 months. The whole of the process was thoroughly planned and carried out in accordance to a predetermined schedule thanks to the high level of professionalism of each of LOGIQUE’s staff working on the project, as well as the excellent level of coordination with JBA Indonesia.

Constraints & Challenges

There were no major setbacks during the development of the eBASTK application. However, the project cycle did require constant scrutiny and revision, as it was necessary to engage in good modeling practices in the requirement analysis phase and when conducting business process analyses. During this stage, efficient unit testing had to be conducted during development. Ultimately, any challenges faced made up valuable experiences for the LOGIQUE team which can be utilized to improve the quality of our services in the future.

The eBASTK JBA Application's Various Displays

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