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Enhancing Bank Sumsel Babel's Online Presence by Developing a Professional Website

Enhancing the Website's Efficiency as an Information Source and Improving Digital Services for Bank Sumsel Babel

case study logique

Bank Sumsel Babel

Bank Sumsel Babel (BSB) was established on November 6, 1957. Following the implementation of Law Number 13 of 1962 on Regional Development Banks, Bank Sumsel Babel became the official property of the Regional Government of South Sumatra Province in 1962.

Following various transformations, Bank Sumsel Babel transitioned from a Regional Company to a Limited Liability Company. This change was formalized through Deed of Establishment Number 20 dated 25 November 2000. Additionally, the bank received approval from the Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia through Decree No. 3/2/KEP.DpG/2001 dated 24 September 2001.

The transformation in legal status became effective on October 1, 2001. These significant and extensive changes enabled Bank Sumsel to enhance its professionalism and competitiveness in the era of regional autonomy.

case study logique


For over 50 years, Bank Sumsel Babel (BSB) has been serving the provinces of South Sumatra and Bangka Belitung. With a strong reputation, this bank offers a wide range of high-quality banking services to the public.

Bank Sumsel Babel aspires to be a leading bank with outstanding performance, focusing on digital services. As a result, the bank consistently keeps up with digital trends to ensure a seamless and convenient transaction experience for its customers. The bank consistently implements digital advancements, such as website development, to ensure customers can conveniently carry out their banking activities.

Moreover, in the current digital age, having a professional and informative website is essential. Hence, LOGIQUE, a reputable website creation service provider in Indonesia, strives to assist Bank Sumsel Babel in achieving its vision of strengthening its presence in the digital services sector.

case study logique

Website Development for Bank Sumsel Babel: Technology, Approach, & LOGIQUE's Involvement

In this case study, we will examine the necessary steps to establish a robust online identity for Bank Sumsel Babel by creating an appealing website.

Step 1 : Research and planning.

The initial stage of creating the BSB website involves thorough research, meticulous planning, and effective collaboration. The development team from LOGIQUE and BSB collaborated closely to comprehend the business requirements of Bank Sumsel Babel, identify the target audience, and define the key messages to be conveyed through the website. Several tasks completed during this phase include:

  • Define the website's purpose and primary functions, such as providing information about products and services, facilitating online banking transactions, or providing digital services to customers.
  • Establish an efficient page layout and structure to ensure user-friendly navigation.
  • Identify the necessary content to be incorporated, including details about products and services, company or bank profiles, privacy policies, contact information, and additional features.

Step 2 : Creating a visual design

The visual design of Bank Sumsel Babel's website was carefully crafted to embody a robust and professional BSB identity. Several factors taken into account during this phase include:

  • Select a color palette that aligns with the attributes and guidelines of Bank Sumsel Babel.
  • Develop a sleek, contemporary, and responsive design to ensure seamless access to the website across multiple devices, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Incorporate design elements such as pertinent images, icons, and graphics to elevate the visual appeal and enhance the overall user experience.

Step 3 : Content development

Effective content development plays a pivotal role in the success of a website. The following steps were undertaken to develop the website content for Bank Sumsel Babel:

  • Gather pertinent and captivating information about the products and services offered by Bank BSB.
  • Offer details regarding bank branches, nearby ATMs, and operating hours.
  • Incorporate a concise privacy policy page and terms of use.
  • Establish a blog or newsroom section to disseminate the latest information and news pertaining to the banking industry.

Step 4 : Website development and testing

Once the content is prepared, the development team can initiate the website creation process. To ensure seamless functioning, the software quality assurance team will also be involved. Several steps involved in this stage include:

  • Construct the page layout and structure utilizing appropriate programming languages and web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Optimize the website for fast accessibility and optimal performance.
  • Conduct comprehensive testing to guarantee seamless functionality of all features and links, with no errors detected.

Step 5 : Launch and marketing

After the website development and testing are complete, LOGIQUE assists BSB in the official launch of the website. Several steps are taken to promote and market the Bank Sumsel Babel website, including:

  • Integrate the website with social media platforms to enhance visibility and encourage user interaction.
  • Implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to enhance the visibility of the website in search engine search results.
  • Utilize digital marketing strategies, such as online advertising campaigns, to reach a broader audience of potential customers.
case study logique

Results Achieved from Developing a Website for Bank Sumsel Babel

Creating a business website in a short time frame without compromising on the quality is a challenge for LOGIQUE. To address this, LOGIQUE adopts an efficient approach to website development, ensuring the website is launched within approximately two months while maintaining high standards of quality.

Enhanced online visibility:

Through the establishment of a professional and informative website, Bank Sumsel Babel has successfully bolstered its online presence. This facilitates easy discovery by potential customers seeking information about banking services through online channels.

Boosted credibility and trust:

A well-designed website, coupled with informative content, has significantly elevated the credibility of Bank Sumsel Babel. Prospective customers will feel more confident and reassured when engaging in banking transactions with a bank that possesses a strong and professional online presence.

Facilitated seamless access and customer interaction:

Bank Sumsel Babel's website facilitates effortless access for customers seeking information about the bank's products and services. Customers can also engage in interactions through the contact form or customer service channels offered on the website, thus expediting the communication process between the bank and its customers.

Various online banking services:

A website serves as a platform to provide various online banking services, including but not limited to bank transfers, bill payments, loan applications, and more. This will offer convenience for customers seeking quick and effortless access to banking services.

Enhanced information and education:

The website can serve as an invaluable resource for information and education on subjects related to banking, investment, and financial services. Bank Sumsel Babel can leverage the blog or newsroom section on the website to disseminate articles, tips, promotional programs, and the latest relevant news to its customers.

Improved company's brand image:

Through a visually appealing design that aligns with the brand identity, the website will contribute to elevating the image of Bank Sumsel Babel as a modern, trusted, and innovative bank. This will strengthen the favorable perception of the bank among customers and the general public.

Increased customer satisfaction:

By providing easy access, comprehensive information, and efficient service through the website, customers can enjoy an enhanced customer experience. This can result in a positive influence on customer loyalty and foster increased customer retention for Bank Sumsel Babel.


In summary, the development of the Bank Sumsel Babel website offers numerous advantages, such as amplifying online visibility, establishing credibility, streamlining customer access and engagement, and enhancing customer satisfaction.By implementing effective website development and marketing strategies, LOGIQUE has successfully assisted Bank Sumsel Babel in crafting a professional website that not only cultivates a positive brand image but also fosters business growth within the banking industry.

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