Fundamental SEO Writing Tips

SEO makes up a critical aspect of digital marketing; after all, if it wasn’t for SEO, an otherwise finley crafted article may have found itself on the very bottom of the search results, a place where traffic, let’s just say, is at a level that is less than adequate. Alternatively, if your article makes it to the top of the rankings, but the actual content displayed is underwhelming, then you can’t expect much neither. The best way to handle your website’s content is with both SEO and professionally handled content writing in mind. So with that, here are a couple tips on how to organize your well written content along with proper SEO practices:

  1. Make sure Your Headline Catches Eyeballs

A good headline is short and packs a punch. This is because you only have a limited amount of characters to write something that catches your reader’s attention. In this regard, make sure to use a wide array of keywords, especially within your H1 title as well as your Meta title. Further, make sure the headline you write is clear and gets to the heart of the matter. Keep in mind that, although your meta descriptions and titles currently do not play a role in directly influencing your search engine rankings anymore, they are still nonetheless the text that shows up when your article appears in the results, so make sure you use the opportunity they present wisely.

  1. Make Good use of Keywords

Using search heavy keywords, not only within critical places like your H1 title and meta data, but also within the body text of your content itself. This serves as an effective way to let search engines know where to look, further assisting the search engine algorithm in properly categorizing your content. However, it is crucial to note that stuffing your content full of keywords in an uncreative manner will have two undesired results: first off, it just looks bad; especially if such repetition is done in such a way that makes it obvious to your readers what you are doing. The second consequence is that search engines specifically look for and target content that engages in keyword stuffing. In this regard, such content will incur penalties. Therefore, make sure to use a diverse selection of keywords creatively.

  1. Utilize Images

What better way is there to make eye catching content than through the use of images! (Other than writing superb content, that is). A single relevant and striking image can be a powerful way to attract people’s attention. You can leverage a Pinterest account along with advertising your blog on other channels, so as to make maximum use of your image-heavy posts.

  1. Write with Your Target Audience in Mind

When writing content, it is a key factor to know who you are writing content for exactly. In this regard, it will be easier to know what to write about and what keywords to use if you know who will end up reading your articles. Therefore, it is not required to constantly make posts about your company’s services; however, all your content should be singularly tethered by one overarching topic, be it the IT, health, security or cooking industries. Make yourself an expert in all things related to your specialized area and stick to it; also, make sure that the final purpose of your content itself is to inform your readers and to expand their scope of knowledge on that given topic.

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