Millennials and Gen Z: Making Money through Digital Marketing

The current Covid-19 pandemic has seen a major shift in the workplace, from conventional and traditional means of employment, to less conventional ones through the utilization of the internet and digital technology.  Nowadays, the risk of being contaminated by Covid-19 at the workplace has seen the onset of many employees seeking Work From Home strategies as a major plus; although some industries have been generally unable to make this critical transition, such as companies within the travel, tourism, and restaurant industries.

Now that traditional work cultures have been slowly changing, being physically present at a place of employment is becoming less and less necessary. Indeed, there are a lot of benefits to implementing Work From Home strategies, the most apparent one being that employees get to spend less money on transportation and commuting.

If you were directly affected by the economic crash during the pandemic and are now looking for better means of employment, positions with work from home policies, though increasing, are generally limited. However, in this regard consider working as a digital marketer, as this line of employment allows for greater opportunity to make money remotely. Some believe that a career in digital marketing requires a form of high level certification. Although this may be the case for some job positions pertaining to that of, for instance, SEO analysts, there are some areas of digital marketing that do not even require the completion of any prerequisite courses. If you are a complete beginner, here are some insights into some of the positions you may aim to take part in, in the future:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies out there. Nowadays, affiliate marketing is used to give potential customers referral codes from the marketer. For most companies, affiliate marketers will receive money or a salary based on how many referral codes they have given to potential customers. Affiliate marketing is a good place to start for anyone who wants to earn a living without working at an office, as this job is wholly compatible with remote work strategies.

A good example of this is working for eBay as an affiliate marketer. Let’s say, you give someone a referral code that will then be used by them for their first purchase on eBay. You will then be rewarded or get paid through commission in regards to how much they have spent using your referral code.

Blogger or Influencer

For those in love with the craft of the written word who also have a knack for being persuasive, being a blogger or influencer is also an option. One can put ads on their blogs, resulting in a profitable blog hat attracts a lot of visitors generating a fair amount of income. Or, one can involve themselves in a paid partnership contract with a brand or a company, where the company will pay you to write about their products on your blog. As for influencers, the medium of their advertisement can be done through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

YouTube Marketing

One of the most used Social media platform right now is YouTube. On YouTube you can also be a marketer by promoting your products or your companies, however, you can also simply make a YouTube account and upload any kind of videos that you want and start to use Youtube AdSense in order to gain money from advertisements. Nowadays YouTube is a replacement of the conventional or traditional media such as television and radio. You will need a dash of creativity and a good knowledge of your audience in order to gain more viewers.

Web Designing

If one isn’t wholly confident about their writing or persuasion skills, they can then consider taking a job in web design. The modern age offers many opportunities within this profession, in the capacity of a freelancer or working a full-time job. This skill mainly involves the aesthetic configuration of a website so as to make the outlay palatable, visually and functionally, for visitors. You need a comprehension of basic psychology, as well as how colors, shapes, and layouts work, though such knowledge can be easily acquired through the internet. You will also need deep insight into the trends of your targeted audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As the name suggests, SEO serves to increase the overall visibility of a website through popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. The visibility of a site depends on the keywords and key phrases used within the content posted. The keywords should comprise of words commonly searched for by the general public, the data for which can be found through tools such as Google Keyword Planner. The purpose of this is so that certain pages within the site may stay afloat or even on top of results, despite google analytics changing from time to time.

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