The Best Programming Languages for Beginners

Learning a programming language and building a career in IT is increasingly becoming a common career goal for millennials and beyond. Technological developments have continued to advance, and have made certain jobs which were physically-based to now become digitally-based, thereby creating millions of lucrative IT job vacancies. In fact, the demand for job positions in the IT field is projected to continue growing, as technology continues to rapidly adapt itself into everyday life.

There are a variety of professions within the IT world, but one of the most popular is that of a programmer. The salary offered for the programmer position is also not exactly small, nor is it by large, though it can certainly be both, depending on the situation. Indeed, a programmer’s salary is usually proportional to the knowledge that a programmer wields in his or her repertoire; the spectrum is wide in this regard. But what is for certain is that an important skill needed to further a career in IT is to master a programming language.

What is (and what isn’t) a programming language

What it is

Simply put, a programming language can be defined as a tool used to create, develop, and compose software program instructions. There are many programming languages ​​that exist, but there are several programming languages ​​that are common or more often used than others. Some of them are: Java, Python, JavaScript, C ++, C #, PHP, and Ruby. All of them will be discussed one by one in this article.

What it isn’t

Maybe there are some people (perhaps you are one of them) who think that HTML is a programming language. Those of you who have spent time customizing the appearance of your blog are likely familiar with HTML. However, HTML is not a programming language. It is a Markup language, which is the language used in the structuring and presentation of texts. Another example that may be familiar is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS is also not a programming language, but a Style Sheet language. HTML and CSS are both important in the development of a website, but both are not programming languages. Next, let’s discuss the most popular programming languages, in terms of what they are mainly used for.

Suited for Web development


Java is a programming language that has been around for over 20 years old. Java is used on billions of devices worldwide, and if you are reading this article using an Android mobile device, then Java has certainly played a big role in your current activities. This is because Java can run on any form of hardware or software thanks to the Java Virtual Machine. All applications on Android devices use the Java language. In terms of server-side language in regards to back-end development, Java is used in approximately 90% of the time in Fortune 500 companies.

Java is class-based and object-oriented, so it is portable and can run in cross-platform applications, meaning that you only need to write Java code once and won’t have to change it if you want to run it in another application. Much of the Java syntax is based on the C and C ++ languages. Therefore, Java is usually considered an advanced programming language. Nonetheless, it is possible to learn Java for beginners so as to instill a solid understanding of how computers process information.

Mastering the Java programming language means that you have obtained the skills which are most desired by application development companies which are among the highest paying. The largest companies, such as IBM, Ebay, and Amazon, all use the Java programming language. You may find Android application development companies attractive because, basically, all Android applications are made with Java.


You may think that JavaScript is a part of Java, but they are actually two different programming languages. JavaScript is used for Front-End development. JavaScript can also communicate with HTML and CSS, and therefore is very important in Front-End development. It also plays a critical role in Back-End development, as well.

All web browsers support JavaScript, so this programming language is very popular and is used on some of the biggest websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Instagram. The importance of JavaScript being used even on the world’s largest sites makes it a popular programming language among programmers.

JavaScript is installed automatically within all browsers, so it’s easy to use if you’re a beginner. But keep in mind that JavaScript is not as straightforward as Python and you will need to do cross-browser testing in order to test your development, which may take some more time.


PHP is very commonly used for web development. Approximately 80% of websites use PHP. Many websites use PHP because it utilizes a specialized language geared towards web development. Websites like Facebook and WordPress also use PHP.  It uses a simple, elegant, and generally usable scripting language, so If you are a beginner programmer, there are tons of free PHP learning materials available on the internet because of its open source nature. PHP can also engage in web development through the use of Laravel and Zend, making the process easier overall.


Suited for Game and Software Development

C #

C # is a programming language created by Microsoft for Microsoft’s .NET platform. This programming language is an updated version of a previous Microsoft programming language, allow for faster and easier programming methods. C # and C ++ are both used for video game development, therefore this language is important for those of you who want to focus on becoming a video game programmer. Apart from video games, C # is also used to develop Windows desktop applications and web development.
C and C ++

Apart from being used in game development, The C and C ++ programming languages ​​are essentially the Lingua Franca of programming languages. You will find it easier to learn other programming languages ​​if you have mastered C. This programming language is the oldest language that is still used today and is the basis for the creation of modern programming languages. C is widely used in software development and operating systems (OS), especially UNIX.

If you want a career as a programmer, it’s best if you start by learning C first if you’re aiming for a more comprehensive understanding of the craft. C may seem difficult at first, but you will end up with a strong understanding of programming concepts, especially in basic concepts such as functions, structures, loops, and so on. Once you have mastered C, learning C ++ will be much easier. C ++ is an enhanced, object-oriented version of C which is currently widely used for game development.

Suited for General Use & Data Science


If you have ever asked a programmer what programming language they learned first, the answer will most likely be python. Python tends to be easier understood as a beginner based programming language. By learning Python you can understand the foundations of the coding world without having to delve into the topic in detail.

Python is widely used for website and software development. In addition, Python can also be used to perform scientific calculations; machine learning and deep learning are also currently popular with Python’s functionality. Python’s popularity is also supported by the easy way in which it is able to write code, as it is simple and easy to read. Python utilizes a programming style that is flexible, dynamic, and the same as Java’s object-oriented style. In formal classes such as schools and programming language courses, Python may be the first language taught.

Even so, there are several shortcomings of Python, some of which are considered impractical because Python requires several tests so it is not too widely used for mobile application development, such as for Android.


Ruby was created in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Ruby is a programming language based on other programming languages ​​such as Lisp, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Perl, and Ada. Ruby utilizes a syntax which is similar to other languages ​​such as Java, and C. This makes Ruby easier for those who are familiar with Java and C. Ruby can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Ruby writing programs can be written in a text editor such as Notepad ++. The written code is then saved as a .rb file format.


It is important for those of you who are just starting to learn a programming language, or even for those who have already learned a particular programming language, to find one that you want to work with in the future. Indeed, each programming language has its advantages and disadvantages and there are some that may be difficult to master for a beginner. However, mastering a programming language will allow for a lucrative career in the tech industry, with some jobs offering a salary range for a programmer starting from 7-8 million, for fresh graduates to those with 2 years of experience.

But keep in mind, as a programmer, just mastering your language of choice is not enough. You must also employ other skills, especially soft skills, to support your more technical work. For example, you will be required to think critically when rooting out any problems, and also think creatively so as to find solutions to those problems. You also need to wield good communication skills, as IT projects usually require teamwork and you cannot be done thoroughly alone. Lastly, it is important not to forget that programming is a detail oriented job, as the process of executing a code will require you to thoroughly revise your work so as to minimize the risk of any errors occurring. Without this attention to detail, any code you will have written will most likely end up not functioning.

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