6 Simple & Cost Effective Marketing Strategies for Start Ups

A little bit of creativity is needed when looking to establish low-cost marketing strategies. This is especially true for startup companies, which commonly face the dilemma of efficiently balancing their marketing strategies with their budgets, which are usually much smaller compared to conventional enterprises. Therefore, any combination of the suggestions listed below, taking into account your target group and company goals, should assist you in creating an inexpensive promotional strategy with little to no cost!

  1. Capitalize on your Content

Content is the most important part of any marketing strategy. Indeed, ‘Content is King,’ as they say. Your customers will expect this to be the case as well, as they will actively seek professional solutions to their problems. Content which is entertaining but at the same time succeeds in delivering solutions is more effective than any kind of traditional advertising. Indeed, studies have shown this. This principle can then be appropriately applied to a marketing strategy with a small budget, as good content does not require money, only a good handle on words.

  1. Create a Blog

Starting a blog can be greatly beneficial for your company. Your blog should be regularly expanded upon to include articles relevant to your targeted group; by doing so you can provide your customers with helpful content related to the services you intend to offer, be it directly or somewhat related. This can be considered a form of marketing in and of itself, as if the traffic is high enough and is targeted to the right people, they might just be curious enough to check out your website and make a purchase.

  1. Create how-to tutorials

How-to tutorials offer solutions to any questions your target audience might have. These can be offered in video format, blog entries, or a through a series of pictures. The important point here is to give practical solutions about appropriate subjects in an easy to understand step by step arrangement. By doing so, it is possible to lead potential customers from being passive readers to active consumers, as they will follow through in clarifying their questions and concerns – such as how to properly utilize or fix the product in question, which might lead to more profitable ventures into your main website (Preferably to the ‘Contact Us’ option of the site).

  1. Invest in Research

A great way to invest in you marketing strategy without spending a single penny is to ‘invest’ more time into simply conducting research about your target group. Aim to cover a wide range of topics in this regard: know which questions and needs are applicable to them. This way, you will be able to hit the mark much more effectively with only a small marketing budget.

  1. Increase Credibility

Studies show that the consumers research about a product or company beforehand online, and often take further action (Or don’t, altogether) based on the reviews they read. It is therefore advisable to use platforms such as Google My Business to create a Facebook company page. By doing so, they establish a profile of social credibility by creating testimonials or reviews. They can ask satisfied customers for a statement, can then be uploaded onto social media.

  1. Give lectures

Offer lectures in a video format about topics relevant to your targeted group. Share these lectures on social media and post them on YouTube. This will be useful in bringing your services to as many people as possible. This provides a platform to broadcast a wide variety of relevant information in an easy to digest format. These should then be archived on your website.

This is another great example of how well-organized marketing strategies can be conducted with minimal financial investment. Even when on a tight budget, effective procedures can be implemented if they are well thought out and offer added value to the target group.

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