Tips for Using Technology to Attract Employees from Generation Z

Generation Z is an age group born between 1995 and 2012. The oldest members of this group have already entered the workforce. Growing up during this period, they are likely to be very familiar with technology. Such an advantage will inevitably affect the way they look at work.

Generation Z is known to be very adept at using gadgets, and are known for their abilities to think critically, regarding practical problem solving. This is why the HR team is seeking to adapt and arrange strategies to attract a larger workforce from Generation Z. Here are some tips which can help:


1. Involve Technology in the Recruitment Process

As mentioned earlier, Generation Z is known for their practical problem solving abilities. Therefore, the recruitment process should be made more practical through the use of technology.

Web pages and software can be created to assist with the recruitment process, starting from the registration stage, to other stages, such as: uploading documents, testing, to feedback information from the selection results. Besides being able to attract the interest of Generation Z, this system can also help companies in processing the recruitment stage more effectively and efficiently.

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2. Advertise Vacancies through Digital Media

Generation Z grew up around the influence of smartphones. They can easily search for various articles of information at will, including job vacancies, via their smartphones. To make sure the job info being advertised can be properly reached by this generation, is can be disseminated through digital media, such as websites or social media. Promoting an attractive work culture through social media platforms can not only attract prospective candidates but will also increase your company’s level of awareness.

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3. Provide a Flexible Workplace

Flexibility is particularly attractive to members of Generation Z. Such workplace flexibility is easier nowadays due to recent technological advances. Currently, work can be done anywhere and at any time. This makes the option to work remotely an important plus for this generation.

There are currently many tools that can easily manage such remote working strategies, one of which is Dokodemo-Kerja. This tool’s main feature enables it to take screenshots of employee desktop activities, which in turn enables companies to make their work policies more flexible.

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