Managing your Workforce: HR Technology Trends of 2019

Over the past few years, human resources departments have improved their ability to manage their workforces. Currently, they have been adopting more digital and modern methods, centered around cloud-based technology and AI-based tools, among others.

Technology can assist your HR team in managing the workforce from the recruitment process, to training, performance evaluation, and even to submitting a resignation letter. Here, we will go through some HR technology trends that are useful for managing your workforce.

Technology for Managing the Workforce

  • Training using AR and VR technology

AR and VR technology have become increasingly popular for the wider market. Many companies use this technology for a variety of purposes, and the HRD team is no exception; AR and VR technology has been involved in the process of training work forces.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the biggest advantages the HR team can gain from this type of technology is its ability to assist the recruitment process. Using sophisticated algorithms, AI technology can search for the skills, experience, and levels of education that are most relevant to what is needed.

Mobile application

As you know, the number of mobile device users has greatly increased. Nowadays, most candidates will find work through their mobile devices. HR technology must evolve to be easily accessed through mobile devices. Eventually, many companies have decided to develop websites or applications making it easier for candidates to find and apply for jobs through their mobile devices.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The application of IoT technology has branched out into various industries, such as marketing, health, human resources, and others. Fundamentally, IoT allows objects to connect to each other and exchange data. This can potentially help an HR team track and monitor the performance of its employees.


Services offered by Logique Digital Indonesia

Logique Digital Indonesia provides tools that make it easier for a company’s HRD staff to conduct their work. Some of the HR technologies offered by Logique are:

Dokodemo-Kerja: an application that monitors employee productivity. These tools are widely used to monitor the performance of remote workers.

Sugoi Saiyo: a tool that facilitates the employee recruitment process.

Nippo: a daily reporting system for employees.

If you are interested in using technology for employee management purposes, please contact us. LOGIQUE is always ready to help.

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