3 Types of Software used for Monitoring Employee Productivity

Monitoring employee productivity can be quite a hard task, especially if your employees work remotely. Remote workers usually work away from the office, so the HR team rarely has the time to directly monitor employee productivity. Fortunately, currently such technology has become increasingly advanced. Many companies use software to monitor their employees. This software certainly is not only be used to monitor employees who work remotely, but is also used for employees who work within the office. Some nifty examples of such software are described below.

1. Trello

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Source: Trello

Trello is an example of software used for collaborative work. This software can visualize the workflow of a project and better organize employee tasks. Trello is one of the most popular project management tools and is widely used in monitoring employee tasks. Through Trello, management or the HR team can find out whether or not employees have participated in recent projects.

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2. Dokodemo-Kerja

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Source: Dokodemo-Kerja

Dokodemo-Kerja is a type of desktop software that can monitor employee productivity. When Dokodemo-Kerja is running, the software takes various screenshots of employee activities on their laptops or computers. Dokodemo-Kerja also has a feature that can calculate daily work durations, so that management can find out how much time has been used by employees while they were working. Through these features, the HR team will certainly find it easier to monitor employee productivity, including remote workers.

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3. Nippo

Employee productivity can also be determined through daily reports. One such software that can be relied upon is Nippo. Through Nippo, employees can make detailed reports which detail the amount of time spent on a project.

Nippo also gives the user the ability to tag a person, so that management can find out how employees have performed when working in teams. Employee performance evaluation is easier by looking at the daily reports of other employees through Nippo.

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