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The COVID-19 pandemic has become a universal issue for people and corporations worldwide, with everyone having to adjust to the unique difficulties that come along with it. Indeed, there is much uncertainty regarding how long the outbreak will last, and perhaps more importantly, the extended effects it may have on society in the long run.


Currently, corporations operating from Indonesia have also been dealing with the pandemic’s wide-reaching impacts. Compared to Western countries or Japan, Indonesia’s government lacks any concrete or effective relief strategy. Thus, the current atmosphere may have dire consequences for small and medium-sized entities which are not cash-rich, and startup companies which rely heavily on leverages.


However, to our clients and partners, our message is clear: Please be at ease; LOGIQUE is currently in a relatively safe situation.


The speed and quality of our work, fortunately, has not been radically affected by the pandemic, as the remote working strategies implemented before the outbreak has made it so that any work-related adjustments have been rather minimal. Thankfully, there are currently plenty of projects still actively being worked on.


Based on the effectiveness of our current remote working strategy, we have developed a product called Dokodemo-Kerja, which, as of now, has been increasing its number of active users. Of course, if the current trend persists to a severe degree and we become unable to receive any new projects, then our company may not be able to remain unaffected. For this reason, we are presently conducting simulations to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.


Indeed, when I look around, I notice many companies that are suffering to a greater extent by comparison; a variety of companies from the same industry, such as Web and System Development companies have begun feeling the financial burdens brought on by the outbreak.  Such companies have also been burdened by projects which have been put on hold, as many outsourcers have suspended much of their operations.


In response to this crisis, our company aims to make a contribution to help restore the industry in the best way we can:


  1. Companies in the same industry as LOGIQUE that seek to contact us in regards to our products such as Dokodemo-Kerja and Nippo will not be charged a service fee until the end of May. We aim to support companies seeking to implement their own strategies of remote work.
  2. If there are companies experiencing difficulties with finishing a particular project, LOGIQUE can take over the project and support you through to its completion. By finishing the project, you will be able to receive the payment for it.
  3. In order to effectively utilize the abilities of any programmers and developers who are currently not operating, our company can assign them as subcontractors for our own projects.
  4. We will also provide financial support if required.


If you are interested in any of the points mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact me from our our domain, in order to receive a more detailed explanation.

Please include your company’s name, corporate web URL, and your representative’s contact information.



April 2020



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