As a Result of Covid-19, Skype Has Increased its Active Users

In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, outdoor activities have now shifted within the home. Thus, various applications supporting this unconventional shift have become necessary. It shouldn’t be surprising that many of these applications have seen a dramatic increase in users.

For example, according to The Verge, in March 2020, Skype has increased by 70% increase compared to the previous month. Once holding about 40 million active users every day, video conferencing has since increased by 220%. In the past six months, Skype has up to 200 million active users.

Indeed, an advantage of this application is the ‘Meet Now’ feature, which allows users to make calls through a web browser without having to register a new account or download an application.

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Skype plans to continue innovating. One of their projects includes making their ‘Teams’ feature available to general users at the end of this year. Previously, this service was only for business users. Specifically, Teams offers a richer depth of communication and better templates, in addition to the standard video and voice calls.

Not only that: as a video call application Skype now accommodate 50 users in one call. Previously this application could only accommodate 25 users in one voice or video call. This feature is already present for all platforms.

This feature has been tested on March 2019 before being launched. Via the support of Skype users doubling, Skype has made it easier for users video conference calls, with both friends and family, or with colleagues in the workplace.

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