Things to Look For When Making a Dark Mode Design for an App

Things to Consider when Creating a Dark Mode Design

Utilizing the Dark mode color scheme has become a features what is in great demand within recent years. Dark mode is an additional theme that gives the UI a dark appearance. When using this mode, the light emitted by a device’s screen will be reduced, but will be incorporated into the application’s original design. Dark mode also enhances the visual ergonomics of the app by reducing eye strain and facilitating the screen to adjust to the lighting conditions so as to make users more comfortable when reading.

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Advantages of Dark Mode Design

As we know, nowadays most people spend a lot of time looking at the screens of their digital devices, be they smartphones or desktops. With the availability of dark mode, users can rest their eyes when they tire of viewing an overly bright smartphone or desktop screen.

This Mode possesses various advantages. Apple has stated that using dark mode can help users keep their focus while at work. Likewise, Microsoft has stated that dark mode can help to reduce the strain on one’s eyes and save battery power.

Based on data obtained from, viewing a bright screen for too long can lead to negative side effects. These include eye strain, dry eyes, dizziness, and others. So it wouldn’t hurt to add the option of a dark mode design to the application or system that you’ve developed.

Tips on Making a Dark Mode Design

  • Avoid Black or Pure Black Color Schemes

Creating a dark mode design doesn’t mean that you can mix white with an overly deep black hue, (like # 000000) as the background. These colors can sometimes make a user’s eyes uncomfortable. Instead, you should use a dark gray color scheme as your app’s main color component. Dark gray colors (like #121212) serve to reduce eye strain so light colored text will be more comfortable to read.

  • Avoid Saturated Colors

Saturated colors can look great on bright backgrounds, but they don’t work on dark ones because it makes text difficult to read. Therefore, desaturate the primary color to facilitate a suitable level of contrast. Use a brighter tone between the 200-50 range, as these colors make for good readability in dark mode.

  • Meet the Standard Contrast Ratio

Make sure the text or content you are providing can be read comfortably in dark mode. As a guide, if you use white for text, the contrast ratio that must be used is 15.8: 1. But if you don’t use white, the contrast ratio that should be used is 4.5: 1. To test this, you can use a ratio testing tool like

  • Provide the Switch Feature to Normal Mode

Lastly, you must provide a feature allowing users to switch from dark mode to light. This gives users a sense of control when choosing themes to their preference.

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