How Does E-A-T SEO Work, and Why is it so Important?

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In order to optimize a website, one should have a clear grasp of how SEO works. Currently there exist various SEO techniques, one of which is named E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness). E-A-T in SEO has actually existed since a few years ago, but until now this concept is still used as a glimpse into how Google assesses content. By understanding it, you will be able to produce higher quality content. In this article, we will look into how E-A-T SEO works.

How Does E-A-T SEO Work?

There are 3 principles regarding E-A-T SEO which first must be looked into. These three principles will later be used by Google to assess content. These three principles are:

  • Expertise

Content writers must become experts regarding the topics they’ve chosen to discuss. If you have in-depth experience with the services or products being offered, you can then be classified as an expert in that particular field.

According to Google’s search guidelines; such expertise comes in two categories, namely:

  • Formal Expertise

This includes content originating from individuals who are considered professional or have some form of verified accreditation. This type of expertise is very important for websites that review information in the fields of health, finance, or law, for example.

  • Everyday Expertise

Refers to individuals who are able to create content and show their expertise based on everyday life experiences. Everyday Expertise usually refers to areas where you don’t need professional certification to provide useful information.

  • Authority

Authority refers to one’s credentials and reputation. In other words, the content must be able to prove that the author knows what they are talking about. To improve upon this factor of authorization, you can add information about certifications, professional positions, or a brief bio about your website.

Just like methods of Off Page SEO, this factor of authority can also be seen from backlinks that come from trusted websites. Because it is usually recommended by a professional or trusted website, your web reputation will also improve.

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  • Trustworthiness

Broadly speaking, the website must be built with the visitor’s trust in mind. Trustworthiness can be measured by a number of factors, such as a secure, easily accessible website, contact information, and content which is accurate, among other things.

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Why Does Your Website Need E-A-T SEO?

When users find a domain or page that cannot demonstrate expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, they tend to look for alternative web pages. This of course needs to be avoided because the information or promotion that you want to convey won’t be well received by web visitors.

In addition, Google, being the largest search engine at the moment, is also very concerned about user experience. So, if you are already using various SEO techniques or methods but have not received good rankings, it’s would be advisable for you to improve the quality of the content. Google prefers websites that they find useful, trustworthy, and can provide a good experience for its users.

Google not only aims to provide recommendations for relevant answers for its users, but also recommendations of a certain quality. Its search engine aims to ensure that websites they recommend display expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, so that google can protect its users from potentially harmful website content. Therefore, Google is more likely to positively rank quality websites, and apply the E-A-T concept.


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