How to Make a Good Bug Report? (Template Report)

Good bug report can assist developers in solving problems quickly. A Bug report is a piece of documentation containing detailed information about the various defects that require immediate addressing.

Software testers should make sure to create test reports properly; if not, then it is likely that the developer won’t be able to understand and identify the cause of the problem. Making unclear reports usually occurs due to a general lack of understanding about the problem at hand; specifically, when the tester is unaware of any information that could actually assist the developer in fixing the problem. In the following article, we’ll provide an easy-to-understand guide to reporting bugs:

Template of a Good Bug Report

1. Title

Describe the problem in a concise and clear manner. One example of writing a good title would be “Error appears when adding products to the favorites list.”

Addressing unspecific problems vaguely can make it difficult for your readers to understand what you’re talking about. An example of a bad title would be “Landing page error”. Reports like this don’t help developers in quickly grasping the problem you’re attempting to elucidate. “Landing page error” does not property explain what type of problem the issue is; is the landing page inaccessible? Is the landing page layout broken? Etc.

2. Steps to reproduce

Explain the steps you took to locate the bug. Here, you can make a step by step list which can be run in order to find out where the bug is being reported:

  • Open
  • Search iPhone 11 Pro
  • Select a product
  • Press the “add to favorites” button

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3. Actual results and expected behavior

The actual results of the bug report must be able to explain what will appear or occur after reproducing the steps. Meanwhile, the expected behavior will be able to explain what should happen when the user performs these steps.


  • Actual: An “Error” message appears on the screen and the product doesn’t get entered into the favorites list.
  • Expected: The message “successfully added to your list” appears on the screen and users are able to find the products that have been previously added to the favorites list.
good bug report

4. Screen Recording or Screenshot

Screen recording and screenshots can save a lot of time for the development team, helping them grasp the specifics of the reported bugs. In this case, the developer won’t be able to return the bug, as the bug won’t be able to be reproduced.

5. Information Systems

Information system details for good bug report:

  • Operating System (The version being used)
  • Browser (The version being used)
  • Device: Desktop /Tablet / Mobile
  1. Impact

You can explain the impact of the identified bugs if you know how many users have been affected or the range of the damage that has been caused.  This is done in order to identify the bug’s level of priority. A bug’s propriety level can be categorized as low, medium, major or critical.

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