3 Ways You Can Recognize a Phishing Email Attack


Phishing Email is one of the most commonly used techniques employed by hackers, whereby they send emails that contain dangerous links in order to obtain sensitive information from their victims, such as user IDs and passwords. Although this is a relatively old technique, it has nonetheless claimed many victims. At present, companies still use email as a default means of communication, or for sharing documentation. If your employees are unaware of this mode of data theft, they potentially could get hacked, therefore risking the security of company data. To avoid this, one should recognize what an attack looks like.

  1. Asking for Personal Information

Although Phishing E-mails usually alter their style of language so as to seem like a harmless email, one can still recognize a phishing email from the content of the message. Phishing e-mails generally require their victims to input personal information or click on suspicious links. Therefore, be careful if you receive e-mails that ask for any kind of personal data, such as user IDs, passwords, credit card information, among other things. Avoid replying to emails and carefully regard clicking on various links contained within such emails.

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  1. Addresses Don’t Look Authentic

Hackers fool their victims through various means, from mimicking their language so as to sound authentic and professional, to using company logos and even creating websites and emails resembling a legitimate company. When you receive a suspicious email, make sure to double check the email and the actual company website, if it exists.

  1. Messages that Aim to Cause Panic

Emails sent from hackers usually aim to threaten or panic the reader into giving them their information. Those who are easily agitated by such things could potentially be fooled into clicking one of the nefarious links.  For example, a Phishing Email attack could hypothetically ask the victim to upgrade their account so as to prevent it from being immediately deactivated. If the user isn’t careful, they could risk clicking on the dangerous link.

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