5 Advantages of Using the Go Programming Language

go programming language

Golang, also known as Go programming language, was developed by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer and Ken Thompson through Google, and was released as an open source project in 2009.

Until now, Go programming language has been employed by many large companies in their production efforts, namely Google, Dropbox and Soundcloud. Its increased popularity as a programming language can be linked to some of the following advantages:

  1. Goroutines

Golang uses Goroutines which is an effective memory management mechanism, using 2Kb of memory for every thread created by Java. Compared to the 1Mb memory space often used for the same function, this is certainly a useful improvement in regards to running multiple threads at the same time.

  1. Quick and efficient

Although Golang is designed to develop high performance applications, its structure and syntax is surprisingly simple, and can make writing code a simpler, more efficient endeavor, as it is able to process compilations quicker, thereby helping the development process along in a shorter period of time.

go programming language

  1. Simple and easy to learn

Go’s syntax is relatively easy to learn, specifically in regards to novice programmers. Complex functions are virtually nonexistent and, in addition, the documentation is presented in a well-structured and neat manner. Further, if you are already proficient in C++ or C#, Go can be certainly advantageous to learn, as its syntax is reminiscent of the C programming languages.

  1. Uses a garbage collection function

Go programming language utilizes a garbage collection function which helps with properly managing memory space and has a significant effect on performance and with effectively maintaining concurrency.

  1. Supported by Google

Google’s Could infrastructure is one of the largest in the world, and is continually being upgraded. Golang was deliberately created in response to the problems which developed parallel to such massive upgrades, and to support the scalability and effectiveness of their systems. Therefore, in terms of scalability, Golang is a very reliable programming language.

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