Steps You Can take to Prevent Data Breaches

data breaches

A data breaches occurs when a hacker successfully infiltrates a computer’s hard disk and gains access to any personal/important files within. They are then likely to use your personal data for various (Often criminal) purposes.

Hackers are most likely to conduct their activities when there is a notable weakness within a system.

Sensitive data which is then stolen is usually used to duplicate credit cards or can even be used for extortion purposes. Stolen data often ends up in the Dark Web, which cannot be indexed by search engines, and can only be accessed through browsers specifically designed for such purposes.  Mostly, criminals utilize the Dark Web to traffic a wide array of illegal goods. Your hacked data may very well end up being trafficked through such nefarious markets. Therefore, here are a few steps you can take in order to prevent a data breaches :

  1. Promoting a Level of Awareness within Your Company

Educating employees on how to effectively manage their digital security is among the more important steps that need to be taken, and can be implemented through promoting certain policies to ensure those in your employ take security measures seriously. Using strong passwords, being aware of the various types of malware attacks, and encrypting data when transferring files are all necessary policy measures which should be encouraged. Further, such policies should be updated regularly, as hackers often adapt quickly in response to commonly implemented security procedures.

  1. Backup Your Data

The following measure won’t prevent a data breaches, but is nevertheless useful in managing any damage caused by any potential security compromises. Not all hackers steal data for illicit use, as some aim to simply delete important data. Therefore, backing up your computer’s hard drive is essential, as lost or damaged information can be recovered, and hence greatly assist a company in reviving many hours of lost work.

Today, companies rely on Cloud Storage providers to back up their business data, even though most do not fully understand how their data is actually being protected. In order to maximize the value of such services, one should ask their providers specifically about the steps they are taking, as well as who is authorized to access your data and also what happens to that data when ending any collaborative efforts with them. In addition to storing your data via Cloud Storage services, strongly consider further backing up your files on a physical drive.

  1. Improve Cyber Security and Penetration Testing

Establishing cyber security measures is a key step in protecting your data. Some effective techniques include setting up firewall and antivirus systems, using the most up to date software available, and also encrypting your data. Taking such steps will greatly reduce the risk of experiencing a data breaches.

Further, you can ask cyber security experts to conduct a penetration test to ensure your company’s established systems have not been compromised. Through this method, experts are able to locate and evaluate your security system’s weaknesses, whereby appropriate measures will then be taken to fix them. This helps in minimizing any potential threats, as hackers generally only carry out attacks on systems which are already lacking in security.

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