Things to Consider When Developing a Mobile App Design

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Developing a mobile app design is not a simple task, and its requires prior market research in order to find out developing trends, as well as who your competitors are and who your potential target market is. The following article aims to ensure your application’s design can be implemented properly and efficiently reach your target market. Therefore, here are some points worth paying attention to when designing your application:

  1. Pay attention to the basics

Despite the rigorous technical changes that mobile app designs are going through today, it is important to keep in mind the essentials; namely, what makes an application functional to begin with, such as:

  • Navigation

Applications that deal with navigation must be clear. They must be easy to use and utilize the right markers. Additionally, the navigational marker must always be consistent with your location, and reliably appear in the same place.

  • Responsive Design

Tablets and smartphones have different screen sizes, and therefore, in order for the application to be compatible to the myriad of varied screen types, a mobile app design should be responsive and automatically adapt its framework into the specific screen size of a user’s gadget.

  • Minimize the use of Animations

Although animations can increase user engagement, using too many animations can slow down your application’s loading speed. Therefore, only utilize them when necessary.

  1. One screen – one task

As you may know, smartphones have a limited screen size and it is therefore recommended that a screen be designed for one task or one call to action only. This makes it easier for users to understand how the application works.

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  1. Apply UI principles

When developing mobile app design, one must keep in mind the basic principles of UI:

  • Clarity

The application must utilize a clear design in order to facilitate functionality. One can use the application from the perspective of a prospective user to see if it is user-friendly or not. Consider the effectiveness of a simple design so that users will be able to comprehensively understand every in-built function.

  • Consistency

Maintaining consistency throughout the application is very necessary in its design. This makes it easier for users to learn the structures and patterns used.

  • White space

White space constitutes the empty areas between columns, lines or images and serves to facilitate ease-of-use through a presentable and professionally crafted layout.

  • Color

The use of color can be a decisive factor in mobile app design, in that bright colors (and those with overly sharp levels of contrast) can distract users and hinder one’s ability to concentrate on the actual functions of the application. Selecting the wrong color can further discomfort the user’s eyes. A proper palette to choose from includes the incorporation of familiar colors for appropriate app functions; such as using green for ‘Yes’, and red for ‘No’.

  • Font

Make sure to use an easy-to-read typeface and apply your choice of font consistently throughout your application. You may apply different font styles, but only sparingly, such as when designing a heading. Avoid using too many styles, as it can confuse readers and make your design seem unprofessional.

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