5 Easy Ways to Optimize Marketing Websites for Dental Clinics

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Many dental clinics utilize websites as a medium to market their services to the general public more effectively. In order for you to efficiently attract more patients to your clinic, your website must be coherent and structured in a way that accurately reflects the quality of service provided.

In the present digital era, it is common for patients to engage in preliminary online research before deciding what service to use. Unfortunately, a sizable percentage of dental practitioners or dental clinics/website administrators are still unaware of how to optimize their online presence. Therefore, it is relevant that we are able to provide some tips in order to enhance your dental clinic’s online performance.

  1. Enhance your website’s speed

You can potentially lose patients if your website is running at an intolerably slow rate. Google previously stated that page speed is among the more important factors which can affect a website’s ordered ranking within a smart phone’s search results.

According to information gathered from www.thinkwithgoogle.com, the potential increase in loading time from 1 to 3 seconds will, in turn, increase the bouncing rate by 32% (a reference to when visitors enter a page but subsequently leave). If your website functions slowly, a solution to this would be to decrease the amount of ‘big data’ on the web server. Alternatively, if your website is still running slowly, you can contact your host provider or the website developer.

  1. Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords play a significant role in the visibility of your website. Therefore, it is imperative that you use only the most relevant keywords in regards to your website’s service. If you’re a dentist who specializes in orthodontics, a suggested keyword you could use would be “orthodontist dentist.” Alternatively, at present, most dental clinics run businesses functioning at the local level, and therefore, your city or location of practice should be included. For example, one can input the keywords “orthodontist Jakarta” when making the content of your clinic’s website.

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  1. Provide a Service Page

A service page can enhance your website through utilizing previously chosen keywords. It can allow you to make a detailed review of your dental clinics service through inputting the more relevant keywords into the search bar. This is a relatively slow process. If later, you find that there are other services that require promotion, a new page should be created in order to review each service using the most relevant keywords.

  1. Make a Blog

Besides providing a platform for your other services, a blog can further optimize your website’s performance so as to provide further information through shared articles relating to your dental clinics service. An active blog attracting traffic can thereby provide your site with a greater potential for incoming viewers, and therefore, potential customers.

  1. Link Building

Link building provides a way to connect other websites to yours, thereby affecting your website’s overall popularity, as well as its rank as a search result. Google evaluates websites based on the number of links associated with it, as such indicates your website is of good quality and possesses trusted content. You can put your website link on the local business directory or on an online forum for dental health.

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