LOGIQUE Manages Opus Park’s Online Advertising and Website SEO

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Logique – Online advertising methods are considered to be among the most effective marketing strategies in this current digital age. Its applicability to Real Estate Marketing is no exception. Through the widespread use of the internet, millions of Indonesian internet users have been considered potential investors due to the ease at which they are able to now browse for suitable properties simply through several clicks on their phones.

Meanwhile, in the Nature district of Sentul City, Bogor, a series of world-class properties are currently being built, one of them being the premium-quality apartment complex of Opus Park. The apartment consists of three residential towers that offer 88 luxury facilities. The building is directly connected to the AEON mall, five-star hotels, and office buildings.

The apartment stands within the rapidly growing area of Sentul City CBD. Surrounded by various means of transportation, from the JORR toll road, LRT station to Halim Perhanakusumah International Airport, the apartment building is a prime example of a highly valued property investment in Indonesia.

This property is the largest project owned by PT Izumi Sentul Realty, a joint venture (JV) company, co-owned by renowned Indonesian property developers PT Sentul City Tbk, along with two major Japanese real estate companies, the Sumitomo Corporation, and Hankyu Hanshin Properties.

Indeed, there is a consensus among all three companies that the best way to convey the residential values of Opus Park to prospective customers is through the use of digital technology. Because of this, LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia is tasked with bringing their products to the attention of their consumer base as efficiently as possible, through the use of advertising strategies and by optimizing (SEO) their websites.

The use of Online Advertising to get buyers

Through extensive prior experience, LOGIQUE is able to manage Opus Park’s online advertising campaign through a variety of platforms, including Facebook ads which include a wide variety of social media marketing strategies, google ads through Search Engine Marketing, Youtube advertising and Google Display Network (GDN). Furthermore, LOGIQUE also holds the responsibility of improving the SEO quality of Opus Park’s official website, in both Indonesian and English.

By utilizing online advertising strategies and through search engine optimization, results will appear in a short amount of time. In accordance with Opus Park’s requirements as a newly developed property, LOGIQUE has managed to attract new visitors to Opus Park’s website, further succeeding in converting many of them into unit buyers.

To find more about the Opus Park Apartment Unit and its wide array of facilities, please visit the official website at https://www.opuspark.co.id/.

If you want to know more about LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia’s online advertising and SEO services, you can visit our website at https://www.logique.co.id/. For more information, please contact us at info@logique.co.id.

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