Web Design Mistakes: Why Your Sales Doesn’t Increase

If you’re selling something online, your e-commerce website is the representation of everything. How it looks can be the determination whether people will browse more, or even hit ‘back’ button and leave. If your web design is too plain, or even too crowded with so many plug-ins, maybe those are a few reasons why your sales are getting down.

Design Mistakes Your Web Store Probably Have

Here are five design mistakes from Shopify that you have to avoid or change so people are going to stay on your website and spend more time to take a look at your products.

The value proposition of your web design isn’t clear

Why you have to make sure your value proposition is clear? The answer is so people would prefer buying products from your website instead of Amazon.

Peep Laja of Markitekt said, communicating your value propositions is actually this important because, “It will determine whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button.” His one piece of conversion advice is, “test your value proposition.”

You have to be able to communicate everything people need to do to get products from your website. What is actually you’re selling, how to buy it, and how to do the payments, everything has to be as direct and as simple as possible.

The product descriptions are not helping much

We all agree that product descriptions help communicating to buyers what actually the products can do. But not all products can be communicated the same way.

A study conducted by Nielsen Group shows that product descriptions can be helpful if it’s telling what buyers actually need from the product.

For example, people who buy furnitures are mostly concerned about how the furnitures would look in their room. While people who buy electronic goods are mostly concerned with the specifications, like how it works, the quality, etc.

So now you know how to sell your products. If you’re selling bags, how many colours available has to be included. Find out what buyers actually need from your products and make it as the descriptions.

The images quality of your web design isn’t visually nice

A picture can be worth a thousand words. Let the pictures speak themselves. From these statements, we know that pictures are just as important as everything. If the pictures of your product have a low quality, buyers will be unsure about the quality of your products too.

That’s why you have to put an extra effort to make high quality pictures for your products. This doesn’t just apply to the products description, but also how you use them on every part of your website.

For example, insert the product image on the automatic filling search bar. Peep Laja said, if you include images in the search bar, your site can improve conversions by 100%.

Underestimating The Fitts’s Law

First of all, if you’re not familiar with Fitts’s Law, it’s okay. Basically, it is the law that states how something gets pointed out. If you understand this law, buyers will not only get comfortable browsing your site for hours, but also will click the ‘buy’ button.

One of the important tips from this law is that larger items get much more attention to be clicked than smaller ones. It’s obvious. Therefore, you should make the important elements on your site to be larger and more stand out to get the eyes of buyers.

Not only about the size, the color accents can also help. The colors of your banner, the site’s atmosphere, the words, they all matter to the eyes. Understanding the psychology of colors can be much of a help.

Your web design doesn’t look trustworthy

If you’re new in this e-commerce world, you don’t have to worry competing other online store sites that already have brand recognitions. You just have to recognize your problem here. They don’t have to prove why they’re trustworthy. Meanwhile, you should.

Making buyers believe that your site is trustworthy can be a pretty hard thing to do. But making your site to look trustworthy is not that hard.

Remember, your site represents everything. Not only your store, but also you as the seller. That’s why, you have to show your willingness and commitment, not only selling, but also to provide what buyers need.

You can add customer testimonials to prove how the former buyers’ needs have been fulfilled by your service. You can also try to advertise your site to some respected medias that are related to your business. It’s not only so people will notice the existence of your site, but also to let them know that you’re serious with your service.

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