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We all agree that a content can be called good if it’s engaging its readers, making them connected like the content is a part of their lives. Creating engaging contents actually one of the hardest thing to do by a new blogger, but once you’re understanding the techniques, it’s easy peasy.

To make a good content, you don’t just create something that is new and informative. You also have to provide something that is relatable to your readers. If it’s possible, make it entertaining so people are not just educated but also entertained. Therefore, they will click the share button and your content will be spreaded or even viral in no time.

Here are easy guides to writing engaging contents

If you intend to being serious with your blog, these ways to making engaging contents will help you so much in building a professional blog. Here is the easiest guide to make engaging contents, as quoted from Manage Inbound.

Simplicity Gives Comforts

Engaging contents are not the ones who are only full of informations but are also written in the most simple and easy-to-understand way. If your contents are about how to’s, write it in a step-by-step way. Break them into lists that are nice to read. Don’t forget to encourage questions for more in-depth learning.

Be The First One

Do some research on what is trending on big social medias then talk about something that bothers your mind about it on your blog. This kind of content is probably the first on the internet and if you write it nicely, it’s not possible that your content will appear on the first page of Google search results.

Create Compelling Intros

The introduction of your content has to evoke reader’s interest, attention, and admiration to your writings. Therefore, they will be scroll down and read the rest of it.

Manage Inbound has summarized the APP formula to remember, to make readers love your content and make it appear on the first page of Google search result. The APP stands for Agree, Promise, and Preview. Agree means you have to start your writing with statements that your reader will agree with. Promise means your introduction needs to give your reader a peek to a greater thing, that is the rest of your writing, and Preview means you have to tell your reader that you have something they need.

Ask a Thought-Provoking Question

Write the content as you’re actually talking to someone. Ask them some questions to open up a further discussion about your topic. This question can be added at the beginning so the readers will be more curious about the topic. You can also add the question at the end to entice them to leave a comment about your writing.

Make Them Read Them All

A study shows that 81% of people only skim the content they read online. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen has written that the average user reads at most 20 to 28% of words during an average visit. Especially for those who use mobiles, their thumb movements are quicker and if your contents are not attractive enough, they will lose interest immediately.

All you can do is to use easy and digestible bullet points to make your contents look simple but informative since it’s stated to the point. Also, give white spaces on the side to make sure readers can only focus on your contents. Use bold or italic to get your point across.

Be a Good Storyteller

To write engaging contents, you must be good at telling stories. Get to know your audience by doing some research about their interest. Use their ‘language’ so they think you have the same point of views. You need to explain the conflict that you and the reader have, then finally give the solution as the goals.

So there we go, the easy guide to write contents that will absolutely engage readers. Don’t forget about getting to know your readers so you know what kind of content that they like to read.

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