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When it comes to finding a good web developer, the chance of finding it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s almost impossible, but there is still hope.


What do web developers really do? According to Zoller Wagner from Digital Design,


“A web developer generally works with all of the technical details of your website – they will handle every technical aspect of creating and maintaining a website. A very good web developer will also help you with web marketing strategy, writing effective content and copywriting, and achieving good search engines rankings through SEO.”


Who wants to be a good web developer?


First of all, why not all people want to be a web developer? They got a huge amount of money in their pockets. They also understand difficult programming codes, so of course, they’re a lot cooler than you.


However, the first answer is: Because it is hard. To be able to understand those codes, you need to at least be enrolled in an information system/computer science major or equivalent to learn it to the roots. Not everyone can enroll just like that. Second, it needs commitment. You will handle a professional website. A professional website is the digital face of a company, a place where they can interact with their customers. Any small mistakes will put their reputation at stake, and not everyone is able to handle the pressure.


To be a web developer is hard, to hire one is even harder. Hassle no more, here are the tricks in finding a talented, qualified, and good web developer for your company, as cited from Entrepreneur:


  1. Put the characteristics first before the work experience.


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Sure, work experience is crucial, but do you really want to hire someone who has a problem with their anger management? Or even an incompetent one who keeps on skipping work? Here’s an example, a web developer who previously worked in a large company has a bigger chance of not doing well at a startup company. It’s because when working in a startup company, you need to adapt easily, has a self-starter personality, and flexibility. These characteristics are something that large company might consider as less important.


You need to ask about their passion, determination, and curiosity about their job. You can see their characteristics that are reflected in the answer they provided. Make sure that they fit well with your company’s value. If they do fit, they might be the web developer that you’re looking for.


2. Trial and review the new web developer.


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Not all web developers have the same skills. Maybe you have found your own version of a good web developer, but it is best to give them a small project first. By doing that, you’ll know whether they really are a good fit for your company or just someone looking for an opportunity but doesn’t have the adequate skills.


You need to observe them when they’re in action and carefully examine the process and result. Can they manage good communication while working in a team? Are they creative and effective enough? You decide. Of course, don’t make them feel like that they’re carrying a burden by doing that. Tell them that if they’re good, there’s no need to be afraid.


3. Choose the one who is flexible, not stable!


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Due to the fast-changing environment in the tech industry, the skill you have now might becomes outdated two years later. That is why it is always better to choose a web developer who is willing to learn and develop themselves, rather than being satisfied with what they can already do.


If they won’t learn about the new upcoming technologies, how else they will survive in the tech industry? It is better that you ask them about how much they want to learn new technologies coming their way.


As stated above, finding a good web developer might be hard, but there’s still hope. In LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA, we have a range of qualified web developers that will assist you in creating your dream website. Also, keep an eye on any web developers vacancy in our company. Contact us now to request a quote or apply for web developer position.


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